The Occasionally Show with Tembre Fe`ll Episode 2

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The Occasionally Show with Tembre Fe`ll (Hacked by Teniel Djo on Year 6 Day 156)

The holonet shows the Coruscanti flag waving in the wind, in a moment text appears, showing the date.

Announcer: It's Friday, Year 6, Day 156, and this is The Occasionally Show with Tembre Fe`ll


The camera then cuts to a shot of Tembre behind a desk in the studio. The audience's wild applause dies down.

Tembre Fe`ll: Hey! I'm Tembre Fe`ll and welcome... eh... to the Occasionally Show. You know, I was backstage listening to my Oilios Katastrefor books on tape and, let me tell you people... magic. Poetic imagery at it's most vivid.


WE BEGIN TONIGHT with a quick look toward the Empire. Today, Thraken Solo, respected trader and galactic power player, has officially been declared dead. But then Bach called Syn a whore, and everyone forgot about Thraken.

Recently the Empire broke with its 5 minute moratorium on not releasing a foolish statement, to make a quick announcement. Frank Bach, on a quick break from executing recruits who didn't check in for a week, made scurrilous accusations against the character of Syn Becket.

Tape of Bach: Infamous pirateuse Syn recently attempted to hack the Imperial news system to further her self-propaganda. Syn is renowned for her desire to bed any pirate that makes room and as such has earned herself the 'intergalactic whore' ribbon.

Tembre Fe`ll: Now why exactly Bach would call the most trusted trader in the galaxy and a happily married woman a pirate and a whore is unclear. However, experts believe that he is still steaming over his recent awarding of "Galaxy's smallest [bleep]," and of course... "World's Greatest Grandma."


Now in the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that Syn Becket is in fact Syn Becket-Fe`ll, my wife. So I am poking some fun, but I have to admit that I don't really think that Frank Bach has the galaxy's smallest [bleep]. Given his post, I doubt he has a [bleep].

We'll be back after this..