The Resistance

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The Resistance
Political information
Motto Loyalty, Honour, Sacrifice, Legacy
Type of government Military Stratocracy
Head of State Gand Xitwa
Head-of-Government Crueya Vandron
Executive branch Resistance Command
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Territory Abrion, Arkanis, Grohl
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 16 Day 33
Industry Government
Status Active
Holosite The Resistance Holosite

A small and secretive private military force, The Resistance was founded by the billionaire noble Lord Crueya Vandron to monitor and combat the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union. The origins of The Resistance, taking inspirations from the New Republic and its predecessor the Alliance to Restore the Republic, can be traced back the Holowan Conglomerate. As a close ally of the New Republic and a member of the Galactic Alliance, The Resistance acts as a wholly independent military and intelligence force, determined to act as a check on Imperial influence throughout the galaxy.

The Resistance is a group of soldiers, pilots, engineers, and intelligence operatives. Many of its members have served as officers in many galactic governments, production corporations, and intergalactic organizations, and all have brought their experience and expertise to this secretive private military force. The upper levels of The Resistance Command consists of veterans of the Galactic Civil War, who are unwaveringly loyal to the cause. The Resistance places a greater emphasis on the training and treatment of its members then most other organizations in the galaxy, giving its operatives the skills and equipment needed to act as a highly trained and effective fighting force. Additionally, The Resistance uses an army of droids that has helped keep the Resistance up and running, with many robotic workers given more responsibility and independence than elsewhere in the galaxy and seen as more than just droids, which was a continuation of the ideas of the Rebel Alliance. In addition, The Resistance makes uses of a vast droid spy network, to gather and analyze information from across the galaxy.

Government and Politics

Resistance Command

Resistance Command consists of top Resistance officers and advisors. Typically comprised of departmental heads from both the Resistance Military Forces (RMF) and Ordnance and Supply (OaS), Resistance Command is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation as well as strategic planning.



Resistance Military Forces (RMF) is a combined arms branch lead by the Chief and Deputy Chief of Military Operations, whom answer directly to the Commander-in-Chief. The Resistance primarily operates Rebel technologies such as Mon Calamari Cruisers and A/B/X Wing Starfighters, although is also known to be in possession of a limited number of Imperial I-class and Victory-class Star Destroyers.

Campaigns and Battles

Year 21

Year 22



Tourism and Services

Society and Culture