Tion Hegemony (Sector)

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Tion Hegemony
General information
RegionOuter Rim Territories
Controlled ByTion Hegemony
Astrographic EntryTion Hegemony

The Tion Hegemony Sector is a region of space encompassed by the Outer Rim Territories. It is one of three sectors comprising the Tion Cluster, along with the Allied Tion Sector and the Cronese Mandate.



System Position Planets Population Controller
Tion (360, 280) 3 2,120,636 Tion Hegemony
Abraxin (355, 277) 4 5,792,339,646 Tion Hegemony
Brigia (378, 249) 4 3,984,163 Tion Hegemony
Folende (336, 279) 2 1,056,599,470 Tion Hegemony