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Tresario Star Kingdom
Political information
Type of government Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State King Ridley Forge
Head-of-Government King Ridley Forge
Commander-in-Chief King Ridley Forge
Executive branch King Ridley Forge
Legislative branch Hall of Ministers
Judicial branch Hall of Ministers
Affiliation Treaty of Coruscant
Imperial Union (Year 13 Day 326)[1]
Societal information
Capital Bal`demnic
Territory Antemeridian sector
Auril sector
Bortele Cluster
Cadma sector
Calaron sector
Jubilar sector
Maldrood sector
Meridian sector
Suolriep sector
Tennuutta sector
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Sons and Daughters of Freedom
Bounty Hunters Guild
Date of establishment Year 9 Day 229
Status Active
Holosite [Tresario News Network]
[Tresario Star Kingdom]

The Tresario Star Kingdom (also known as Tresario or abbreviated as TSK) is a sovereign government located in the north-eastern part of the galaxy with territory in the mid and outer rim. The modern Tresario Star Kingdom came into being in Year 15 when the historical Kingdom, founded in Year 9 from the merger of the military organizations of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and the Bounty Hunters Guild, would join with the Anzatan Commonwealth to create the contemporary Tresario Star Kingdom. The parliament house with its legislative branch is seated on the planet Bak`rofsen, an ecumenopolis world and one of the main commercial centres of the government, while the Royal Palace resides on an island of the ocean planet Bal`demnic.

The Tresario Star Kingdom is member of the Imperial Union.


Early Days

In the twilight days of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and the Bounty Hunters Guild, its leader, Admiral Jesfa Ackmin, suffered a fatal heart attack. This left the leadership of the young group in the hands of Falnor Urthadar. Mere days after taking control of the group, he announced the reformation of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom from a militaristic organization into a new government. He chose with his new power to name the new government after one of the chief houses in the Bounty Hunters Guild, House Tresario. Thus, the Tresario Star Kingdom was born on Year 9 Day 229, and Falnor Urthadar crowned himself as its first King.

Over the following weeks and months, Falnor pushed changes through the system of the government. He first created a parliament to help him lead and to create laws for the young government. His intent with the parliament was to make Tresario into a democracy. Leaders of the parliament began to pass laws and work to transform the Sons and Daughters of Freedom into the Tresario Star Kingdom. After a few months, he dissolved it and created the system of the Hall of Ministers to be an advisory council to the King. This lead to the establishment of the three ministries, increasing the organizational structure of the Kingdom. The first Hall consisted of Steve Sphinx as Minister of Economic Development, Dek Sulare as Minister of Military Operations, Ara Tigranes as Minister of Governmental Affairs and Filithell Arborin as Hunt Master of the Bounty Hunters Guild. Falnor also began work on a new constitution for the Kingdom, in which certain members, including Minister Tigranes were high involved in. Meanwhile, as Falnor created his changes, the Kingdom began to suffer. Tresario began to have serious financial issues. Paychecks were low, there was little money to build, and recruitment was nearly nonexistent.

In an effort to save the Kingdom, Falnor worked to create alliances with other governments to help with Tresario's financial troubles. His first attempt was an alliance with the Anzatan Commonwealth. The alliance was short lived however, and soon Falnor was looking for new allies again.

Falleen Federation Aid

Finally, on Year 9 Day 291, Falnor came to Bisz Aldaris, King of the Falleen Federation, for help. He signed a treaty between the two governments which made the Tresario Star Kingdom a protected domain of the Federation. This granted Tresario economic aid from Falleen, and made its citizens Federation citizens as well. While Falnor was allowed to keep the title of King, Bisz became King of Tresario, and Landion Domic, then Prime Minister of the Falleen Federation, was appointed as the first Viceroy of Tresario. Some higher members of the Kingdom resented this turn of events, including Minister Tigranes and Head of Intelligence Leon Shade. They feared that the Kingdom would become a puppet of the Federation.

