The Inner Circle

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The Inner Circle
Inner Circle100ghost.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Wolfgang Nospe
2IC None
Owner Wolfgang Nospe
Headquarters Caelestis Domus, Tantra Asteroid Belt
Historical Information
Founded Year 15
Dissolved Year 16
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Galactic Alliance
Industry Information Provider
Holosite Inner Circle Holosite


For millennia, the Inner Circle has existed with the purpose of shielding others from the injustices brought about by evil. As evil wielded darkness to prey upon its victims, we were there to serve as a beacon of light. To offer aid and protection to those in need. To let them know they were not alone. We are the ones to seek out justice in the galaxy. Not Justice at any cost but true justice. We hold firm to the belief that all sentient beings in the galaxy have rights. That none should be discriminated against based on race, sex or social background and that no being should be under the yoke of slavery. We hold fast to our moral code and are prepared to sacrifice ourselves before our integrity. Silently the Inner Circle has gone about supporting all factions and individuals who harbor these views in private. The time has come to make our presence known to the greater galaxy. Though times seem to grow ever darker, our symbol of hope illuminates all the brighter. The Inner Circle is not for one person, but for all. Nobis non est meus sed circulus.


On Year 15 Day 164 The Inner Circle went public to the galaxy by forming an information faction to serve as their public contact to all sentients. The first publicly known leader is Grand Elder Wolfgang Nospe. The headquarters was set up in the city of Caelestis Domus, a city founded by Nospe as a home of freed slaves he encountered while serving in the Rebel Alliance and New Republic Army.

The full history of the Inner Circle is reserved to members who reach elder status.


  • InnerCircle-HosizontalBanner-01.png (Year 15)

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