The Invid Order

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The Invid Order
General Information
Status Active
Leader Draith Shadux
Owner Draith Shadux
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 175
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mercenaries

The Invid Order is a force based group formed from the remnants of the Katana Fleet and the Invid. We are the ones who walk the fine line between the light and the dark. We are the balance of the force.

The Invid Order are what many consider Grey Jedi's, not following the strict codes and beliefs of either the Jedi or Sith. Instead the Invid Order has chosen the much more difficult path of striving to achieve the perfect balance and harmony that is found when one masters total control of the force, commanding every power within their reach without total commitment to the lightside and without falling to the darkside.

Within the ranks of the Invid Order there are three branches, each with specific tasks and goals. The Qyasik, our branch dedicated to mastering the force and furthering our culture. The Serjek, our branch dedicated to the defense of our territories. Lastly, the Zugurukamus, our branch dedicated to developing the Marasa Nebula and Fakir sectors.

As with the Jedi siding with the Galactic Alliance and with the Sith being part of the Galactic Empire and it's allies within the Imperial Union, our path of balance in the Invid Order is that of a neutral organization. We claim ties to no one and hold allegiances to no one. We claim no enemies and do not seek enemies. Be forewarned though as we will defend our people and the people of our territories with great tenacity and will.

If you are interested in joining us in our quest of balance, please seek out one of our liaisons. It also worth noting that we also accept non force sensitive members as well whom share our same vision.


Invid Ascendancy

The Invidious

The Invid, a long forgotten scourge from the days of the Clone Wars. It was during the Clone Wars the wife of an Imperial Moff came to prominence and began a journey filled with lies and deceit. Leonia Tavira, spouse to Moff Tavira, was a cold and cunning woman whom upon her husband's death, slithered her way into the late Moff Tavira's position and took up the mantle of Moff with the Galactic Empire knowing none the wiser. It was during this time that Leonia Tavira began to amass some wealth and power within the Outer Rim territories as she used her influence to attract a multitude of followers, from pirates and criminals, to businessmen and commoners. Leonia began to toss around promises of a better way of life in her new vision. A life filled with glory and with honor, a life as part of a military dedicated to the preservation of high standards, a life they later found out was nothing they had been promised.

Though the life promised to the group seemed at first, right a long the lines laid forth by Leonia Tavira, it soon began it's descent down a much darker path. Shortly after the formation of the group, Leonia Tavira used her Imperial influences and managed to gain control of an Imperial Star Destroyer, the Invidious. It was the Invidious which inspired the naming of the Invid and served as their flagship in their many operations. Leonia then lead the Invid on missions of so called liberation's, which instead were more like plundering and murdering, missions that eventually gained the notice of the Galactic Empire.

Once the Galactic Empire took notice of their so called Moff, the cover up of Leonia's husband, Tharil, was discovered by ISB agents. Realizing they were manipulated by Leonia and used by her for her own personal gains, the Galactic Empire quickly assembled a fleet to bring in Leonia and her Invid. With a few short weeks, Imperial Intelligence discovered a plot by Leonia to raid a small outpost on the planet of Courkus, in the Khuiumin system. It was there an Imperial fleet laid in waiting for the Invidious to exit hyper and where things for Leonia and her Invid would take a turn for the worse. With no warning and poor planning, the Invidious dropped out of hyper and was quickly met with a barrage of laser fire. Shocked, Leonia was slow to react and with her little experience in naval warfare, compounded with her arrogant nature, she ordered the Invid into battle, clearly outmatched and outgunned. The battle from the start was more of a slaughter than a fight as the Imperial fleet destroyed the majority of the Invid fighter squadrons within minutes and the Invidious itself showed signs of severe damage. Beaten and determined not to surrender, Leonia ordered the Invidious into hyperspace, though several of her fellow Invid were still engaged in combat with the swarms of Tie Fighters. The crew of the Invidious began to argue over their fellow Invid, refusing to follow Leonia's orders as to which Leonia herself pulled her sidearm and shot the helmsman in the back of his head. With a now silent crew, Leonia quickly engaged the hyperdrive of the Invidious as it streaked off into the void, leaving behind what was left of the Invid to a most certain doom.