Under the leadership of Landion Domic and financial aid from Fallen, Tresario began to slowly recover. Falnor however stunted the growth that Tresario was experiencing. He affected building plans by changing them frequently, he did not communicate his plans to the Hall of Ministers or the Hunt Master, and he showed little regard for others in his decision making process. Then, it was discovered that Falnor had been engaging in unscrupulous activities. He was taking tax moons from Tresario and giving them to the Bounty Hunters Guild, which Falnor personally owned. After a meeting of the Hall of Ministers with Falnor, on Year 9 Day 336, the Ministers of Tresario and the Hunt Master of the Bounty Hunters Guild voted to exile Falnor from Tresario, stripping him of his title as King. The meeting was aired for all Tresarians to see and they were allowed to reach their own opinion of the actions taken. A handful of the few remaining members left with Falnor. Following this, the current Hunt Master, Filithell Arborin, was chosen to become the first Premier of Tresario to help lead the Hall of Ministers.

In the following weeks and months, Tresario started becoming more stable. It began to discover its identity, creating a culture for itself, centered around the idea of brotherhood. New Ministers were added to the Hall of Ministers. One of these was Galen Wise, a former Falleen Federation member who had come at the request of Viceroy Domic to help him and Tresario after the exile of Falnor. He became Deputy Minister of Economic Development and was made leader of the Tresario Mining Authority. Tianna Orchid from the organization COSA was also added as Deputy Minister of Governmental Affairs. Soon after the exile of Falnor, Ara Tigranes resigned his position as Minster, which lead to Tianna Orchid's promotion to full minister. The Tresario Star Kingdom Citizens Academy was opened under the leadership of Tianna Orchid to help train the new Tresarians that were coming, to prepare them for life in the Kingdom. Building projects were being planned and executed with the organization COSA, which joined the Kingdom as full members. Work also began on the Tresarian capital world Bak'rofsen, building it into a mighty stronghold.

Over time, differences arose between COSA, leading to the arrest of its leader, Cragan Flynn after his threats against the Viceroy. The remaining members of COSA left, leaving the position of Minister of Governmental Affairs open. The Hall of Ministers unanimously voted to promote Jude Vatz, another friend of Landion's who had come to help him build Tresario, to Minister and to continue the work that had been started in the Ministry. Early on in his term as Minister, Jude Vatz began a reformation of the Citizens Academy. He reorganized the academy into the University of Tresario, creating dozens of new lessons, increasing the quality of new graduates exponentially. Tresario's numbers began to grow steadily, many new recruits coming into the ranks of Tresarians and more experienced members joining from elsewhere. One such member was Ruru Emily, one of the top Falleen Federation builders who had read Landion Domic's one year anniversary speech as Viceroy. She had been so inspired, that she decided to leave the Federation to join the Kingdom.

New Leadership

Several months later, early in Year 11, Premier Arborin announced his intention to retire from his position, citing time constraints that did not allow him to effectively carry out his duties. Upon recommendation of the Viceroy and unanimous consent of the Hall of Ministers, Jude Vatz was chosen to take his place as the second Premier of Tresario. With Vatz's ascension to Premier, the Ministry of Governmental Affairs was closed down and merged with the office of the Premier. Filithell was not done working for Tresario however, and accepted the position of Deputy Minister of Military Operations that was offered to him. Then, less than a month later, Landion Domic announced his retirement from the office of Viceroy. He came before the Tresarian public and announced that successor, as chosen by himself and the Hall of Ministers, would be Jude Vatz. Along with Landion's announcement of retirement, Galen Wise also announced that he would be retiring with the Viceroy. Steve Sphinx was chosen to take Jude Vatz's position as Premier, and two new Deputy Ministers were selected to replace Galen Wise and Steve Sphinx. These two were Ruru Emily and Tal Collan. Ruru Emily was placed as the head of the Department of Construction and Tal Collan became the new administrator of the Tresario Mining Authority. These transitions took place on Year 11 Day 48, making Jude Vatz the second Viceroy and Steve Sphinx the third Premier of Tresario.

Over the next year, Tresario went from a small stable government to a thriving Kingdom. Under the new leadership of the new Ministers and new Viceroy, the Kingdom expanded its influence throughout the galaxy. Tresario completed several major construction projects, including the gas giant Colsassa which became a major source of income for the Kingdom. Through these projects, Tresario gained financial independence, no longer needing funding from Falleen.

Work also began on the first major project of the Ministry of Military Operations in Hutt Space in the system of Toydaria. The Military worked in the system to create a forward military base which could be used to defend and expand Tresarian space. During the course of this operation, Minister of Military Operations Dek Sulare announced his retirement from the office of Minister. His successor was Filithell Arborin who was replaced by Jared Waymen for the position of Deputy Minister.

