Thearn Nightstaf

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Thearn Nightstaf
Thearn Nightstaf Holocron HUD Profile Picture.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Clan Kitade
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Siblings Two: Natsuki Haines (Sister)(Deceased), Shandra Raa (Sister) (Alive)
Children None
Languages Galactic Basic, Kiffar (Kiffu Dialect), Huttese
Quote Always walk in the shadow of sunlight.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 0 in
Coloring Tanned
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Clan Kitade , Shadow Hunter Task Force
Title Governor of Gunther System
Rank Captain (Shadow Hunter Task Force)
Positions CEO (2IC) of Chi’rdorna Manufacturing
Signature Thearn Signature Animated (White).gif


Early Life

Thearn Nightstaf was born on the planet of Kiffu into the Kitade Clan, to a bounty hunter father and a clan mystic mother. Much of his early life remains a mystery, as Thearn has remained tight-lipped about his time on Kiffu before following the path many of his clan took; heading off world destined for the space lanes. What is known is that he is the eldest born child of three and that both of his parents were killed during the Black Sun Crisis, though the exact circumstances surrounding their deaths has never been fully revealed. Like many Kiffar children, Thearn was indoctrinated into the traditions of his clan at a young age.


Trained from nearly before he could walk in the ways of the Kitade Shadow Hunters, Thearn learned to blend into the background of nearly any location while stalking his prey, be it the shifting sands of the eastern deserts of Kiffu to the bustling streets of Ven Karyna Sunport on Kiffex.

Upon reaching puberty and successfully completing the survival trials that all Kitade youth take and returning home with the skull of a Crag Katarn (a local desert variant of the normally arboreal species) that he slew in single combat, he was recognized as an adult and granted the surname of Nightstaf by the tribal elders. The name is inscribed on the mask that he always wears, which was carved from the jawbone of the skull taken from the Katarn he slew. More then just an accessory, the Kitade Shadow Hunter Mask serves to identify it's wearer as a member of the Kitade's Warrior caste. Each mask is as unique as it's bearer, and if the clan member who's name is inscribed on it were to some how lose possession of it, it is considered a great dishonor.

One of a pair of masks gifted to the famed Noghri Bladesmith Sekou Tau, on the day of his wedding to Samantha Braxton.
Thearn's personal clan mask, made from the skull of a Desert Katarn
The mask presented to Thearn's younger sister Shandra Raa on her initiation into Clan Kitade.
Various examples of Kitade Clan workmanship.


Always swathed in a grey cloak, with his tribal mask over his face, Thearn's true features are seldom fully revealed to the galaxy, and even then only to those whom he trusts implicitly. Thearn's younger sister Natsuki was killed during an incident that was rumoured to be in relation to Black Sun, he now flies the Viper Starfighter she gifted to him into battle to honour her memory.

Equipment and Abilities

Notable Ships

NightshroudLargeUpdatedTest.png CDF Nightshroud

NightbladePES.png Nightblade

Known Associates

Name Rank Race Specialization Ship Assignment Bio
Shadow Hunter Commander Insignia.png
Chiss Battle Group Omega Executive Officer;

Commander of Special Operations Unit under Captain Nightstaf

Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Nightshroud, Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship Nightblade Ex Chiss Defense Force Member, Cousin to Lieutenant Commander Maxcy'kellar
Shadow Hunter Lieutenant Rank Insignia.png
Lieutenant Commander/Heavy Weapons Specialist
Chiss Special Operations Unit Infantry Commander Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Nightshroud, Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship Nightblade Ex Chiss Defense Force Member, Cousin to Commander Fernanda'vosh
Kaia Lasoo
Shadow Hunter Lieutenant Rank Insignia.png
Lieutenant Commander/Tech Specialist
Human Attache to Captain Nightstaf; Slicer Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Nightshroud, Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship Nightblade Former bartender, quick witted and sarcastic, has tendency to come up with unorthodox solutions to problems, that work *most* of the time.
Akysa Seafire.png
Akysa Seafire
Shadow Hunter Lieutenant Rank Insignia.png
Lieutenant Commander/Scout/Sniper
Kiffar Recon Group Commander, member of Clan Kitade Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Nightshroud, Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship Nightblade A member of Clan Kitade, Akysa is part of the second generation of the Clan

to grow up under the Shadow Hunter mantle.


Clan Kitade

Clan Kitade's Emblem
The Qukuuf of Clan Kitade

A minor clan based in the western deserts of Kiffu, Clan Kitade is noted mainly for it's nomadic lifestyle and hunters skilled in the art of stealth. Valuing guile and cunning over brute force, the warriors of Clan Kitade are commonly found working as scouts and explorers across the galaxy. The qukuuf of Clan Kitade is that of a black splayed katarn claw, commonly worn along the left side of the face, signifying the symbolic relationship the clan has with the Crag Katarn and other wild beasts that dwell in the desert wastes of Kiffu where the tribe originated.

Skull of the Crag Katarn, a creature considered sacred by members of Clan Kitade

Shadow Hunter Task Force

The Shadow Hunter Task Force Insignia

A battlegroup formed around a small cadre of Kiffar warriors who survived the Black Sun purges of Kiffex and Kiffu, as well as other disparate groups from across the galaxy, including significant Chiss and Falleen contingents. The Task Force specializes in peacekeeping and rescue operations, but members have been known to take on a wide variety of mission profiles as the situation calls for it. Thearn's Clan Kitade is a founding member.

Campaign History

Operation Reclamation

Operation Bolt

Operation Timber

The Nar Shaddaa Incident

Cold Faith

The Askaj Rebellion

Kiffex Outbreak Containment Action