Many years had past since then and the name Invid went back into obscurity. The remaining members had either died off, or given up the life and refused to speak of their past as part of the Invid. It wasn't until recently in our current year on Day 130, that the Invidious and her crew reappeared and of in all spots, limping into a small collective of shipyards in the void of deep space. The Invidious was beyond battered and appeared as though it shouldn't even function, let alone support in form of life, though it indeed had life aboard as a transmission filled the holowaves with a request for help. The voice itself seemed to be of a human woman ... old, yet comforting ... weak, yet deceiving.

Aboard the MC-80 Sindragosa, a trio of people were gathered for a meeting as they were in the process of forming their own military organization. The trio was comprised of Draith Shadux, Inya Lestan and Jason Con. As the three continued discussions on naming their group, the klaxon alarms of the might vessel, sprang to life. With no hesitation, Draith ordered all personnel to battle stations as the cruiser fired up it's shields and was maneuvered away from the space stations. The initial scans came up showing a lone Imperial Star Destroyer had limped within the sensor range of the Mon Calamari cruiser. At first, Draith was unsure what to make of an Imperial Star Destroyer being this far out and all alone in such a remote region of the galaxy. After all, he at one time was a part of the Imperial High Command, serving in the Imperial Navy for a time and then in Imperial Intelligence. Then, a scratchy transmission came over the holo receiver, asking for assistance and vehemently stating they seek no aggression and only help. Hesitant at first, Draith agreed to the request, sensing nothing out of place from the woman's voice and after another scan of the ship revealed only one passenger with no other assets or personnel aboard.

With the Imperial Star Destroyer now to port of the Sindragosa, a small boarding party made up of Draith, Inya and Jason, along with an assortment of Destroyer droids made their way over to the Imperial Star Destroyer, taking in notice of the name ... Invidious. The name certainly sparked the interest of Draith as the group made their way to the bridge of the Invidious and soon to the lone passenger, the passenger being none other than the once notorious criminal, Leonia Tavira. Shocked, yet excited, Draith began to ask a multitude of questions to Leonia as she tried her best to answer, though seemed increasingly weak as the moments passed. Leonia offered little knowledge of the past and of where she had gone once she made that ill fated journey that cost her the lives of most of her men. Instead, she asked for forgiveness. Forgiveness for promising the Invid a life of honor and of glory but giving them a life of piracy and villainy. Draith, Inya and Jason all felt drawn in closer as they looked to one another and then to Leonia. With a smile, Leonia asked the trio to once more forgive her as she reached out and took Draith's hand. "Reunite the Invid, rebuild what was once a great concept. Lead them on the path I couldn't lead them down and help regain their honor they held so dear to their hearts." said Leonia as Draith looked on and replied. "Rest well lady Tavira as we will be honored to do so and make it our new found mission in life." With a sparkle in her eye, Leonia smiled once more, firmly squeezing Draith's hand as she slowly closed her eyes while what was left of her life and spirit, slowly faded away.

On the bridge of the Sindragosa, Draith somewhat questioned his decision to destroy the Invidious, though the ship was beyond repair and was nothing but a monument to bad memories. The group though seemed in much higher spirits from this chance encounter and even began talks on how to bring old members into the fold as the mighty Mon Calamari cruiser began firing on the now derelict vessel, sending it, as well as it's lone passenger on a final journey into oblivion and a permanent place in galactic folklore.

The Invid rise once more...

Invid Era

The Sindragosa

Fully ascending to a legitimate mercenary unit, the Invid began setting up contacts with various governments and corporations. Shortly after, Invid was hired to perform a recon mission for Black Sun which Invid jumped at a chance to get in on it's first action since reformation. The mission was simply dubbed Operation Norulac and the young group began routine scanning of the Norulac system for any possible hidden cities or enemy activity. It didn't take long though for the Invid to find hidden cities owned by the Raptor Pirates, which revealed to the Invid's client, Black Sun, that the pirate organization they bought the Norulac system from was somewhat of a setup to gain assets from Black Sun and then force a build war with them in order to try to regain control of the star system. Once the hidden cities were discovered, the mission quickly went from being a recon mission to a build war with Invid continuing it's recon and adding in city slab laying as well. It was during this time a traitor was found amongst the Invid, though with a quick investigation and swift action, the traitor was apprehended and removed from the ranks of the Invid. As the build war went on, the Invid kept to it's duties until their client deemed the mission complete. After a couple of months on the mission, Black Sun deemed the mission complete and thanked the Invid for their swift actions and cooperation in the Norulac system.

