Thrall Lothbrok

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Thrall Lothbrok
Biographical Information
Race Human Clone; Coruscanti
Homeworld [Redacted]
Mother N/A
Father N/A
Marital Status Widowed
Spouse Siobhan Nuullic
Partner Yeley Ursor
Siblings Deceased Clones
Children Miata Lothbrok, Mila Lothbrok, Liam Lothbrok
Languages Fluent: Basic, Binary, Cathar, Cheuhn
Other: Basic Mando'a, Novice understanding of Ancient Sith, few phrases of High Galactic
Quote "Do not mistake me for my mask. You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 127 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Shobquix Industries
Merr-Sonn Technologies
Lothbrok Family
Rank FC-1 - Vigo
Thrall Rank Pip.png
Positions CEO of Merr-Sonn Technologies
Awards Black Sun
Bsaward-indesm-01.png Industry Exemplary Service Medal
Bsaward-desm-01.png Defense Exemplary Service Medal
Bsaward-cac-01.png Civilian Administration Commendation
Bsaward-mcc-01.png Military Command Commendation
Bsaward-tc-01.png Taspir Campaign
Bsaward-ac-01.png Altora Campaign
Bsaward-im-01.png Interior Member
Bsaward-ecc-01.png Exceptional Combatant Citation
Bsaward-eac-01.png Exceptional Administration Citation
Bsaward-epc-01.png Exceptional Pilot Citation
Bsaward-csa-07.png 7 Years Service Award
Signature Thrall Lothbrok Signature.png


In regards to Thrall Lothbrok's origins little is known other than that he is the clone from the days of the old old republic. Produced as part of a batch of almost a thousand other clones for the purposes of waging war - initially against the Mandalorians and then later the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War. Upon his unit's return to their creator an unspecified time later, they were placed in cabonite stasis with the intention of re-awakening them in the near future. They were never awoken however, and the clones degraded over thousands of years of carbonite stasis. The early technology being flawed, both in the carbonite stasis used on the clones and the cloning process itself. This led to severe physical and mental defects developing in stasis.

And once the outpost the clones has been stored on was discovered and unearthed early in Year 13 by a band of freelance explorers, eager to discover a new planet the effects of this flawed technology was unleashed. Before they could report their discovery to the galaxy at large they woke the clones from their cryostasis. Degraded and maddened, the clones attacked and killed the explorers before turning on each other in a bloody and brutal battle. Of all those involved in the ensuing bloodbath, only one clone survived: Clone 2295, one of the partial failures of the clone program even before the degredation thousands of years inflicted, though nevertheless deemed still capable of combat. Sitting amidst the carnage he and his brothers had wrought, 2295 remained there for a time before taking the explorers' ship and departing from the planet, in search of a better life. It was at this time that he took on the name 'Thrall', seizing upon the term from one of his earliest memories.

Personal History

Education on Coruscant

Through Thrall found his way to a planet he had heard of but never been to: Coruscant. Initially, he believed the Sith had won and the Republic had fallen, replaced instead by the Galactic Empire. Upon accessing the Holonet however, he discovered that thousands of years had passed since his entry into carbonite stasis, and that the galaxy had changed around him. The Galactic Republic had become the Galactic Empire after the betrayal of the Jedi, and the galaxy had fractured as a result, with a multitude of competing governments and lesser factions rising up to fill the void.

Rather than depend on the skills he had acquired during his previous life, Thrall chose instead to attempt to integrate himself into contemporary society. Selling the ship he arrived on, Thrall used the funds to enter into education where he worked his way up through to university, learning the skills and knowledge that had been denied to him earlier in his life. Due to his lack of social graces and ability, in addition to some residual damage from the cryostasis, this proved to be an extremely difficult time for him. Thrall persevered however and ultimately succeeded in completing a multitude of university courses surrounding management and engineering.

Black Sun

Humble Beginnings

During his studies Thrall had considered entering the service of the Galactic Empire, but ultimately he decided they were too rigid for him. Nevertheless, he still saw them as the sole force of peace in the galaxy and the rightful galactic government. Instead he applied for a position with one of the Galactic Empire's allies, finding a position within Shobquix Industries, one of the Black Sun's nationalised companies. While there he found the atmosphere of Black Sun suited the more exotic tastes he had acquired while on Coruscant, with drugs and pleasure being more public vices rather than hidden away from view as is the case with most organisations - things that were expected and accepted, rather than hidden away or denied.

Thrall's ambition and efficiency led to a rapid progression in the collective, and his hard work was eventually rewarded on Day 139 of Year 17 (CGT), when he was given the rare opportunity to join the prestigious Black Sun Family, finding himself promoted to the rank of Engineer. Thanks to Thrall's zealous perfectionism and unrelenting ambition, he quickly caught the eyes of his superiors and was given the chance to prove himself. On Day 187 of Year 17 (CGT), he was named as the Director of Production Operations and Minister of Production for the Black Sun syndicate. He also became the Chief Operations Officer for Shobquix Industries at the same time.

After having served as Vigo Leigh Kellan's right hand for almost a year, on Day 164 of Year 17 Thrall joined the ranks of the Consiglio as the Black Sun's second in command for their Industrial Production, a goal he had been focused on since joining Black Sun. Ecstatic with his success Thrall took the opportunity to celebrate, the story being that he spent three straight days doing so and in the process running up a modest tab of 12,312,032 credits on Alcohol and other activities before returning to work, reportedly with a renewed vigour and jump in his step.

The Betrayal

After the Dismissal of Vigo Leigh Kellan for oath breaking, Thrall became the Corporate Executive Officer of Shobquix Industries on Year 18 Day 292. Thrall took this promotion heavily, with the betrayal of Leigh Kellan still causing him no small amount of pain, and he was unable to celebrate his rise through the ranks. Rather than fixate on the pain, Thrall instead chose to devote his efforts towards making Shobquix Industries a force to be reckoned within the field of production. On Day 313 Thrall received word of his promotion to Command Family at the rank of Overseer. Humbled and honoured by this promotion, his excitement was nevertheless rather obvious to his fellow staff, particularly after he reportedly spent the next few days nursing what he officially described as "The worst hangover since Lex resigned".

While the circumstances surrounding her removal were unpleasant for Thrall, Leigh Kellan was now out of his way. Thrall now had a direct line to his next promotion: Vigo, the position he had been aiming for, originally out of a desire to surpass his superior. And while he no longer cared what Leigh thought of him, Thrall found a new mentor in the form of the Dark Prince, Jeor Knight, with the two having gradually built a friendship with one another. Thrall threw himself into his work, seeming to live every day as though it might be his last, as though every drop of effort he put into Shobquix Industries had to be perfect. His work showed results; efficiency was increased tenfold, with Shobquix's production efforts increasing substantially and expansions beginning all over the Mieru'kar sector. Thrall proved himself to be the driving force behind the organisation's success, and his superiors took note.

Ascension to the Family Council

On Day 42 of Year 19, merely one hundred days since the betrayal of Vigo Leigh Kellen, Thrall Lothbrok received word that the promotions for that month had been announced, coincidentally at the same time he received a summons from Jeor Knight. His hard work had paid off; Thrall had been promoted to the pinnacle of power within the Black Sun syndicate, with the now-Vigo Lothbrok being summoned to the shrine of Golgotha on board the Darkstar Battleship. As with his previous promotions Thrall arranged an extravagant celebration many might consider excessive, throwing a massive party in the Black Gold casino with the expense being just under a billion credits in total, including legal fees and fines as a result of the party.

Despite the expense Thrall himself did not attend however, with rumours stating that he spent the night at his estate on Malicar with Siobhan Nuullic.

