Tigris Ninx

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Tigris Ninx
Tigris Ninx.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Mon Calamari
Homeworld Dac
Died Year 13 Day 48
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Positions Director of Federation Intelligence Bureau
Prior Affiliation New Republic, New Anzat Order, Loronar Security

Tigris Ninx was a male Mon Calamari. He was a notable member of the Falleen Federation and a former Chancellor of the New Anzat Order.


Like so many of his kinsmen at home, in the deep and crystal blue seas of Calamari, Tigris had felt the irresistible draw of the dark oceans of starlight above. Since venturing out he has become known for his peaceful demeanor and ability to harness the power of language.

His trek started a while ago with Haden Rodery's Loronar Security in Falleen space. He eventually sensed a call to service and moved on to the government of the New Anzat Order. Serving faithfully and constructively, Tigris parlayed his security experience into both military and naval service. However, he spent the vast majority of his time as the chief ambassador of the Order and emissary of Prime Ministers Yarbles, Malakai Brooks, and Camaris sa Vinitta. His career with the Order culminated with short interim leadership as Chancellor. Politics and personal tension turned against Tigris upon the return of Prime Minister Brooks and he was forced to seek asylum with the Rebel Alliance. His friend, High Ambassador Reajiad Nero, arranged safe transport to Alliance-controlled space and eventually secured a junior diplomatic posting to the Falleen Federation.

Tigris arrived on Falleen Prime a Rebel diplomat, but stayed as servant of Falleen. The Battle of Beta left the Federation in need of seasoned government servants and Tigris was among the first to join the new King, Bisz Aldaris. Since that time, Tigris has held many posts: Royal Ambassador, Minister of the Exterior, Minister of State, and Prime Minister.

Today, Tigris makes his home among the Falleen. He now is the Regent of the Falleen Crown after serving as King Bisz Aldaris' long time Prime Minister and earning the noble title of Lord for his long and consistently exemplary service.

Tigris' ship veered into a star on Year 13 Day 48, killing him.

Positions Held
Preceded By:
Camaris sa Vinitta
Chancellor of the New Anzat Order
Year 4
Succeeded By:
Jeroen Veers
Preceeded By:
Position Created
Regent of the Falleen Federation
Year 11 Day 250Year 13 Day 48
Succeeded By:
Rick Farlander
Preceeded By:
Director, Federation Intelligence Bureau
Year 11 Day 250Year 13 Day 48
Succeeded By: