Tion Hegemony

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Tion Hegemony
Political information
Type of government Autocracy
Head of State Lord Hegemon Abraari To
Head-of-Government Chancellor Casten Maziel Waryn
Executive branch The High Council
Legislative branch The High Council
Judicial branch The High Council
Affiliation Galactic Concordiate (Year 14 Day 104)[1]
Formerly Imperial Union (Years 11-13)[2]
Societal information
Territory Outer Rim Territories
Language(s) Tionese
Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credits (Imperial Dataries)
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 9 Day 301
Status Active
Holosite Tion Hegemony

The Tion Hegemony, established Year 9 Day 301, is a neutral government located in the north eastern part of the Outer Rim Territories more commonly referred to as the Tion Cluster. The Tion Hegemony pursues a policy of non-aggression toward its neighbours and is one of the founding states of the Galactic Concordiate. Led by Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, the government resurrected the ancient Tionese culture and united the Tion Cluster under a single banner once more. Unlike its ancestral namesake, the Hegemony no longer sought dominance or war with its neighbours. Instead, accepted all beings into their homes, so long as they respected the laws and customs. The Tionese are a people of peace, respect, integrity, and, above all else, loyalty. All citizens are united in ensuring the continued prosperity of Tion. Now under the leadership of Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot, the government continues to grow the cluster through a period of economic prosperity.

The Tion Hegemony controls four nationalised subsidiaries including Athakam MedTech, a Medical Corporation; Nikklon Mining Inc, a Mining Operation; Tion Defense Division, a Security Organisation operating inside Tionese space; and Tion Mil/Sci Industries, a Shipwright firm. The Hegemony, in partnership with the Sienar Conglomerate jointly operate the Santhe Corporation, a recycling and demolition organisation.


Risen from the ashes after being long buried, the Tion Hegemony is reborn once more. Over the millennia, it has been known by many names and done many things, but the Tion Hegemony is intent on never again disappearing from the galaxy. Our purpose is simple: To restore the Allied Tion and all Tionese areas to their former glory, to be ever advancing technologically, and to give our proud culture a place to flourish. We have learned from our past mistakes, and are intent on not reproducing them. We no longer strive for galactic dominance, and we are no longer intolerant of those not of Tionese descent. We remain powerful and proud, but we will not let these traits bring about another dark age for our people. We have experienced all that there is to experience. We have endured all that there is to endure. We have seen all there is to be seen. We have experienced the ecstasy that comes with holding the galaxy by the throat, and the misery that being brought down to nothing brings. We honour our past and look forward to making the future a prosperous one. The new era has begun, and with it we bring our new ideals. We no longer seek dominance or war with our neighbours, so long as they do not seek war with us. We accept all beings into our homes, so long as they respect our laws and customs. We are a people of peace, respect, integrity, and, above all else, loyalty. We welcome all who wish for a peaceful and prosperous existence, with family and honour in mind. Prosperity Through Unity.

The Tionese people are among the oldest human races in existence, tracing their beginning back to the first sleeper ships from the core worlds dating back 28,000 BBY. Their progress was at an alarming rate for humans as they were among the few humans who revered the Rakatan races and as such acquired their knowledge and zeal for advancements, and always ventured to improve their way of life through technology and all things related to the force. They had invented beam tubes in their bid to travel around their area and eventually built limited hyperdrives by fusing Rakatan technology with fixed hyperspace beacons forming a 'lighthouse' system that relied upon fixed-position hyperspace beacons that allowed for safe FTL travel as long as one stayed within the network, as far back as 27,000 BBY. The Tionese were very proud and family orientated, so much so that at an early stage the people were divided into different families. There were about twenty-seven major families and a couple of minor families all vying for power and control within the Tion sector. It wasn't long before the first form of government called the Livien League was formed having its capital on planet Desevro. Life was good for the Tionese people but as always family clans were involved in battles around the sector causing the uprising of the future of Tion Hegemony government. The first signs was when the father of the great Xim the Despot had carved out the Kingdom of Cron from the Livien League who controlled the hegemony at that point. It was from there that the reign of the great Xim the Despot began, though his rule was tyrannic and quite barbaric to say the list. He was the only one that was able to bring the entire region together and hold it all. All was finally great within the sector, each family clan were at peace with one another as there was no need to battle for control since all would be thwarted by Xim.