The War for the Republic

The operation of Black Sun's Industrial arm would continue under the diligent leadership of Thrall until Year 21 Day 36 when it was officially announced Thrall Lothbrok would be taking over the position of Vigo of Defence. Merely weeks after the surrender of the New Republic to the Galactic Empire, events that would begin The War for the Republic. The newly announced Vigo of Defence began immediate preparations for the events that would transpire over the next year including the preparation for the deployment of many of Black Sun's fleets. Preparations which would prove advantageous when Black Sun forces were ordered to strike The Resistance's bases within the Morshdine and Chopani sectors on Day 139. Thrall Lothbrok personally oversaw the slaughter that took place at Chopani from oboard the Imperial Star Destroyer [BSS] Defiant. There he recieved the nickname "The Butcher of Chopani" after the sheer scale of devestation Black Sun forces inflicted on the planets within the Antmuel and RZ7-6113-23 systems.

There are more than a few rumours regarding the slaughter that took place in the two systems on orders from Thrall Lothbrok, including purposely targetting civilians, medical personel, and causing mass destruction through the use of orbital bombardment. Rumours also state that after the defensive station in orbit of Camden was neutralised Thrall Lothbrok gave the order to push it into the gravitational well of the planet to inflict further damage upon the planet. Whether or not this happened is hard to say however as Vitale Cipriani was the commanding officer of the Black Sun forces within the Morshdine sector. However as a direct result of the orders given by Thrall Lothbrok the casualties within the first week of the conflict quickly rose into the tens of millions.

Retirement and Renewal

After the brief yet violent appearance of Thrall Lothbrok on the front lines of The War for the Republic he retired from the public eye to focus his energy ensuring the security of Black Sun's expanded territory and the expansion of it's defensive fleets with newly captured New Republic assets however having served as Vigo of Defence for a little less than a year Thrall Lothbrok resigned from the position on Year 21 Day 317. This would signal a pause in Thrall Lothbrok's official duties within Black Sun, although he continued to do covert operations on the behest of Dark Prince Jeor Knight he refocused his efforts inward towards his family.

It would not be until Year 24 Day 338 that Thrall Lothbrok was once more graced with the rank of Vigo and given command of Black Sun's Commercial and Industrial production for Shobquix Industries and Merr-Sonn Technologies, however these duties would eventually be merged into the Merr-Sonn Technologies corporation entirely with Shobquix Industries under the command of Vigo Alexi Genesys being retasked to the sole production of defensive assets for Black Sun's military. And on Day 354 of the same year Thrall Lothbrok took an official leadership position within the Merr-Sonn Technologies corporation replacing previous CEO Banquo Knox.

Personal Life

Early Beginnings

Initially Thrall Lothbrok had no friends, family or clan to call his own. The galaxy was strange to him and he had become lost in a place that he felt he did not belong. While his time in education on Coruscant led to a few friendships they almost entirely centred around studies or vices and had little substance beyond that, falling apart once his education was over. This state of affairs changed once he joined the Black Sun collective. While there he acquired many valuable friends and individuals he came to consider as family, eventually coming to think of it as a home.

While his social situation has improved massively Thrall has suffered great loss and shows signs of mental fatigue and stress, with psych profiles indicating a tendency towards violence and a lack of emotion - or at the very less, difficulty in the expression of emotion - as well as preternatural desire to kill most likely a side effect from his conditioning as a clone.

Although initially closed off Thrall has made a number of improvements in becoming more sociable, opening a nightclub within the Nocturnal Palace on Alsakan and even making some long lasting friends outside of the collective. Most notably Thrall has pursued a number of romantic relationships, the first of which being with Pheadre Farren in Year 18. This relationship eventually fell apart. The second of these was essentially a complicated series of flirtations during a period later in the year that saw him become torn between multiple possible romances. However this came to an end after one such night of playful flirting and courting abruptly turned into something more, ultimately blooming into a relationship with Siobhan Nuullic. Thrall has apparently put no small amount of energy and time into this relationship, being seen in the company of Miss Nuullic constantly in the days that followed. Rumours even persist that the two have spent much time travelling across the galaxy.

Thrall And Kyran.png

Thrall And Vigo Caelius at an unnamed nightclub, Circa Year 18

As well as his increase in formal social outings Thrall regularly visited nightclubs and places of entertainment or pleasure, indulging heavily in pleasures of the mind and body, often seen with a glass of whiskey or some form of ryll. Having personal accommodation on both Malicar and within the Nocturnal Palace of Alsakan, Thrall is consistently seen throughout the galaxy at various hotspots of activity in pursuit of vice and entertainment, establishing a reputation as a discreet seeker of pleasure.