With Operation Norulac now etched into the chronicles of the Invid's achievements, Black Sun once again called for the assistance of the Invid. This time it was much of the same as it was a recon mission to evaluate a recently acquired star system Black Sun had acquired. The mission was dubbed Operation Trammis and it was a major success as the Invid quickly performed recon of the entire star system and found it to be all clear from enemy activity. Riding on the success of two consecutive operations and with confidence gained with previous client, Black Sun, Invid was once again hired for a third operation simply dubbed, Operation Titan.

Not long after the completion of Operation Trammis, Hierarch Shadux felt a disturbance in the force giving him visions of an altered galaxy. With these visions, the Hierarch saw a new sector in space that was perfectly suitable for the Invid and located in a centralized location which would make for a home close to inner rim sectors of the galaxy. As the Invid fleet began to assemble in the Varn system, it made it's way to a new home, born from the galactic shift and bearing the name Marasa Nebula. Once the galaxy settled from this astonishing event, the Invid began to setup it's base of operation in the Marasa Nebula. Various space stations began to go up as the new system quickly sprung to life and became the home of the mighty and proud Invid.

Katana Rebirth

With the majority of the Invid on Operation Titan, a small skeleton crew stayed home to guard the Marasa Nebula as things began to slow for once since establishing Marasa as their home amongst the star.

Things though would change and quite swifty as on Year 13 Day 80, the system defense satellites began to go awry, showing a small fleet of Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers coming out of hyperspace and approaching the planet Marasai. With only a small crew on hand, the Hierarch ordered all available personnel to man what ships they had available at the time and to pull all new recruits into active combat duty. Moving ever closer to Marasai, the Dreadnaught showed no signs of slowing down or intent to retreat. Quickly the small force of Invid soldiers manged to prepare the Kaloth BattleCruiser Halion, as well as the MC-80 Sindragosa and a small contingency of Y-Wing Starfighters. With what appeared to be an impending attack, the Dreadnaughts came to a halt, just a few coordinates from the planet Marasai. Somewhat surprised, the Invid ships sent out a hail, demanding a declaration of intent from the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers as to which no reply was given and initial scanning results showed no signs of any life form on any of the invading vessels. Somewhat stunned, the Hierarch ordered the Invid ships to keep in a defensive posture around the Dreadnaughts as he assembled a team from his personal guard and made his way onto what appeared to be the lead vessel of the invaders. Approaching closer, the Dreadnaughts seemed to have an odd, yet elaborate blue color scheme painted on their hulls which instantly sent the Hierarch's mind racing of tales of the lost Katana Fleet.

Boarding the lead Dreadnaught, the small crew departed from their shuttle and noticed the interior of the ship was painted in the same color scheme which further fueled the legend of the lost Katana Fleet and began to make the crew question themselves if perhaps these might be remnants of the ill famed fleet. as to the crew began to look for possible survivors and any info on the ships, Hierarch Shadux began to make his way to the bridge of the vessel. Reaching the bridge, Hierarch Shadux slowly approached the command chair from where the captain of the vessel would have sat and issued orders to his men though he quickly stopped as he noticed the navigational terminal was making an odd noise. As the Hierarch sat down in front of the terminal, he quickly accessed it's database and was shocked to see the information before him. Literally a plethora of star systems visited, all dating back to roughly 55 years in the past. With a little more investigating, the Hierarch learned the truth, that he indeed was on the bridge of the flagship of the fleet, the Katana. A quick call to arms was made as the truth was now known and the Invid quickly began to asess the damages the Dreadnaughts had incured over the years. The ships themselves needed a major overhaul and were not quite fit for active service, though the Invid persevered and began to repair what was left of the once forgotten vessels.