Where Things Began

Jeff Corbin was an Imperial at heart. His views and ideals reflected those of anyone in the service of the Emperor, who was Charon at the time. A rising start throughout the nationalised circuit, he took a position inside an Imperial affiliate known as Infinite Innovations Incorporated run by Charles Slayden, then Chief Executive Officer. He had served a number of other galactic corporations, and his resume impressed Slayden enough to soon grant Corbin the position of Vice President. Together, the two entered into a partnership that would see one of them eventually move into the Imperial Government as a Moff of the Coruscant Sector under the Emperor's gaze, and grant the other the beginnings of a life in the leaders circle as a well known bureaucrat and public servant leading a number of thriving companies and businesses. Concurrently, Cloud Carbine was operating a minor league mining company known as Paradox Resource Exploration. Creating an efficient and effective structure within the small company, Carbine was able to provide all those effected by the Galactic Civil War with the various raw materials they required, ranging from Meleenium and Duracrete, through to Ryll for the social underclasses trying to smoke away their sorrows.

Typhon Corbin

After a short time as Vice President of Infinite Innovations Incorporated (III), Charles Slayden was ushered back into the mainstream of the Galactic Empire, and Jeff Corbin was named Chief Executive Officer. Continuing the solid work from his predecessor, Corbin was able to triple production throughout all facilities and factories under the control of III to help the growing recruitment and war efforts raging throughout the Empire. Similarly, Cloud Carbine was mirroring a similar strategy, and the mining business of Paradox Resource Exploration was struggling to keep with the demand it had found itself under. The Galactic Civil War was ranging, the From the Ashes Campaign had concluded, and many planets and societies were in desperate need for materials to help re-build. Despite the stress and overwhelming demand, Paradox, along with various affiliates that aiding in the re-supply efforts, was able to re-supply the clients and individuals who needed the materials. After another year of service to the Paradox Board of Directors, Cloud Carbine handed in his resignation and handed the now large and prosperous over to Blackk, and his aide Dverol Nact. Following the various news feeds and announcements surrounding Paradox, Jeff Corbin was able to use the success stories and structure of the company to help influence III and its outputs. Employees and clients became increasingly enthusiastic with the leadership, and the weapons manufacturer entered a time of solid profitability.

As the Galactic Civil War appeared to take a backseat in the galaxy with the Rebel Alliance disappearing from the Imperial gaze during another attempt at a restructure, III found itself with a lacklustre amount of demand, and the profitability of the company began to rapidly decline. Given his long service to the company over a number of years, newly retitled President Jeff Corbin found himself unenthused by the need to restructure and reformat the business plan of the once booming weapons manufacturer, and decided instead of official resign from the company, and the Galactic Empire, to enter the private sector, and manage more personal and private ventures. With Corbin stepping aside, The Galactic Empire placed Governor Michael J. Townsend in charge of the company, and elevated Rel Centurica to Governor of Security. Centurica had been a long serving member of III under the Corbin regime, and would soon find himself crossing paths with him once again.

Enjoying private life throughout his home world of Corellia, Jeff Corbin spent a number of months in recuperation, deciding to ignore all galactic events and fall off the grid. While Corbin enjoyed his time away, Blackk and Dverol Nact had begun to farm resources from Paradox Resource Exploration into another venture that would soon become Akheton Mining. Abandoning the business structure and successful methodologies of former President Cloud Carbine, they decided to plan and build a conglomerate of their own, without the history and stockholder base of Paradox, giving themselves full control of a company they could build together, which in turn caused a rapid decline in Paradox stock. With stockholders scurrying to try and recuperate some of their lost investments, and customers wondering who could provide them with their required materials, Paradox found itself on the brink of collapse. Blackk and Nact formed Akheton Mining in a distant part of the galaxy, and began a new operation, while another conglomerate, the Myorzo Corporation, under the leadership of shady businessman Zorran Black, purchased the near worthless shell of Paradox Resource Exploration and began its restructure.

Resurfacing after his recuperation and re-entering the circle of business, Jeff Corbin realised a unique opportunity to re-enter the corporate environment. With Akheton and Paradox serving their conglomerates and shunning public sales and interest, a competitor had the ability to capture all existing clientele that was left behind after the collapse of Paradox. After a number of communications with various individuals, including former employees, friends and corporate affiliates, Jeff Corbin formed the neutral and independent mining company, Nikklon Mining Incorporated on the ninetieth day of the fifth recognised galactic year. With a main focus on reinstating the days under Cloud Carbine's regime in Paradox Resource Exploration, the company began the restructure of its internal departments, and capturing previous clients to get the business off to a strong start. Reaching out to a number of former employees under Infinite Innovations Incorporated, including Governor of Security Rel Centurica, placing him as Managing Director and Second in Command, Nikklon Mining Incorporated was successful operation at a profit after only a few short months.

