The Intergalactic Parcel Service

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The Intergalactic Parcel Service
General Information
Motto The Path of A Warrior
Status Active
Leader Marmot Walker
2IC Dane Star
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 206
Political Information
Industry Recycling

The Intergalactic Parcel Service Is owned by Hal Moore A former Nautolan, Afflicted by the outbreak of A metamorphosis virus known as "Derra Virus". After trying desperately to find a cure for the "Virus", Hal went on a rampage on the planet Derra lV in search of a cure. After a few weeks on Derra IV without any luck, Hal set out to his new home planet in the Azurbani sector Kiffex. It was on this planet that Hal reluctantly embraced his new home and race and once again set out to explore the galaxy, This time feeling the need to make up for the slaughter on Derra IV. Hal Quickly spent Billions of credits (Courtesy of what is known as the S.A fund.) Purchasing Arms and equipment as well as hiring a small Army of his former Nautolan brothers and sisters And his newly found kin the Kiffar. Armed and Dangerous Hal Moore is actively recruiting Sentient's of all walks of life to take part in "Hunts". A form of leisure that Hal has become accustomed to after spending months taking out his anger on any creature or bandit that crossed his path...The Path of A Warrior.

If you also would like to take the path of a Warrior than IPS is the place for you.

Currently hiring Sentients interested in the following positions:

Recycling Engineer,

Transport Pilot( Items/droids/Passengers),

Freight Captain (RM's/Ships/Vehicles),

Logistics Officer (Combination of the two previous positions),

Logistics Commander (combination of the three previous positions and in charge of logistics and personnel)

Also Hiring sentients that would like to go hunting/ do what they want.

Contact Hal Moore for more info if you'd like to join.

IPS Is open to the public and currently offers both recycling and production services on a first come first serve basis.