Withdrawal from the Public Eye

However post Year 20 Thrall became more withdrawn, instead focusing his time more privately, reportedly in the company of Siobhan Nuullic and his children. This absence from the public would continue until Year 21 during The War for the Republic when he made appearances as commander of the Black Sun forces and appeared on the Galactic News Service. However this appearance in his official duties was all that was caught of the man who previously had appeared in holovids and news stories surrounding the nightlife all throughout the Galaxy. Instead after his resignation as Vigo of Defence following the victory of Imperial Union forces Thrall Lothbrok disappeared entirely, rumours within Black Sun tabloids ran wild with speculation from affairs, psyciatric treatment, to even more preposturous suggestions he had been replaced by another clone. However reports seem to indicate Thrall Lothbrok travelled frequently between Malicar, Malanose, Asation and Csilla with a few brief public sightings of the man on Csilla indicating he was spending time with his half-Chiss children.

Disappearance of Siobhan Nuullic

Sometime between Year 22 and Year 23 an official report was submitted by Thrall Lothbrok regarding the death of his spouse Siobhan Nuullic. The official date listed on the documentation was Year 22 Day 331, according to the report Thrall Lothbrok submitted Siobhan Nuullic then Darth Valefica had plotted a course into the unknown regions and disappeared without word. In Thrall Lothbrok's search for her scout teams employed by the retired Vigo discovered the Ardent-class Fast Frigate Cacasn Ch'acah heavily damaged and disabled within an asteroid field. The crew had been slaughtered, though the cause of death for the crew members on board was never submitted into public record the body of Siobhan Nuullic was nowhere to be found, initially listed as Missing this was updated to presumed dead near the end of Year 23.

Sand Panthers, Csilla, and Family

After this event Thrall Lothbrok was seen more publicly usually travelling the outer rim and making trips to the distant Chiss system Csilla. During this time Thrall Lothbrok also expanded the Lothbrok Household creating an animal sanctuary on the planet of Malanose, initially to serve as a sanctuary for sand panthers it was expanded to provide care for a plethora of creatures Thrall Lothbrok soon began collecting as part of his conservation efforts. Indeed many of his future visits to Csilla involved the trade of endangered or neglected creatures to be rehabilitated at the Lothbrok Animal Sanctuary. This was not the sole purpose of these visits however, with the loss of Siobhan Nuullic and in an effort to ensure his children maintained ties to their Chiss heritage he spent a lot more time on Csilla, especially within the city of As'ciel. Having become somewhat of a regular guest at Vocehn enjoying spending time with the Chiss people and occasionally recruiting more of their people into his ever growing household.

It was there that Thrall Lothbrok met a number of Chiss, among some of the more memorable names CEDF officer Azumi`ryu`rasa and Patriarch Obbic Rysta Leo as well as the Imperial Xama-nie Taki. Though his penchant for excessive consumption of alcohol and ryll meant he very rarely remembered those he interacted with. Still it was within Vocehn that he met the woman who he would begin a relationship with late in Year 24 Yeley Ursor, though initially this was quite the hostile meeting the Chiss was able to claw her way into Thrall's good graces and eventually his heart. Though there was a period of time he considered feeding her to his pet rancors.

Medical Records

Thrall Lothbrok was already defective when it came to the clone process that gave him life. And that was prior to the degredation thousands of years of carbonite stasis inflicted upon him. Medical records leaked to the public indicate a history of genetic alterations costing billions of credits in order to prevent an early death from organ failure. While the success or failure of these treatments is unclear the fact Thrall Lothbrok continues to live an eccentric life seems to indicate some level of success in preventing the genetic decay his clone batch was plagued with.