As the new mining corporation began to find its feet in the galaxy, connections and influence were just around the corner. Within a short time, Nikklon Mining Incorporated was approached by the Hapes Consortium and after a number of negotiations, became an official nationalised company for the cluster government. Complimenting the existing connections and clientele from the previous generation Paradox Resource Exploration, the new agreement allowed a steady flow of contract work from the Government that would not only increase popularity and influence for the relatively new mining enterprise, but give them a guarantee of work and income should private investors decide to minimise their portfolios. With the new contract signed and ratified, Nikklon Mining Incorporated began expansion plans to enhance their operations in order to cater to a broader range of the galaxy, an action that would inevitably create more clients. After much debate between President Jeff Corbin, Managing Director Rel Centurica and the rest of the Nikklon Board, the planet of Lianna was chosen to be part of their expansion plan. While the initial groundwork was put in place, and planet wide prospecting was conducted to analyse the various material stockpiles, outside interests were also beginning a move on the planet. Given their already existing plantations and settlements in place for the planet, Nikklon moved up the development timetable to establish a hub on the planet, while exploring a number of diplomatic options with the competing New Anzat Order interests to establish an equitable resolution. Publicly rejecting the intentions of Nikklon, Anzatian development continued on the planet, causing uprising and unrest throughout already existing Nikklon settlements and Anzatian cities.

Voss during a period of stability.

As the conflict continued, Nikklon Mining Corporation was able to claim the bulk of the Lianna system, with New Anzat Order forces claiming a smaller segment of the system. With the bulk of the system split between Nikklon and Anzat affiliation, one planet remained untouched, Dellalt. To ensure prosperity and security throughout the system, President Jeff Corbin enlisted help from affiliated government, The Hapes Consortium, former allies of the New Anzat Order, to resolve the conflict and restore order in favour of Nikklon Mining Incorporated. The relatively short conflict resulted in a successful campaign for Nikklon and Hapan forces, with the withdrawal of New Anzat Order builders and security personnel. With the rocky expansion effort complete and greater support for Nikklon Mining Incorporated assured, expansion into the realm of the Tion Cluster began. Capitalising on the relatively untouched landscape, Nikklon focused primarily on building a new corporate home for the company, enriching the existing culture with greater development of its cities and planets, creating more commerce for the local markets and educational facilities for the younger population to help fuel the growing employment base of Nikklon. As the Tion expansion effort continued into the beginnings of the ninth recognised galactic year, President Jeff Corbin, in a speech to the local populous of the Tion Cluster and a statement released to all Nikklon Mining Incorporated shareholders and investors, declared a resounding success for the company, and unveiled plans for a large population growth for the Cluster, involving the development of Niddion. Regardless of any existing material deposits, the planet of Niddion was set aside for the large scale development. Within weeks, cities began to population with skyscrapers and housing facilities to cater not only for Nikklon employees and their families, but for the ever-growing Tionese population. When it was officially completed on the three-hundredth day of the ninth recognised galactic year, President Jeff Corbin proclaimed the day a national Tionese holiday, and to the surprise of many throughout the Cluster, announced the formalisation of a Cluster-wide Government, known as the Tion Hegemony.

With the Constitution of the Tion Hegemony Government completed and ratified on the three hundredth and first day of the ninth recognised galactic year, the Tion Hegemony was officially federated. Now Lord Hegemon Jeff Corbin in his first official capacity named his brother, Typhon Corbin as Lord Advisor and Second in Command of the Government, while officially succeeding as a nationalised company of the Hapes Consortium in an amicable fashion. As the Tion Cluster began to unify itself behind its new Government, the once small Nikklon Mining Incorporated was passed onto Theros Ironfeld to manage, and was now tasked with providing raw materials for the Tion Cluster and its citizenry. Reluctant with the move that finally took the once steadfast neutral company to becoming the property of conglomerates, Lord Hegemon Jeff Corbin insisted that all existing customers and affiliates would still be catered for under the new leadership scheme, but highlighted the fact that given the developments required by the Tion Hegemony Government, no new customers would be introduced for the foreseeable future.

