The Galactic Stock Exchange

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The Galactic Stock Exchange
GSE Logo.png
General Information
Motto "The Exclusive Trading Experience"
Status Active
Leader Zingari Rognir
Owner Veritas Press
Headquarters Rehemsa, Corellian Sector
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 318
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Trading
Holosite Veritas Holo Nexus

The Galactic Stock Exchange (commonly abbreviated as GSE) is an organisation which provides sentient beings across the galaxy with reliable and current information about the companies which they are considering to invest in. GSE, which is an incorporated division of Veritas Press, is built around trading and providing traders with a better experience, enabling them to make the most of their credits. The services offered by the Stock Exchange are plenty in number, and most notably include their trading nodes dotted around the galaxy. The GSE has the greatest amount of Trading 1 and 2 stations of any Trading Company in the galaxy, allowing the greatest access to the galactic market. They also provide sentients with advice on which companies to invest their precious credits in, also provide a medium by which traders can buy and sell stocks at their current value.

Though providing market access and stock trading are its primary focuses, the Galactic Stock Exchange partakes in many other diverse aspects of business. From city construction to the building of huge space stations, the company employs a wide range of talented individuals. They also build casinos throughout the galaxy, where sentients can gamble their credits freely as an alternative to investing it wisely.


The Beginning

On Day 144 of the Year 13, Mouse Carrelbee obtained a sinking company named Cirrus Colonies Incorporated and with several friends and allies, he was able to salvage it and build it into the Galactic Stock Exchange known today. Throughout the rest of the Year 13, it passed through the fingers of several leaders. Andy Longshot took the company after an incident with Ched Malfizzle, an old employee of GSE who decided to demand control of the company. After being denied, he made disappeared with a portfolio of company shares in hand. Immediately after Mr. Longshot’s departure back to Veritas Press, Allendi Solvan took the reins, though he didn’t stay for a long time either.

Finally as the Year 13 drew to a close, the company fell into the hands of Ardu Nillian. Mr. Nillian, a Muun businessman, led the company into Year 14 and throughout his leadership it grew into a small corporation. Then on Day 125 of Year 14, Ardu retired from GSE, leaving it in the capable hands of Mr. Wolfgang von Schlavendorf.


Still a small organisation, the GSE underwent substantial growth, with the system being revamped and several new projects being started. A focus on recruitment has left the Stock Exchange with a good base of members, and although still only a small group, they began to strive to become a major participant in the game of trading. The GSE began large movements into different markets. Wolfgang revamped Ardu Nillian's work on the Stock Price Index (SPI) to track companies across the galaxy. Daily reports were released, giving Sentients across the galaxy new information for their investments in companies. The fledgling GMAP/T project also came into focus to allow public access to the Galactic Market by creating public trading stations across the galaxy. Working with governments, other companies, and individuals to expand the GSE's trade market allowed the number of trade stations to nearly double in number quickly. For the first time during this period, the GSE began building and selling trading stations for private use, tapping into another new market for the growing company to build off of. Wolfgang's focus on the business and economics of the company allowed for the GSE to start making solid profits along with building infrastructure within the company to build off of in the future. Though one of the most productive periods in the company's history, it came to an end as Wolfgang decided to step down for personal reasons.

Jorus Serto replaced Wolfgang von Schlavendorf on Year 14 Day 290 temporarily and continued to grow the small company. Development of the Stock Price Index was also halted during this time. Again the GSE experienced leadership change as Serto decided to resign from his position as Director for a career elsewhere, handing the company back over to former Director Wolfgang von Schlavendorf. Ambitious trader Curtner Kalson was promptly appointed as the new Auxiliary Director (2IC) and skilled researcher and analyst Solegot Solus was appointed as Project Manager (3IC). With this triumvirate leading the company, efficiency and station building rapidly increased. The GSE steadily expanded it's public trading network, allowing more and more sentients access to the Galactic Marketplace. In early year 15 development on the Stock Price Index began again because of skilled programmer Curter Kalson and experienced analyst Wolfgang von Schlavendorf. Project Manger Solegot Solus temporarily resigned his position on Year 15 Day 50 to pursue personal interest with plans to return later. Through new Trading 2 contracts, facility management and building, and a stronger base of new members, the GSE continued to take steps towards becoming a strong trading company.