Records also indicate a notable amount of physical damage inflicted upon the man, which in several cases has resulted in the complete replacement of biological organs with cybernetic replacements at no small expense. As of Year 24 leaked documents indicate Thrall Lothbrok had both arms entirely replaced with cybernetic limbs carefully disguised with synthflesh. However this was just the earliest adaptation, his liver, both lungs, spine including ribs, and heart were all replaced with cybernetic implants over the course of many years of physical punishment. While records do not indicate the reason for these implants all of the operations were schedules quickly following unscheduled visits leading to a presumption that Thrall Lothbrok engages in battle personally from time to time with long lasting consequences.

House Lothbrok - Notable Assets

Thrall Lothbrok keeps and maintains a number of military and civilian assets, their purpose is publicly unknown, whether they are for personal protection or for more nefarious means has yet to be revealed, however the existence of them has never been something he has kept a secret. All assets lack any form of identifying tag however their presence within and around Black Sun space is undisputed.

The Tempest Frigate Class - Sabaoth Destroyer


The Tempest was the result of an unknown operation, however construction of the ship under the watchful eye of Thrall Lothbrok completed on Year 19 Day 270. No small amount of credits were spared on upgrading the Saboath Destroyer to the comfort levels enjoyed by Black Sun.

Cacasn Ch'acah

Frigate Class - Ardent Fast Frigate

Thrall Ardent2.png

The Cacasn Ch'acah is the sister ship of the Eternal Legacy, which was unfortunately lost in battle. The Cacasn Ch'acah was presented to Siobhan Nuullic as a gift shortly into their relationship, giving her command over the warship and it's crew to do with as she saw fit. The ship contains a full stock armoury, and medical bay, ensuring the safety of it's crew from any threats. It was rediscovered at the final known location of Siobhan Nuullic after her disappearance and reclaimed by Thrall Lothbrok who repaired and restored the ship to its former glory, crewing it with a sizable amount of Chiss.

Tears of the Crypt

Frigate Class - Hammerhead Cruiser

Hammerhead Holocron Thrall.png

The Unrelenting Imperium was a gift from a dear friend, a relic to the people of this time, but a familiar comfort for Thrall, he had renovated the ship heavily for his own personal living space while keeping the ships offensive and defensive capabilities intact. Although it mostly serves as a luxury liner for Thrall rather than the battleship of old he fondly remembers. The name of the ship was changed as a rememberance to the very same fallen friend and turned into a museum later in its service.

Personnel and Equipment

Shadow Guard

Military Droid - Sentinel Droid

Sentinel Holocron Thrall.png

The Shadow Guard is a set of Sentinel Droids tasked with an as of yet classified operation directed by Thrall Lothbrok. FN-DO and BN-DO assassin droids were later added to the ranks of the Shadow Guard to compliment their numbers.


Military Droid - Destroyer Droid

Thrall Bane.png

Bane is one of many Destroyer droids under Thralls command, however unlike the classified nature of the other destroyer droids, it's sole purpose is the protection of Siobhan Nuullic from any and all threats. He was discovered heavily damaged on the bridge of the Cacasn Ch'acah after the disappearance of Siobhan Nuullic. Thrall Lothbrok spent a great deal of effort repairing the droid until it was finally fully functional at the beginning of Year 25

Thrall's Cat Sanctuary

Sometime during Year 24 Thrall began a conservation effort focused towards the Corellian Sand Panthers he'd came to enjoy so much, in an effort to ensure their species were safe from illegal poaching he established a Cat Santuary on the planet of Malanose only to later expand his conversation efforts to a number of species including Rancor's and Purrgil's Simba

Thrall Simba.png

Simba was the result of Thralls impatience, seeking a Corellian Sand Panther for himself as a pet for several months, he finally went down to the planet of Malicar and took it upon himself to find a cub to raise as his own. After a daunting few days of being shot at and attacked by the local wildlife Thrall finally came across a lone Sand Panther cub who had been injured and left to die, rushing it to a nearby sanctuary medical aid was given to the cub and ownership officially granted to Thrall Lothbrok. Simba now accompanies Thrall everywhere, having formed a strong bond with the man, and Thrall in turn developing a great fondness towards Simba.