As the ships began to return to combat readiness, several of the Invid began to read up more on the Katana Fleet, learning what all really happened when the fleet was thought lost to the dark reaches of the galaxy. In truth, there indeed was an outbreak of a hive virus that did drive their fleet admiral insane and to jump the fleet to random locations, though eventually the admiral was overtaken by a small band of soldiers, willing to sacrifice themselves in order to stop their mad leader. As the small band of soldiers made their assault inside of the Katana, the crazed admiral issued orders for all ships to abort their hyper journey. The order though turned out a costly one as the fleet exited hyperspace within the gravity well of a black hole. Immediately the admiral in a state of extreme rage, began moving droves of Dreadnaughts into the black hole. One by one the vessels slowly disappeared as their electronic signatures began to fade away from the Katana's scanners. As the fighting ensued upon the Katana, only a handful of the Dreadnaughts seemed left with hope of stopping the admiral, slowly fading away. In a last ditch effort, a lowly Petty Officer clamored to make his way to the helm controls of the Katana. Quickly, the Petty Officer began to maneuver the large and cumbersome Dreadnaught in hopes of moving away from the black hole and saving what was left of their once enormous fleet. With a large amount of what seemed like sheer luck, the Katana, as well as a handful more Dreadnaughts, escaped the pull of the black holes gravity well and the small band of soldiers managed to apprehend the admiral and take him in to custody.

The records on the Katana went on to show that the admiral passed away shortly thereafter from unknown causes and that the remaining Dreadnaughts suffered significant damage and all except a few were unable to jump into hyperspace and make a return back to the Republic. The Katana's database from that entry till the entry of it entering into the Marasa system, was found to be filled with corrupt data files, leaving the rest of the Katana legacy only to speculation and folklore. Feeling a sense of pride from finding these vessels and learning of such a storied past, the Hierarch assembled the Invid command staff, calling for a meeting to discuss the future of their organization. It was during this meeting the files were shared amongst the gathered individuals and everyone seemed excited and enthused with what they had found. The finding of the last remnants of the Katana Fleet lit a spark inside all of the Invid in a fervorous way .. rekindling their drive and passion as a military unit. From this it was decided ... from henceforth the Invid shall take up the reigns of the once lost and forgotten legendary fleet, the Katana Fleet.


Considered by many as a dark turning point, the Katana Fleet met with former Imperial Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium and formed a partnership in opposition to the Galactic Empire. The partnership only lasted a handful of months due to a reclusive Orphaea and a movement by the original Katana Fleet members to return to their roots. On roughly Year 16 Day 125, Draith Shadux assumed control and regained ownership of the group, immediately moving the group into a new direction and declaring the end of Orphaea's imperial splinter movement.

Return of the Invid

With the end of the imperial movement, Draith Shadux reformed the group into a force based organization and renamed the group to the Invid Order. The Invid have since begun to expand into the production field and opened it's first nationalized faction, The Nerfworks.

Invid Society

Our Way

Invid Lightsaber

The Invid Order are like minded individuals whom choose the path less traveled within the force. Instead of the lightside or darkside of the force, the Invid Order believe a balance can be achieved from using all aspects and abilities they can harness from the force. With this mission, the Invid Order hope to achieve great heights with becoming the premier "grey" force organization within the galaxy. With this, the Invid Order are first and foremost neutral and do not hold allegiance to any government or organization. The Invid Order also claim no enemies and only wish to preserve the peace within their own borders.

The Force

With the force, the Invid Order walk the grey path of the force. All force sensitive members of the Invid Order are expected to do stints within the Qyasik. Apprentices will train under masters and will learn to construct their own lightsaber during these times. An apprentice will be assigned a blade color based upon his alignment path of the force, blue or red. Once an apprentice moves on to being a master, they will be able to construct their own Invid armor and it is encouraged to do so in a fashion to a creature the master can relate to. It is also worthy to note in order to become a master, the apprentice must reach the balance and in this moment the master will be granted the crystals in order to make their lightsaber blade become purple, which signifies the master reaching his center and becoming truly balanced within the force.


Marasa Nebula

Fakir Sector