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HomeworldTrandosha, also referred to as Dosha or Hsskor by Trandoshans [1]
Average Height2 meters [1]
Skin colorSandy brown to glossy green [1]
Hair colorNone [1]
DistinctionsReptilian, regenerative properties [1]
Average lifespanSixty standard years [1]
Known MembersList of known Trandoshans

Trandoshans (also called T'doshok in Dosh) are a reptilian race that is notorious for their hatred of the Wookiees. Native to the mostly desert planet Trandosha, Trandoshans are large two-legged warriors that are known for their extreme violence. Their extreme hate for Wookiees, whose home planet Kashyyyk is in the same system as Trandosha, and culture revolving around accumalting Jagannath points by killing other sentients have made them known in the Galaxy as ruthless bounty hunters and mercenaries.[2]

Biology and appearance

Like most reptiles, Trandoshans are cold-blooded and possess scaly skin that they shed every year. Their orange, supersensitive eyes can see in the infrared range, and they are able to regenerate limbs until they reach middle age. Each of their limbs have three digits with sharp claws. While these claws are excellent for fighting, they aren't very dexterous, making Trandoshans clumsy in certain situations. Trandoshan equipment, including their weapons and ships, is often modified so they are able to use it with their three digits.[1][2]

Coming together for in no way binding relationships for breeding, Trandoshan females lay up to four eggs every breeding period, which they breed either in their own houses or the warm breeding swamps on Trandosha. As the Trandoshan culture is shaped around the idea of the "Survival of the fittest" it can happen that only one of their younglings survives a fight between them. As an exclusively carnivoran species that prefers raw meet to anything else, the Trandoshans have cannibalistic tendencies.[1]

Society and culture

The Trandoshan culture is based on hunting and tracking beings less powerful than themselves. They were one of the first species to ally themselves with the Empire during the First Galactic Civil War, and were the ones who suggested to the Empire to use Wookiees as slaves. When the Empire took over the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk in the same system as Trandosha, the Trandoshans assisted the Empire by hunting down Wookiees that escaped.[2]

Jagannath points

Trandoshans worship a female deity known as the Scorekeeper, who awards Jagannath points to Trandoshans based on their success or failure in the hunt. Jagannath points, which refer to the spoils of victory won in mortal combat, are accumulated throughout a Trandoshan's life. Those hunters possessing more points enjoy greater status in society and are considered valuable mates by most females. At death, a Trandoshan presents his points to the mythological Scorekeeper, who determines his place in the afterlife by his merits. From infancy the males are trained as warriors and are shown the many different methods of hunting. As soon as they are old enough, they go on their way into the galaxy to start scoring points for their goddess.[2]

Even though most points are won in actual combat, to Trandoshans the hunt also includes the search for knowledge, new inventions or improvements to society. As long as a Trandoshan is contributing to the advance of society he can score points and become a worthy member of society. They worship the Scorekeeper at special shrines built for her, which are decorated with various battle spoils.[1]

Life Debts

Opposing their general ruthlessness is the Trandoshan's ability to be kind, gentle and polite if necessary and deemed moral. Just like the Wookiees, Gungans or Noghri, they can fall into a life debt towards another sentient that has saved their life. The ghrakhowsk, recipient of this life debt, could count on the Trandoshan as a servant and bodyguard his whole life.[1]

Ceremony of Shko-ya

The shko-yagu is a ritual in the Trandoshan society and like culture, is rooted in the Trandoshan religion. Shko-yagu signifies the person's rebirth and transition over the midpoint of life, it involves contemplation, fasting, and required the person to constantly hunt throughout it. At the end of the ritual, the Trandoshan is required to consume a flake of their molted

The Scorekeeper

Religious information
Powers Awarding Jagannath points to her followers
Physical Description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
Area of influence Trandosha
Affiliation Trandoshans

The Scorekeeper is the goddess of the Trandoshan people. According to Trandoshan belief, she exists beyond space and time. She watches Trandoshan hunters, and awards them with "Jagannath points" for each kill. The more prestigious the target, the higher its value in points would be. The condition of the trophy does not matter, merely the fact of its death by the hunters hands. Wookiees are high-value targets. The stakes of failure are high, however all jagganath points are erased by shame or capture in the process of the hunt, giving the Trandoshans in question a value of zero points in the eyes of the Scorekeeper.

While the Scorekeeper is a deity to the Trandoshan species, it has been recorded in the past that Trandoshans have became convinced of others who are neither Trandoshan or a devotee of the Scorekeeper was her "Herald".

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