The Octagon League (Year 13)

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This article is about the dissolved organisation. For the existing item company, see The Octagon League.
The Octagon League
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Gamba Jaboli
2IC Jornix
Headquarters secret
Historical Information
Formed from Year 12
Founded Year 13 Day 313
Dissolved Year 15 Day 167
Political Information
Affiliation Zeltron Union, The Ashla Covenant, The Lumiere Apothecary, Mooh's Humanitarian Help Services
Industry Items


On Day 313 of Year 13, a pro-Zabrak group was founded by a former drunkard, occasional giggledust and ryll-user named Gamba Jaboli. He got himself together after Master Tal Dorn took him into the monastery of the Ashla Covenant. There Gamba was taught to relinquish his base nature and focus on the greater good of others over self-indulgence. He had been in self-imposed exile for years after the Galactic Empire's rise to power and the fall of his homeworld. In his passion to see the fulfilment of his goals, he sought out many famous Zabrak of the galaxy to garner support. A few heeded his call namely: Pozz Umgee, Photino Friovor, Alan Scott, Kaz Il, Vrik Dakari, and a Nabooan named Jorus Serto.

The Octagon League Code

1. Righteousness: Making the right moral and or ethical decisions.

2. Courage: Valorous conduct in situations of imminent danger and battle.

3. Benevolence: Acts of kindness and generosity toward other sentient beings.

4. Respect: To esteem and show regard and appreciation for others.

5. Honesty: Be of sound integrity and truthfulness.

6. Honor: Maintain a good reputation.

7. Loyalty: Support and allegiance to the people

8. Protection: Defend the unarmed and infirm.

The Octagon League Goals

1. Establish a confidential network of contacts and core members regardless of political affiliations to help others when the need arises.

2. Create and build a haven for Zabrak and Zabraki (non-Zabrak who adopt our way of life) in neutral space.

3. Provide assistance for sentient peoples through housing, monetary gift, equipment, work, ship and other needs to help all fleeing oppression, particularly Zabrak and Non-peoples.

4. Continue to grow so as to better represent Zabrak and non-human interests to the galaxy at large.


The roots of The Octagon League actually stem from the advent of the battle-hardened Separatists who formed a volunteer unit to aid and support the peoples of Iridonia. This cause was once again taken up by a veteran of the Clone Wars to rekindle the premise of this former motley organization and to further it in a noble manner. The eight sides of their emblem represent the legendary and mysterious Great Eight Zabrak Colonies and the center is symbolic of Iridonia; the human number eight is the symbol of infinity and life itself. This is why this emblem was chosen to represent the aid society. The more modern version started as a non-profit agency from The Ashla Covenant and Gamba Jaboli.

Ashlanian Codex

While a Guardian he solicited the famous Zabrak of the galaxy and diplomatic ties were established with influential leaders and organizations for this fledgling brotherhood. He departed the monastery to pursue full-time implementation of his passion and within a year the organization garnered support from some of the most noble and nefarious corners of the cosmos. With this varied friendship and support he never lost focus of who and what he desired this group to be.

The League's reputation for impartial help, refuge, and congeniality towards others has earned them endearment by most and disdain by others. So as their influence has grown so has their list of enemies and allies..

It was determined that The Octagon League had to become a legitimate company in order to financially maintain their goodwill services and other projects. So on Day 313 of Year 13 the League opened it's door as a items manufacturer in the Bamula sector as a member of the Mindabaal League. Not long after joining this government, it became apparent that despite Gamba Jaboli's friendship with the Chairman Photino Friovor it was to be a brief, tumultuous relationship.

This is because the Uukaablis Trans-Systems company dissolved and the beginning of the Bothan Media Services-Mindabaal League crisis had begun vying for planetary control within the business conglomerate's jurisdiction.

Angst had now grown between Jace Kavdar, leader of the Agency and Mr.Jaboli because he vehemently disagreed with Kavdar's attitude towards the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance's response to the crisis. Despite all of this, The Octagon League helped secure Wallala and also provided aid, transport and refuge to the people of war-torn Jandur. Members from their RADMF unit led by Commander Kadrkay Sela, Jamae T'arg, and Logistics Manager Captain Almas Tarthul of the "Star of Maanan" were instrumental in operational success.

There were internal reports and accusations from The Agency that The Octagon League had leaked sensitive information to the Galactic Alliance about the Mindabaal League. Despite these allegations being disputed and personal concession of the League's innocence from Director Jace Kavdar; The Octagon League were declared criminals. They were ostracized by some governments as a consequence of this event.

After this series of unfortunate events the League's leaders grew sullen, untrusting and cynical towards the galaxy for a short-time. Through counsel with his friends, mentors and his brethren, President Jaboli reinvigorated himself and turned his attentions to the future.

The Octagon League gathered their mobile command ship the "Sanctuary's Embrace" accompanied by a small flotilla and plotted a couse into deep-space, running their production business remotely. They were contacted by numerous friends and ended up as a private sector affilliate of the New Republic.

They then operated as the first of several Centurion Arms distibutorships. The League also had numerous stations galaxywide offering medical care and refuge. Each station is a space borne metropolis of activity housing those seeking to live in relative peace.


On Year 15 Day 166 the organisation was taken over by the Zann Consortium. The old structure was dissolved and reestablished soon after with identical name (see The Octagon League).

Pre-Octagon League Iridonia

Iridonia the home of The Octagon League has undergone many trials and tribulations. The first Imperial occupation happened during the Great Sith War and became known as The First Battle of Iridonia. This became a crucial point in Iridonia's recent history as it was at this point that the Jedi Order and the Republic Military would finally start their campaign to rid Iridonia of their Sith antagonists.

The Republic military was to later again, step in after a brutal invasion by the Mandalorian Crusaders. After a number of months the Republic military liberated Iridonia only to change hands time and again as The Republic and Sith Empire both used it as a staging ground during the Jedi Civil War.

In years to come the Galactic Empire became established and being a nation of Force-Sensitive beings Iridonia became the first to pledge their allegiance.

The Octagon League Goodwill Services

The Octagon League prided itself on its goodwill services, giving rise to their reputation for altruism.

Mediation Service

This was a service offered for those having a disagreement, or a breakdown in communication whether it be with trade, or just having a misunderstanding and having a hard time articulating their needs to the other negotiating party. Utilising a talented facilitator to service the needs of others this service was free of charge.

Medical Service

Part of The Octagon League's goal was to assist anyone who needs medical care and requests their assistance. Through their expanding network they gained the capability to do so. They also founded a group to help accomplish this task. The Octagon League provide highly trained and motivated paramedical personnel from their academy in a discrete, inhospitable backwater locale.


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