The Mandroxan Cartel

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The Mandroxan Cartel
Mandroxan Cartel Logo.png
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Legend Myre
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 303
Dissolved Year 15 Day 185
Political Information
Affiliation Alissma
Industry Mercenary Outfit
Holosite The Mandroxan Clan

Mandroxan Cartel banner.jpg

Frustrated by the limitations of duty by following military protocol many of the senior operatives of the Armed Forces of Alissma subsequently defected from the military ranks and faded into the underworld depths of the Shadola Sector. These deserters would form a group of smugglers, mercenaries, and specialists who would stand as a vigilante force defending and servicing those overlooked by the official authorities of the Alissma people.

Unconfined by military procedure the cartel members would be able to take action against the enemies of Alissma in ways they never could before when bound by the limitations of the AFA. Able to provide supplies to war zones where full military confrontation would cause political conflict, cleaning up the blackmarkets and crime syndicates within the AFA territory, and responding to the needs of the locals led to the Mandroxan Cartel beginning to see increasing support from the Alissma citizens.

While at first the Officers of the Armed Forces of Alissma would seek to route out the cartel members, it soon became apparent to them just how beneficial this group was becoming with their aid where the AFA was forbidden to take action. This, along with the public support, would bring change to embrace and at times support the cartel to work as a informal group of mercenaries who were self appointed enforcers of Alissma.[1].

After her release by Syn, Minerva Umgee would seek sanctuary within the Cartel who accepted her with open arms. She would use this new position to attempt to assassinate Ruetsavii Kuro Neko, Steward of Alissma and servant of Ara on Skeebo. By all accounts Kuro escaped from Minerva and she was temporarily detained by Zarthra Zoid before fleeing to parts unknown. [2].

Minerva Umgee excommunicated from the Mandroxan Cartel after the attempt on Kuro Neko's life. In addition the Cartel has placed a 200 million credit bounty on Minerva.

It was shortly after this escape of Minerva that Zarthra stepped down as leader of the Cartel, some speculate he may not have survived but that has not yet been substantiated as such he may just be using some sick leave to recover.

Mandroxan Family Crest

Mandroxan Family Crest.png

The Mandroxan Family Crest is displayed by the Family Members of the Mandroxan Cartel. These members have proved themselves worthy to earn the title of Mandroxan and be lifted from their original place as an acolyte. The most common way to achieve this status is through the Mandroxan Trials. Very few of the family members have not gone through these trials and those who haven't were the ones who designed the trials themselves. The Mandroxan family members are the heads of the Cartel with the most seniority under their belt. There is family status and veteran family status. [1].