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Average Height2.5 m to 3.0 m (males), 1.6 m to 2.2 m (females)
Hair colorWhite to black, orange, browns
Average lifespan79 years
Known MembersList of known Togorians

The Togorians are a race of large, bipedal felinoids, well known for their abilities in combat. They have razor like claws on their paws and feet, aiding them in melee combat and giving them the ability to shred their prey. Their fur color ranges from black to a lighter gray and they sport a wide variety of spots and stripes. Their bones are extremely dense as well, allowing them to sustain heavy damage and survive, often without broken bones or major trauma.

These sentients are widely renowned for their impeccable honor, which is believed to have helped harbor good relations with the Mandalorians. Historically, the Togorians have been seen fighting side by side with their armor clad brethren, and are regarded as a formidable force on the battlefield.

Early History

The Togorians have always been naturally good hunters, typically pursuing the etelo and bist as a source of food on their home planet, Togoria. In addition to being accomplished hunters, they regularly evaded contact with the larger liphons, a flying reptilian predator. As they evolved, they developed a symbiont relationship with another reptilian species, the mosgoths, who were also hunted by the liphons. This would lead to a mutual relationship, with many Togorians residing near the nests of the mosgoths, and they eventually bred and trained the reptilian creatures as mounts.

The tendency to hunt and a keen interest in weapons have contributed to the Togorian's talent in weapon making. Their weapon of choice is the Sc'rath, a hand held blade usually adorned with detailed inscriptions and symbols. Many Togorians have since left their home world and made quite a name for themselves as blacksmiths around the galaxy. Their insistence on high quality material and attention to detail allow them to create melee weapons that some regard as works of art.


The Togorians were only rediscovered upon their homeworld of Togoria on Year 14 Day 340 by Auzar Thornian of the Triumvirate Coalition. Upon their discovery, the Metamorphosis Plague interacted with Togorian DNA to create a new strain that transformed several infected individuals into the Togorian race. Scientist had the new outbreak contained within the first week of Year 15.


Togorian culture seems, at least thus far, unique in the galaxy. The two sexes live almost entirely separate lives, with males visiting their mates about one month out of each year to mate. The males tend to be nomadic on their homeworld, riding through the air on their mosgroth mounts, hunting as they move from place to place. They also tend to keep technology appropriate to their needs, thus most of the technology they acquire tends to aid in hunting and their nomadic lifestyle, often in the form of advanced weapons.

The males are intolerant of anyone intruding on their hunting grounds and routinely return offworlders to the females for punishment, though it is said if any one pushes the case to far they will stake interlopers and let the liphons eat them. Due to their nomadic nature several male Togorians have left their homeworld in the months since their discovery. Initially many of these tended to lifestyles common for nomads, smuggling and piracy for example, and a number have become valued mercenaries in the galaxy as a whole.

The females, however, have made more permanent settlements where they raise their young and tend to domesticated herds. It is the females that most outsiders have contact with, due to the males nomadic nature. They also have a like for luxury and stability in life, whereas the males tend to be more nomadic and minimalistic in nature.

Despite this unique arrangement, the males always keep close communication through scouts with their families, providing ample defense and aid when required. The females, meanwhile, are rather curious and diligent towards manufacturing and understanding various kinds of technology. This aided them in making the Togorian race prosperous by bartering for other technologies and goods on an interplanetary scale.