The Second Battle of Krmar II

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Second Battle of Krmar II
DateYear 20 Day 70 — Day 135
LocationKrmar System
ResultDecisive IU Victory
Faerytail Family Logo Small.png Faerytail Family
Imperial Logo Small.png Galactic Empire
NewTSKlogo.pngTresario Star Kingdom
DuchySeal.pngArchduchy of Tolonda
NRlogo.png New Republic
Commanders and Leaders
King Simkin Dragoneel
Premier Vernon Foxtail
DIR Jett Blackheart
FADM Fooj Iwajo
ADM Vidar Sicarius
Chief Vladamiur Veselov
Archduke Uther Von Kaldreon
Duke Corey Vildras
Chief of State Jin Solas
Casualties and Losses
NoneDuke Corey Vildras(Captured)
MoD Adin Cole
Vellan Mun-Riliin
Lieutenant Colonel Freddie Hawkmoon
13,442 - 15,000 soldiers/workers (IU estimate) *

The Second Battle of Krmar II was a major battle in the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War, in which the Faerytail Family and Archduchy of Tolonda battled for control over the contested planet of Krmar II. Open hostilities began sometime shortly before Year 20 Day 70 as Archduchy of Tolonda forces descended to the planet's surface and began deployment of ground forces. Over the coming days, significant forces from both the Imperial Union and the New Republic would deploy to the system to support their respective allies in the conflict. The battle proved to be costly as four well-known members of the galactic community would be captured, three of which would be executed and nearly 15,000 soldiers and workers of the invading forces would lose their lives. The bloody conflict would finally end on Day 135 as the last Archduchy of Tolonda and New Republic forces withdrew from the planet of Krmar II.


At some unknown point shortly before Day 70, forces from the Archduchy of Tolonda deployed to the planet of Krmar II in an attempt to gain control of the planet. At this time Archduchy of Tolonda forces began deploying on the planet's surface with little opposition. On Day 70 forces from the Faerytail Family began to engage the forces from the Archduchy of Tolonda and the battle would officially begin. These Faerytail Family units on the surface began by engaging opposition soldiers, workers, and the officers directing their movements. While the fight was heating up on the planet's surface, a massive Faerytail Family operation in the system began as Laird of Harrad Brian MacBoruma and Morgan Gunvald oversaw the construction of a large number of space stations and defensive platforms.

Aftermath of the Krmar system

The first official day of conflict between the Archduchy of Tolonda and the Faerytail Family saw the most high profile loss of the conflict. While the details of the capture are either hazy or classified, what is known is that King Simkin Dragoneel took Duke Corey Vildras captive. Ensuing attempts at the negotiated release of Duke Vildras would be rejected by the Archduchy of Tolonda and, subsequently, the Faerytail Family forces issued a public proclamation that all enemy officers would be executed due to the Archduchy's refusal to negotiate for the release of its people. This event led to major repercussions throughout the conflict as other officers were captured and quickly executed on the battlefield.

Within days of Duke Vildras being captured, allies of both the Archduchy of Tolonda and the Faerytail Family arrived to support their respective sides. The New Republic deployed in support of the Archduchy of Tolonda while the Tresario Star Kingdom and the Galactic Empire deployed to support their Imperial Union ally, the Faerytail Family. The arrival of the New Republic, the Tresario Star Kingdom and the Galactic Empire resulted in a major escalation of hostilities and a significant increase in the loss of life.

As Day 89 began on the planet's surface, a significant series of events lasting over a week would occur; the first was the death of the Minister of Defense of the Archduchy of Tolonda one Adin Cole. Minister Cole was captured and executed by Fleet Admiral Fooj Iwajo of the Tresario Star Kingdom after a firefight between the two officers and the units attached to them. Less than a week later on Day 94, another member of the Archduchy of Tolonda would fall; Vellan Mun-Riliin and the Faerytail's Prince of Mechis Sevk Ill`er would meet on the battlefield and, in the ensuing engagement, Mun-Riliin fell captive to the Prince and lost his life. Day 94 would also witness the Archduchy of Tolonda's announcement of the existence of Prince Arthur Von Kaldreon; while not a major factor directly on the battlefield, he is to be believed to have been a major force in the command of Archduchy and New Republic forces on the field.