As the Kingdom grew, it was decided that a new corporation was needed give Tresarians access to important supplies. To this end, the Viceroy authorized the creation of the Tresario Medical Conservatory, a new crowned corporation with its first administrator being Drake Wolfe. A month after the creation of the new corporation however, dealings between Drake Wolfe and pirates were uncovered which lead to a trial of the new administrator. He was given a public trial which found him guilty of Breach of Trust and Treason, and he was sentenced to exile from the Kingdom. As new leadership was required for Tresario Medical, Landion Domic decided to return to Tresario in order to become the leader of it. Later, he once more became a member of the Hall of Ministers as the new Minister of State. To take his place, John Green was selected as the new administrator of Tresario Medical Conservatory.

Landion worked with both the University of Tresario and also the Falleen Federation Academy to increase the quality of lessons of training the future leaders of the Kingdom and Federation. He was unable to finish his work however before he was forced to retire once more due to time constraints. To fill the shoes left by Landion, Hawwi Joshe was chosen to lead the University and continue his work.

During this time, Tal Collan was chosen to take the position of Minister of Economic Development which had been left vacant since Steve Sphinx had become Premier. It was also decided that a new Deputy Minister was needed. Billys Bob, who had lead the Department of Production for several months, was selected to join the Hall of Ministers as a new Deputy Minister of Economic Development. Along with this, a department switch was made between Tal Collan and Ruru Emily, making Ruru the new Tresario Mining Authority leader and Tal the new department head for the Department of Construction.

Tresario also strove to increases its political influence by building relationships with its allies in the Galactic Alliance, which it was a member of through its status as a protected domain of the Falleen Federation. Viceroy Jude Vatz was even elected to the office of Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance.

Tresarian Independence

King Vatz in Year 18

During this time, differences began to arise between Tresario and Falleen. As the Kingdom's leadership structure became more defined and stronger, it wished to have its own representation within the galaxy, and felt that there were significant political differences between the people of Tresario and King Bisz Aldaris. Also, Bisz Aldaris began to show disregard and contempt to the opinion of those who disagreed with him within his Chamber of Executive and Chamber of Ministers. The last straw was an emotional outburst and challenge of integrity against one of his ministers and the Viceroy when they tried to point out an error he was committing. Unwilling to consider the majority opinion of both cambers, he ignored them and continued to take a course of action damaging to both governments. To this effect, on Year 12 Day 37, the Hall of Ministers made a unanimous vote to secede from the Falleen Federation, dethroning Bisz as King of Tresario, and becoming a sovereign government. The Hall chose Jude Vatz to be the first King of the independent Kingdom, and he was crowned on Year 12 Day 95.

Following its declaration of independence, Tresario began to rebuild its relationships throughout the galaxy as it was no longer part of the Galactic Alliance. The Kingdom worked with the diplomatic departments of several galactic powers, securing Tresarian influence within the political sphere. The Kingdom also went through several internal changes, updating its laws and codes to reflect its independence.

It was soon decided that the Kingdom needed a ship building corporation in order to keep up with its production demands. To this end, the Tresario Medical Conservatory was decommissioned and Cygnus Spaceworks was opened, with John Green being moved as administrator from one to the other. In addition, it was determined that Hawwi Joshe needed help with the Ministry of State, as he had recently been added to the Jedi Council. John Green was chosen to become the new Deputy Minister of State and to take over the training in the University.

Several months after declaring independence, a large group of Federation citizens and ministers left Falleen. Many of these people joined the Kingdom, including a major portion of the Falleen Army and former Deputy Minister Xias and Minister Michael MaCleod, who later became Secretary of Construction. To lead this new army, it was decided to divide the position of Deputy Minister into two: Fleet Admiral and Field Marshall. Jared Waymen became the Fleet Admiral to lead the Navy and Xias became Field Marshall to lead the Army. After a few weeks, Filithell Arborin stepped down from his position of Minister. Xias was chosen to take his place as Minister, and his position of Field Marshall was eventually replaced by another former Federation member, Alto Rexar. It was near this time that rumors spread throughout the galaxy of forgotten systems that had been lost through time. After these rumors were confirmed, the Navy and Army worked together to hunt for these forgotten systems and expand Tresarian borders.

