The Hyporian Commonwealth

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This article is about the Government that operated in Year 21. You may be looking for the former Hyporian Commonwealth that operated from Year 20 - Year 21.

The Hyporian Commonwealth
THC Plain Logo.png
Political information
Type of government Meritocracy
Head of State Hierarch Va`Li Owa
Head-of-Government Prime Minister Hugh Grishnak
Commander-in-Chief Supreme Commander Kevin Wolff
Executive branch Hierarchy
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Capital Eastern: Hypori Major
Western: Arbra
Territory Outer Rim Territories
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credits
Historical Information
Formed from THC Plain Logo.png The Hyporian Commonwealth
ARE logo.png Arkanian Brotherhood
BMF logo300x197.png Baobab Merchant Fleet
Date of establishment Year 21 D125
Date of dissolution Year 21 Day 277
Status Dissolved. Reformed as:
-ARK-.png -ARK-
Holosite The Hyporian Commonwealth

The Hyporian Commonwealth was a short lived government situated in the Outer Rim during Year 21. The government was formed initially between the Arkanian Brotherhood and the then existing Hyporian Commonwealth after the Hyporian Hierarch Nikolaj Eyre approached the Arkanian Lord Paramount Va`Li Owa about the possibility of creating a broader rebel government. The Baobab Merchant Fleet joined shortly afterwards, as it was at that time was considering the merits of itself merging into the Arkanian Brotherood, an organisation they had close ties with and shared the Arbran system with.


Under the terms of the merger the Arkanian Lord Paramount Va`Li Owa became the new Hierarch as overall leader of the newly formed government, with the Hyporian Heirach Nikolaj Eyre becoming the new Prelate as second in command. The governing body, called the Hierarchy, was then formed by members of the leadership groups of the forming organisations as listed below (logo indicates former group).

ARE logo.png Hierarch Va`li Owa
THC Plain Logo.png Prelate Nikolaj Eyre
THC Plain Logo.png Prime Minister Hugh Grishnak ARE logo.png Minister of Logistics Jack Felix
THC Plain Logo.png Supreme Commander Kevin Wolff ARE logo.png Minister of Economic Development Gavin Kaos
ARE logo.png Minister of State George O Rourke ARE logo.png Minister of Industry Luke Sabershaft

Of the 8 leadership positions the former Hyporian Commonwealth members made up a total of three, whereas the former Arkanian Brotherhood members made up a total of five. The unevenness of the official representation was a point of contention among many former Hyporian members who publicly raised concerns. This reportedly remained a point of contention throughout the life of the government.


Year 21 Day 262 Prelate Nikolaj Eyre made a heartfelt speech in the Hierarchy chambers which touched on his dreams for the fledging government, his sadness at seeing members of the Eyre family and former Hyporian members leaving the government, and ultimately calling for a dissolution of the government back to its former groups. Discussion after the speech centred around if this was the best course forward for the group as a whole as many members had poured many hours of effort into trying to make the government a success. It was also raised by some that it was unreasonable to now raise the spectre of dissolution and that this was a step backwards for everyone involved. It was recorded during the discussion that some of the members that had chosen to leave had done so while under investigation for embezzlement of government funds and property, and Prelate Eyre's and Prime Minister Grishnak's absence from publicly censuring these former members was cited as examples of the former Hyporian leaders not looking out for the best interests of the new government.

In the days after the call for dissolution by Prelate Eyre, members in favour of continuing forward as a unified government, made up mostly of former Arkanian Brotherhood and Baobab Merchant Fleet members with the support of a minority of Hyporian members, secured key military and strategic assets throughout the Commonwealth. Hierarch Owa then notified Prelate Eyre that he felt the majority of Commonwealth members were against dissolution, and that he felt he had no choice other than to ask Prelate Eyre to step down. Over the course of the next several days several members, including Prime Minister Grishnak, made the decision to leave the Commonwealth for good.

After the security of the Commonwealth was assured, Hierarch Owa formed an emergency council to help guide the Commonwealth through the crisis. Year 21 Day 277 saw the end of the Commonwealth and the forming of a succesor government called -ARK-, with members of the emergency council deciding that a new name and structure was needed to move the government forward in a orderly and unified way. Political commentators at the time theorised that it was an attempt by the emergency council to sure up public support for the ousting of Prelate Eyre, but this was not publically commented on at the time by either Owa or other members of the emergency council.

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