The conflict at this point slowed into a bloody war of attrition as thousands of unnamed soldiers and workers from the Archduchy of Tolonda and New Republic constructed massive fortifications all over the planet's surface under the eyes of officers who refused to meet the fate of their three fallen comrades. Imperial Union forces engaged these units with an efficiency rarely seen in most conflicts.[1] This period also saw the majority of the total deaths of the conflict, with the Imperial Union estimating in the 13,000-15,000 range for combined losses suffered by the Archduchy of Tolonda and New Republic.

As the conflict approached its yet unknown conclusion, another officer would lose his life: on Day 131, Knight of the Republic and Lieutenant Colonel Freddie Hawkmoon of the New Republic met Captain Ro-nin Linj of the Tresario Star Kingdom on the battlefield. LTCOL Hawkmoon was disarmed, captured, and executed with his own lightsaber by CPT Linj; this high profile death would be the last of the conflict.

On Day 135 the remaining forces of the Archduchy of Tolonda and the New Republic retreated from the planet's surface. Imperial Union forces would spend the next couple weeks clearing the planet's surface of any soldiers and workers that had been left behind. While deaths occurred afterward, Day 135 and the retreat/withdrawal of the combined forces of the Archduchy of Tolonda and the New Republic would mark the official end date for The Second Battle of Krmar II.

Notable Events

Day 70 - Duke Corey Vildras 2IC of the Archduchy of Tolonda is captured by King Simkin Dragoneel of the Faerytail Family[2]
Day 89 - Minister of Defense Adin Cole of the Archduchy of Tolonda is captured by FADM Fooj Iwajo of the Tresario Star Kingdom[3]
Day 94 - Vellan Mun-Riliin of the Archduchy of Tolonda is captured by Prince of Mechis Sevk Ill`er of the Faerytail Family[4]
Day 94 - The Archduchy of Tolonda announces the existance of Prince Arthur Von Kaldreon [5]
Day 131 - LTCOL Freddie Hawkmoon of the New Republic is captured by CPT Ro-nin Linj of the Tresario Star Kingdom
Day 135 - Archduchy of Tolonda and New Republic forces withdraw from Krmar II.


Adam Hughes, Adin Cole, Andre Archer, Andrew Starfire, Anesa Vesu, Arthur Von Kaldreon, Arya Solus, Azazel Corundum, Brian MacBoruma, Caisava Chelski, Clive Redrum, Corey Vildras, Elaine von Veritrax, Emillio Peares, Filipe Barro, Fooj Iwajo, Freddie Hawkmoon, Fures Caligo, Gabus Peacecraft, Galen Darksol, Geran Nightshadow, Gothar Elensar, Jett Blackheart, Jin Solas, Jon Onasi, Katrina Lendrix, Ki Virtu, Leebri Chelski, Morgan Gunvald, Rhan Komo, Ro-nin Linj, Scharlotte Fearthainne, Sevk Ill`er, Sebastian von Nex, Shawn Veldn, Sigmund von Ismay, Simkin Dragoneel, Sven Jazzel, Tachibana Ryu, Tec Vaan, Uther Von Kaldreon, Vellan Mun-Riliin, Vernon Foxtail, Vladamiur Veselov, Vidar Sicarius, Wedge Cornely

OOC Notes

  • Notes on casualties - 13,422 was an exact count towards the end of the fighting. Due to the number of factions involved and the qty of notifications plus the loss of life on other planets which also generated notifications it became difficult past this point to get an exact number. The bottom range is being kept at 13,422 and the high range is estimated to be about 15,000. The real number of total deaths is almost certainly close to the 15,000 mark.

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