Soon after the systems hunt began, Zeff Traner, former Chief of State in the New Republic and previously an Admiral and Commanding Officer of the Tresario Special Operations Fleet, returned to the Kingdom after an undercover operation. Because of his extensive contacts throughout the galaxy's governments, he was appointed by King Vatz to become the new Deputy Minister of State, allowing John Green to become full Minister. While Green would continue to run the University of Tresario, Traner would serve as the Ambassador of Tresario, using his extensive contact network throughout many governments to aid the Kingdom.

A New Era

Increasingly frustrated with the corruption in the Galactic Alliance, King Jude Vatz and the Hall of Ministers began talks with leaders of the Imperial Union about beginning the process for joining the Union. After talks with the King of Hapes Consortium, Viceroy of the Trade Federation and the Emperor of the Galactic Empire, the King gave a speech for the entire Kingdom and galaxy about the new change in policy. The initial release of the speech came to a surprise to much of the galaxy, with strong criticism from several in the Galactic Alliance, and high praise from the leaders of the Imperial Union. In the weeks that followed this announcement, Tresarian officials worked together with Imperial officials to develop a new treaty between Tresario and the Empire. The resulting document was the Treaty of Coruscant, which officially established a military alliance between the two governments. During the weeks leading up to the official announcement of the new treaty Galactic Alliance leaders met frequently with Tresarian leadership; in some cases they attempted to make amends and convince Tresario to return to the Alliance, while other cases were demands from New Republic officials to return their technology that Tresario had built. No agreements between the Alliance and the Kingdom could be met, and following the announcement of the Treaty of Coruscant, the New Republic formally canceled its Non-Aggression Pact with Tresario and informed Tresarian leadership that strong action may be taken against them. Despite this, relations between Tresario, the Empire and other governments continued to grow strong.

It was several months after the announcement that Fleet Admiral Jared Waymen appeared on the Tresarian News Network to state that he was stepping down as Fleet Admiral. In the announcement, he stated Deputy Minister of State Zeff Traner would be taking his place, while he would become an adjunct in the Ministry of State. Days afterwords, due to the increasing expansion of the Kingdom, the Hall of Ministers announced the opening of a new crowned corporation: Tresario Salvage Yards, led by Wise Huang. The Yards was created to help fix the mistakes of the old administration of Tresario in its early days and repair those errors made in the early months.


In the Anzatan Commonwealth's later years, it faced internal problems such as declining birth rates and crumbling infrastructure. Faced with growing concerns about a future in which the Commonwealth would be unable to protect its citizens, as well as personal health issues which impacted his continuing ability to lead the Commonwealth, Chancellor Isard reached out to the Commonwealth's prosperous neighbor and ally, the Tresario Star Kingdom. Under the terms of the Tresario-Anzatan Treaty of Unification, the two states would join together to form a new government possessing the long history and proprietary technology of the Commonwealth combined with the wealth and military strength of Tresario. The new government would be headed by King Jude Vatz, but key to the treaty was the guarantee that all citizens previously employed by the Anzatan government would retain their jobs or be given equivalent positions within the new administration. While Anzatan diplomats initially suggested a unique name for the new state, King Jude Vatz secured continued existence of the "Tresario Star Kingdom" name by leveraging the greater wealth and more potent military hardware that Tresario brought to the table. The treaty came into effect on Year 15 Day 221.

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Government and Politics

The Tresario Star Kingdom is a sovereign government lead by the King of Tresario with the aid of the Hall of Ministers, and is responsible for setting policy of the Tresario Star Kingdom. The King is "the highest military, diplomatic, and civil official in the Kingdom" as outlined in the Constitution. He is also the leader of the Executive Chamber, which is comprised of the King and Premier, who serves as his second in command.

The Hall of Ministers is an advisory group to the King who counsel the King in particular fields. The Hall will be consulted on issues of major trade agreements, alliances, diplomatic issues, and improvements to the Kingdom if the King feels that the issue is of great consequence to the Tresarian citizens. The members of the Hall are also the leaders of one of the three ministries: Ministry of Military Operations, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of State. Each ministry is lead by a Minister, and Deputy Ministers (if deemed necessary). The Hall is guided by the Premier, and is the chief voice of the Hall. The ministries are then further divided into departments, led by Secretaries and Administrators who answer to their respective Minister and Deputy Ministers.

