Total Outer Rim

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Total Outer Rim
Total70 70.gif
General Information
Status Active
Leader Memnoch
2IC Ostap Revan
Owner Alex McMount
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 78
Political Information
Industry Mining company

Total Outer Rim is the mining company.

TOR's roots go far back to the days of Imperial slavery when the Empire held Blastech and her sister companies by a chain. Blastech miners were able to produce the resources needed to build up the puppet's fleet. All of that quickly changed after Blastech declared independence and soon after that Blastech turned into The Pentastar Alignment. Following this wave of change Blastech Resources became Total Outer Rim, a name which has the reputation and power that only a Pentastar subsidiary can have. Working day and night Total Outer Rim works hard to bring best quality resources.

Members of Total Outer Rim have great bonuses, administration grants 1 standard month for vacation to it employees, fee-free transportation rental and most important very cheap raw materials, without any pre-order waits. We always are looking for professional prospectors and good pilots. Don’t miss an opportunity to become best paid employee in the galaxy join TOR!

Total Outer Rim pledges fair prices and filling your order quickly. At this time we are open for trade with Galactic Alliance members and closed to public orders.