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Smugglers Guild
Smugglers Guild Emblem Year 15.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Sol Mazer
2IC Haslin Cron
Headquarters Rimmer's Rest Cantina
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 8
Political Information
Industry Trade Conglomerate
Holosite Smugglers Guild

The Smugglers Guild is a trade Conglomerate led by Sol Mazer and Haslin Cron.


The Smugglers Guild has been around for a very long time. Though it's history is clouded in conjecture and myth, and their mysterious membership's need for secrecy, there are some details that are known. Such as the failed invasion of Mandalore, on the Smuggler's Moon.

Mandalore sent an invasion force to root out the smuggler menace, from their main base of operations. With the plan of crippling the organization forever. To the surprise of the Mandalorian forces, the smugglers banded together and not only routed their surprise attack on Nar Shaddaa, but killed or imprisoned many of their leaders and forces. Their failed attempt also caused the reverse of their intent, strengthening the bond between the smugglers and their trust in The Smuggler's Guild leadership. The moon has been off limits to all but a few high ranking dignitaries ever since.

Little is known about the inner workings of the guild, but legend has it that the Smuggler's Guild was started by a smuggler named Matuki. Who gathered together a small group of like minded individuals to prefect the art of smuggling. By pooling their resources and passing trade secrets among themselves, the guild has become the most powerful smuggling organization in the galaxy. A few of the members are publicly known, and though many sentients are suspected, most of the smugs freely ply their trade throughout the galaxy. under a veil cloaked in secrecy as dark as the furtherest reaches of deep space.


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[You sit in a darkened booth of a cantina in the local starport. Suddenly, a hooded man slides into the booth across from you. A quick transaction of credits takes place before he slides out and disappears as quickly as he arrived. You glance out into the bar suspicious of any eavesdroppers before looking back down at the holodisk you now hold in your hand. You set the disk down and activate it.

The holo image clears to show a man sitting in the comm center of what appears to be an early YT-series freighter. His surroundings are well kept and organized. An attractive woman enters the comm room and hands the gentleman a mug... he nods his thanks and sips; redirecting his look to you. He begins....]

"Greetings and thank you for your interest in the Smugglers Guild. Let me first begin by saying that we make no claim to being the best, the most elite, or powerful. We don't intend to have flashy advertisements for our cause on the holonet, in fact we don't intend to be in the public eye at all. We have nothing to prove to anyone in the galaxy. Our goals are simple, we provide a service, we do the job, we get paid, and we go our separate ways.

We supply the black market. We specialize in discreetly obtaining weapons and equipment governments don't want us to have, transporting and then selling them to select clientele. If you want access to this black market, you must know the right people, or at least pay them off. Your chances of getting access depend almost entirely on what the criminal underworld thinks of you, and how much they trust you. As far as who to go to- I leave that to you to discover on your own, happy hunting. Those who wish to make some decent (and undocumented) income on the side by supplying the black market, can contact the me, the Guild Master. You can be assured that you will be well taken care of and looked after and that it'll be worth your time and risk. [Leans forward in his chair...] Now, for those who wish to join the Guild, be warned that you are required to operate a vessel suitable for smuggling, there is no regular pay- rather, you get paid by the job. We take care of own and various compensations are granted. The Guild strongly encourages self reliance, independence, creativity and personal initiative in their members. For all intensive purposes, you are a Freelancer with Smugglers Guild ties. You will be expected to be able to take care of yourself, which will include keeping your affiliation with the Guild a secret - lest you find yourself in a cage. If you need constant direction... or input regarding your next move.... you may want to start at another outfit - my Old Friend said it best: [smirking] "Try the Smugglers Alliance, or even the Empire, they always need drones."

If you're still interested in joining, then also understand this: Our organization runs on secrecy, planning, and above all, respect. We maintain a laid back yet professional atmosphere. We want everyone to enjoy their membership, improve their lives and grow within the Guild. Keep that in mind. Disturbing this harmony is met with a simple solution- the Cage. Depending on your infraction, we may simply deposit you somewhere sans ship.... or sans ear.... depends.... [shrugs shoulders]

[Leans back in his chair...] If you can play by our rules, then there is a lot of opportunity to be a welcomed member of this group. And just understand, our rules only exist to protect all of us involved, from the supplier to the buyer and thus our entire business. [Sips at mug] Interested? Get over to Nar Shadda, Corellian Quarter. The Rimmer's Rest Catina is the place to be... the Bartender there knows me. Let him know Mr. Mazer sent you...."

[The man in the holo raises his mug in salute as the image fades. You contemplate your decision to make and check the starport's flight listings.... You may be making a trip to Nar Shaddaa....]


  • Smugglers Guild Horizontal Holographic Year 15.png (Year 15)

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