House Tresario is made up of all the nobility of Tresario. It's members are made up of the Sentinels of Tresario, the Order of Tresario Freedom, Admirals, and all members of the Hall of Ministers. In the case that there is no clear heir to the throne, House Tresario shall convene to declare a new King. House Tresario is often consulted on issues of widespread importance to the Kingdom or when the Hall of Ministers needs to hear the opinions of others within the Kingdom on particular issues.

Law, Security and Judicial System

Tresarian Police Officers

Tresario Star Kingdom law enforcement is provided by Tresario Police Department under the purview of Ministry of State. Their primary duties are the protection of life and property, preservation of the peace, investigation of suspected criminal activity, referral of the results of investigations to the courts, and the temporary detention of suspected criminals pending judicial action.

The Penal Code is a law that codifies most criminal offences and procedures in Tresario Star Kingdom. The Hall of Ministers acts as the Judicial branch with a number of ministers serving as justices during a trial, and the Premier serving as the Chief Justice. If a party is unhappy with the ruling of the Hall however, they may appeal to the King.

Planetary Shield Regulations

Slavery Prohibiton Laws

Regional Stability

Foreign Relations and Military

Tresarian Diplomatic Corps

Imperial Union

Galactic Concordiate

Galactic Alliance


Symbol of the Ministry of Military Operations

Under Construction


Symbol of the Order of the Tikiar

The Order of the Tikiar, Disciples of Tikiari or Tikiar Order are an organization of Force-practitioner of the Tresario Star Kingdom. The Tikiars are the keepers of peace and justice in Tresario and are fully trained in the ways of the Force. After the alignment of Tresario Star Kingdom with the Imperial Union, their philosophy and methodology is no longer strictly following the light side, but are also allowed to follow the dark side of the Force.

Most of the historical facts of the Tikiars were found in an ancient text or artifacts within worlds of Tresario. According to the ancient text of the Tikiars, they were a nomadic group of Force-sensitives originating from the Sacred Isle of Joralla. The Sacred Isle of Joralla was dominated by tropical jungles and was home to the ancient bird known as the Tikiarri. The text, however, never stated the exact location of the Sacred Isle, though many Tresarian archaeologist believed the Sacred Isle of Joralla was located somewhere on the planet of an uncharted system in the Mid Rim region.

They existed around the era of the Old Galactic Republic and made contact with the largest galactic Force organization during that time, the Jedi Order. During this period, the Jedi Order was large in number, so they felt secure enough to allow other Force-using organizations to exist independently.


The Gryphons are the Royal Guards of the Star Kingdom aswell as a ceremonial unit within its military forces. Their primary purpose is to serve as a symbol of the government's power and prestige, as well as to protect high-ranking officials, dignitaries, nobility and royalty. Members of the Gryphons are highly trained in drill and ceremony and are often called upon to participate in state ceremonies and official events. They may also be called upon to provide security for government buildings and facilities. Its members will be responsible for representing the government in a professional and dignified manner, and for upholding the highest standards of discipline and conduct.

Society and Culture


Galactic Basic is the most spoken language inside the Kingdom, but many of its member use other language for their communication, such as Falleen, Huttese, Twi'Leki, Shyriiwook, Gran etc.


In Tresario Star Kingdom, education is viewed as the backbone of the government. Education in Tresario Star Kingdom is the responsibility of the Minister of State.

University of Tresario abbreviated UoT, is the galactically renowned university, it located in Asran system on Cortar. The academy consists of departments with courses in raw material and individual transportation, as well as Tresario Star Kingdom knowledge and history. However, one does not need to be in Asran System to access the basic university page because it has a website which brings the cadet through 20 lessons, including crossterrain, mining and others.

When a Cadet who took the academy graduates, they are awarded a Graduation Ribbon. Cadets will then be promoted and become members of the either the Ministry of Economic Development or Military Operations.


The Tresario Star Kingdom had two official Colonial Shockball League teams. The Ku`Bakai Clones owned by Steve Sphinx in Second Tier, and the Asran Avengers owned by John Green and in the Third Tier. Many prominent members of the Kingdom, played on these teams. TSK now has the Calaron Razors in the Galactic Shockball League.


Tresario News Network


The Tresario Star Kingdom territories consist of ten sectors: Antemeridian, Auril, Bortele Cluster, Cadma, Calaron, Jubilar, Maldrood, Meridian, Suolriep and Tennuutta. It also holds sway in some systems in the Halla sector and Hutt Space aswell as the planet of Trandosha.

Corporations and Economy

Notable leaders


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