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This article is about the defunct ship production company. For the corporation of the same name, now known as Merr-Sonn Technologies, see TransGalMeg Industries.
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Jim Firewalker
2IC Keegers Shiya
Historical Information
Founded Year 5, Day 194
Dissolved Late Year 12
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Ship Manufacturer

TransGalMeg (TGM) was a ship production company that specialized in medium and large haulers. With its primary headquarters in the Chandrila system, near the galactic core, TransGalMeg was equally accessible from all corners of the galaxy. It existed in its original state until its assimilation into the Galactic Empire in Year 12[1]. Its final state was a place in the Mecrotica Conglomerate under the ownership of Dac Kain and the leadership of Jim Firewalker


Created at the inception of Year 5, TransGalMeg resided under the Ailon United Guard: a government which was assimilated into the Galactic Empire in Year 12[1]. Prior to its assimilation, it was owned by Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl. Shortly afterward, the company changed hands again and fell under the ownership of Dac Kain and into the Mecrotica Conglomerate, where it dissolved towards the end of year 12.

Prior to its induction into the Mecrotica Conglomerate, TGM's logo was quite different:
TransGalMeg Emblem Year 7.jpg


TransGalMeg produced a large supply of the galaxy's hauling vessels, for example:

  • the Gallofree Medium Transport
  • Action VI Transport
  • AA-9 Transport
  • Tabder Heavy Hauler (signature ship)

It also manufactured Escape Pods, Sysat T-24, and Sysat T-20 satellites.


Mecrotica Conglomerate
Leadership Dac Kain · Alysia Kain · Spree Razzix · Coleman Rendar · Torak Kruhl · Andre Lauche · Bouma Ga'Mon
Current Subsidiaries Mecrosa · Xucphra · Viraxo Industries · The Mecrosa Order · The Angry Rancor Distribution Company · Kobola
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