Theros Ironfeld, in one of his first moves as President of Nikklon Mining Incorporated, was tasked with planning and executing the development of materials required for another large development. When the Tion Hegemony Council decided on the development of Dravione for the Tion Hegemony, Ironfeld found himself with an ever increasing employment base to call upon for his manufacturing and mining interests. Given the developments the government had made to the Cluster, citizens found themselves with a large amount of employment options, either inside the Government and its ever evolving bureaucracy, or Nikklon and its never-ending mining interests. With the planetary developments on Dravione continuing, foreign affairs delegates within the Tion Hegemony found themselves ready to announce the succession of Kalev Biological Engineering as a nationalised corporation of the New Anzat Order, now known as the Anzatan Commonwealth, and as a nationalised company of the Tion Hegemony. With a new branch of corporate resources to produce and sell, Kalev would add another dimension to the growing infrastructure of the Tion Hegemony. Along with the growing number of housing facilities being placed throughout Dravione, with the acquisition of Kalev, medical hospitals and research facilities began to start appearing throughout the Cluster to ensure the highest class of medical care and well-being for its citizens. With the manoeuvre and development of such facilities, public opinion of the new government was even stronger than when Nikklon Mining Incorporated was the sole means of authority.

From Peace to War

With a growing number of nationalised corporations supporting the Hegemony, including the newly founded research corporation Tion Military & Sciences Industries, or Tion Mil/Sci Industries for short. Renamed from the operations of Frost Shipyards under the leadership of Gadon Trammer, the Hegemony was now able support its growing government on numerous fronts. Providing hundreds of jobs to civilians in research and development, along with pre-existing medical and raw material operations, the leadership of Jeff Corbin saw unprecedented growth for the new government. Now firmly established in the Tion Cluster under the Hegemony banner and Anzati forces removed from the cluster with a ceasefire declared, Jeff Corbin could finally take leave. The Jedi Knight sought peace to resume his studies into the ways of the force, and in the middle of the tenth galactic year formally passed the title of Lord Hegemon to his brother, and current Lord Advisor, Typhon Corbin. As Jeff commenced his leave aboard his personal vessel, Lady Luck, Typhon continued his brothers' work, focusing efforts on economic growth and strength of the cluster borders. During this time, another force user had enlisted to assist the governmental operations, a devoted Alissma follower, Zara Strum. Training in the ways of the Jedi, Zara rose quickly within the her tenure while also forming a personal friendship with new Lord Advisor, Talen Mordare. While their personal friendship began to grow into a loving relationship, eventually resulting an engagement, the Hegemony Government was less harmonious.

Insurrectionist, Paul Cron

Encrypted communications were sent to the High Council of the Tion Hegemony, specifically Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin from a Duros revolutionary by the name of Paul Cron. Cron publicised that he was the descendant of Xim the Despot, an iron-fisted warlord who hundreds of years ago governed parts of the galaxy, including Hegemony space, known as the Kingdom of Cron. Forming a new militia known to the galaxy as the Cron Resurrection, Cron demanded the Tion Cluster be relinquished by its current government and its territory ceded to its rightful commanders, namely himself. With his demands swifly rejected by the Lord Hegemon, Cron began a counter-intelligence operations, targeting selected governmental employees and citizens with the Cluster sympathetic to his cause. Through his promises of prominence and riches, Cron enticed Helena Gladio to assist him with bringing down governmental operations from inside. Using codes and access provided by Gladio, insurrections were able to target infrastructure key to the Hegemony, destroying power generators and other key facilities. The aftermath of this strike left numerous cities across Corlax, Cadinth and Voss lacking defensive capabilities. Cron forces were dispatched to these planets in an effort to declare martial law and fly the flag of the once mighty Xim the Despot, engaging numerous Tion Defence ground forces.

The initial conflicts resulted in heavy losses to the Hegemony Armed Forces, along with cities plunders and civilians killed or captured for ransom. Planets began to fly the flag of resurrection, while Hegemony Intelligence began to investigate threads indicating funding and support for the Cron Resurrection coming from the Anzatan Commonwealth. While never confirmed, the Resurrection was incredibly well armed and financed to be a privately funded operation, something that resulted in the Hegemony being on the back foot as conflicts arose. Facing the potential loss of the cluster, former Lord Hegemon of the Cluster, Jeff Corbin returned from his quest for research to assist Hegemony forces in repelling the invading forces. As Paul Cron and his accomplice Helena Gladio began to claim Voss base of operations, and potential headquarters for the resurrection inside the Cluster, Paul began to prepare for his second phase of the insurrection, a strike that would cripple the Hegemony and its hopes for survival.

Jeff Corbin aboard his personal vessel, the Lady Luck, began to make identify and strike against a small Cron splinter cell known only as Jaminere Marches. Its conspiritors were unknown to Tionese intelligence, however Corbin was keen to track their previous strikes against various hospitals and military strongholds through the force in order to identify their next target. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to track their movements alone, and thus summoned Hegemony loyalist and fellow Jedi Zara Strum to his vessel to assist him. This however, would prove to be a fatal mistake. During transfer to the vessel, Paul Cron transmitted a message across secure Cron frequencies to his second double agent, the leader of the Jaminere Marches, none other than Zara Strum herself. Unknown to Corbin, Zara had conspired with Cron prior to the commencement of the conflict and had been lured to the dark ways of the force. While preoccupied with research, Zara struck Corbin with her lightsaber killing him instantly with a wound through the heart, in such destroying the vision of hope across the Tion Cluster. By the middle of the eleventh galactic year, thousands of Tionese citizens had been murdered by Cron insurrectionists, with many more claiming refuge and asylum in neighbouring star systems outside the conflict zone.

