The Octagon League

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This article is about the defunct Y19 item company. For the dissolved organization, see The Octagon League (Year 13).
The Octagon League
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Damij Maximus
Headquarters Dark Dealers Haven
Historical Information
Formed from Year 15
Founded Year 15 Day 167
Dissolved Year 19 Day 52
Political Information
Industry Items


On Year 15, Day 166, Crime Lord Ximaro Jix and Defilers Circle member Zane Apex surfaced back into the galactic spotlight.

Leader Gamba Jaboli of The Octagon League was kidnapped by Ximaro personally and extorted to hand over the premier company to the Zann Consortium crime syndicate.

With all the shares of The Octagon League in Ximaro's hands, he tore down the once known Galactic Alliance weapons supplier and New Republic PSA, and initiated a rebuild under a Zann banner, with the assistance of Crime Boss Greyson Abrams and Defilers Circle member Xanxus Drol.

A Return to Legitimacy

On Year 15, Day 335, Leader of Nova Transportation, Damij Maximus, finally succeeded after several attempts to purchase The Octagon League weapons supplier from the hands of Zann Consortium. Having paid an unknown sum, Damij vowed to return the organization, which was originally led by his late friend Gamba Jaboli, back to its greatness.