On Year 15 day 71 Wolfgang announced he would be leaving the company in the hands of Auxiliary Director Curtner Kalson soon, ending his long and productive term as Director. He officially left on Year 15 Day 76 and ended an era of the company's history and ushered in a new one.

Curtner ran the GSE with an iron fist, keeping workers and the GSE itself in line, but a drop in the amount of workers led to questions about he companies future. His reign came to an end shortly as he stepped down for personal reasons, handing over control to interim Director Viki Riki on Year 15 Day 127. Viki held the role of interim Director while the GSE struggled to hold together while Veritas searched for another capable leader to lead the company forward. Private and public trade station building continued, but was much slower than planned due to small amounts of workers and lack of a true head of the company. During the series of quick power changes the Veritas Directorate considered shutting down the Trading Company unless a new Director could be found. Thoughts were that Veritas may have over expanded as workers and leaders were too spread out among the different divisions of the conglomerate. The core of the entire conglomerate had been shaken by a few departures, but recruitment and the return of old members sprung new opportunities. A new Director was found, ending the GSE's period of uncertainty.

Renewal and Continued Expansion

Zingari Rognir, who had worked extensively with Veritas as an engineer and builder in Ardenian Drive Yards and the former Veritas Engineering Corps, was appointed as GSE Director on Year 15 Day 205 and restored stability to the company. During Zingari's Directorship, the GSE has greatly expanded its Galactic Trade Market (GMAP/T project), creating one of the biggest public trade networks allowing anyone access to the Galactic Market. His building and engineering skills allowed for efficient and skillful logistical expansion of the company. The GSE is now a legitimate player in trading and continues to fight towards the top.

Through special contracts, the ambitious leadership duo continued to create new trade hubs for everyone in the galaxy, and Veritas's cooperation with Centrepoint opened the doors for further expansion. Raw materials could be found at cheaper prices, allowing public markets to be built at much lower costs as well as high profit margins for private trading stations.

Former Director Wolfgang von Schlavendorf joined Zingari in the GSE Directorate as the new Auxiliary director on Year 15 Day 353. He replaced interim Auxiliary Director Viki Riki. The dynamic and experienced duo have started making more strides in expanding the personnel base and becoming the largest company in terms of galactic market access. In late year 15, the GSE officially surpassed Baobab Merchant Fleet in terms of number of Public Trading 1 and 2 stations, granting sentients access to the galactic market. This placed the GSE in first in terms of public T1 and T2 stations. In late year 16, the GSE reached 65 public stations and 9 public commerce centers.


Galactic Market Access

With its GMAP/T project, GSE offers any Sentient the opportunity to access the galactic market and sell their wares. An expanding amount of Trading 1 and Trading 2 Space Stations and on planet Commerce Centers spread across the galaxy allow the Stock Exchange to deliver this service. The GSE currently has the largest amount of Public T1 and T2 out of all the Trading Companies.

Map of GSE Public Trade Nodes

Trading Station Building

Trading 2 Station

The Galactic Stock Exchange offers the building of Trading 2 stations to the public, constructed by the highly skilled workmen within the GSE at a location of the client’s choosing. GSE also allows access to the Galactic Marker to the customer if the Trading 2 station is chosen to remain in GSE ownership. The customer receives full access.

Facility Building and Management

The Stock Exchange also provides the construction services for facilities such as Casinos, Civic Centres, Ports, Crew Quarters, ATMs, Banks, Starports and Commerce Centres, which are built by GSE workmen at a location of the customer’s choosing. They also manage these facilities for a 10% management fee.

The Stock Price Index

Commonly abbreviated to the SPI (Stock Price Index) or GSPI (Galactic Stock Price Index), the Stock Price Index is a service the GSE offers to investors. The GSE owns one share of each company on the SPI and uses it to track growth, analyse the company's situation in the market, and rate each company for stability based off of a number of factors. Daily reports are released and those who choose to pay a small fee are given greater access to in depth analysis.

The SPI has in recent months been sidelined for further background development, hoping to release a more advanced and in depth system than before.


Past Leaders

Rank of GSE Director