On the brink of defeat, running out of options to maintain the lawful government within the Cluster as Embaril soon fell to the guerillas, Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin believed he only had one choice, to request assist from allies with the Imperial Union. Viewing the Cron Resurrection as a threat capability of vanquishing the Hegemony and wider space under the beliefs of Xim the Despot, Typhon Corbin appeared before the Union, advising that based on the swift assault and capability of the enemy forces, the resurrection posed and clear and present danger to the galaxy as a whole. With an agreement reached within the Union to aid the Hegemony, a joint operation commanded by Hyperion Dax Owok, Martin Oberan of the Trade Federation, and Ankthar LeMarre of Hapes Consortium launched a counter-offensive against Cron forces. Aided by foreign intelligence, along with information provided by several high-level defectors, Hegemony and Union forces were able to re-secure strongholds and defensive positions once lost. Civilian internment camps were liberated, freeing thousands of Hegemony captives, while Cron forces were pushed back, eventually with majority of forces withdrawing from Embaril, Corlax and Cadinth, leaving Voss for a final stand. Through the bloodshed, medical operations under Kalev Biological Engineering were reorganised, with the birth of Athakam MedTech. Due to an influx of funding from Gadon Trammer and the Imperial Union, headquarters were formalised on Argai to ensure a safe haven to care for the numerous wounded soldiers and civilians pouring in from across the cluster.

The final battles on Voss.

Advancing deeper into Cron territory on Voss, Hegemony and Union forces engaged primary insurgent targets. As defensive positions fell decisively against the resurrection, primary forces continued to engage the forefront while a strike team commanded by Jaster Gav and Cirxis Cronossk infiltrated the primary command facility undetected. Subduing internal operatives and droid emplacements, the strike team was able to successfully capture Paul Cron, leader of the Cron Resurrection, successfully withdrawing him to a temporary Tion holding facility. As Tionese forces continued to press their assault in the coming days, without Cron, the Resurrection imploded, with numerous followers abandoning their positions, retreating off-world to the safety of smuggling worlds or the Unknown Regions. Remaining forces continued to engage Hegemony forces sporadically, before a ceasefire was called to commence negotiations. Over a number of weeks, Helena Gladio met with Typhon Corbin to arrange the terms of the ceasefire, each side refusing to claim surrender. Helena soon formed a remnant organisation known as Kaos Galactica Incorporated, keen to continue the work of her former ally, Paul Cron who was being held at an undisclosed location off-world. However, insider and Dark Jedi Zara Strum would not remain, instead retreating off-world to commence smuggling operations. Such a move was short lived, as she was captured and executed by Black Sun Vigo Jormungand Gand.

Unable to maintain the success of the resurrection, the shell of Kaos Galactica Incorporated was reorganised into Arakyd Industries, with the renewed drive for peace from Helena Gladio. Both parties eventually were able to discuss the terms of an arrangement bringing to an end to the Cron Conflict. Through these negotiations, the Cron Resurrection was officially abandoned, with Helena Gladio and Arakyd Industries negotiating control of Piluvia from coalition and Union forces. An agreement was signed at the end of the eleventh galactic year, ensuring the full withdrawal of Arakyd and Cron supporters from the Tion Cluster, while complete control of all civilian and military sectors within Corlax, Voss, Cadinth and Embaril was returned to the Hegemony Government.

With peace finally upon the citizenry of the Tion Cluster, rebuilding efforts commenced to return the war-torn planets to their former glory. Medical operations under Athakam MedTech were increased, while raw material harvesting under Nikklon was tripled to assist civilian construction efforts. Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin declared a week of national remembrance for those soldiers and civilians lost on both sides to the conflict, and pledged stability to the Cluster, as the Hegemony was soon after formally recognised to the galaxy as a member of the Imperial Union. Accepted as a full Executive member, the Tion Hegemony was given a seat at the table alongside the Galactic Empire, Hapes Consortium, The Trade Federation and Mandalore. A galactic powerhouse with ambitions to stave off the potential threat of the Galactic Alliance, efforts of the Hegemony were focused on economic stability and regrowth, using the resources and technology of fellow governments to put a period of war behind them.


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