Transitions of Power: Making or Breaking a Federation?

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Posted by Kiie Cristal on Year 13 Day 189
Onboard the C-3 Passenger Liner Doma Toma Kwee-Kunee in system Lorell (136, 99).

Veritas News Inc. -- Lorell, Hapes Cluster

The eyes of the Galaxy are on Falleen today, as the recent coronation of King Rick Farlander of the Falleen Federation marks the end of the autocratic rule of the recently retired Bisz Aldaris. What should be a time of great revelry for the Falleen people, however, has been sobered by some notably uncertain and unsettling events following King Farlander's ascension to the throne of the galaxy's second largest governing body.

During an interview with a recently retired Federation officer, recorders rolled as the officer had a breakdown of drilled sense of duty, revealing a glimpse into the disillusioned mind of a being ostensibly abandoned by his state. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the officer's voice has been altered to protect his safety. What you are about to hear is uncut and unedited:

""... but how did he even get the chance to be King? Huh? Bisz disappears. Gone just like that. No one sees him. No one hears from him ... for a year. Nothing said to the Federation citizens. He's just gone. Then one day we get a message, a damn form letter supposedly from our King, which basically says that Bisz doesn't have time to lead his people, so Tigris Ninx is appointed as the interim leader of 'FF'. But something about it doesn't seem right, you know?""

"Now get this: Tigris is 'Viceroy' for a while and, once again, nothing is ever said. No "decrees sent down from the Viceroy". Not even a "pleasure to be your new boss" memo. Nothing. The people like me, the people doing all the work, have no idea what or who we are working for. Seemed to me like the man who got the job wasn't the man he was thought to be."

"Anyways, a few weeks later and ... we get the news that Ninx is dead. Flew into a sun, they said ... you ever hear of something like that? You ever hear of a Navy man like Ninx putting his ship in a sun? Huh? Not unless something was wrong with the ship. And that's the point I'm trying to make. Because this whole time, basically since the "Exodus" ... since Decoy left, and Darlus too ... there's been one constant; Rick ... and I think ... that when Bisz went right over his head and named Ninx as Viceroy ... something snapped. I can't say for sure, and there's not a damn way to prove it, but a lot of guys are talking. A lot of guys are saying Rick rallied the Royal Falleen Clans ... and bumped off Ninx; the only non-Falleen leader the Federation has had in recent memory. I think the Clans are rising again. I want out of here ..."


Year 2 Day 255 - Year 13 Day 48

While this surprising revelation is sufficient to raise a few eyebrows, couple it with the recent reintroduction of many wayward Falleen Clan members to the Federation, and one can almost see a beam of logic shine through the foggy ramblings of the broken former officer. FNN holofeeds have confirmed the attendance of many famous - and some nefarious - members of the Falleen Clans for the coronation ceremony, including Tyriss Haxim, Nathran of the Ghera`jh (and former Black Sun Vigo), as well as Huruk-Rah Clan members Mephiston Leonatos, elder Davvyk Lysander, and Nathran of the Huruk-Rah, Syn (of Eidola fame).

Given the power these sentients wield within their individual organizations and the recent appointment of former Black Sun member Prince Jado Dur`rik, Ta-shir of the Huruk-Rah Clan, as Minister of Culture, it certainly gives the appearance that newly crowned King Rick Farlander has indeed ended the long rivalry between the Mindano and Huruk-Rah, and may well be laying the groundwork for a new era of dominance for the Royal Clans in the Federation. What, then, does this mean for the non-Falleen citizens of the Federation? Are we witnessing the rebirth of the old Falleen ways, where Clan alliance was held above all, and others were cast by the wayside? What of the Federation's status within the Galactic Alliance; does this reformation of the Falleen High Command, in addition to the strengthening inter-faction bonds apparent at the coronation of the new Falleen king, indicate a divergence from Aldaris' long doctrine of subservience and appeasement to the Galactic Alliance? Has the Federation merely traded a tyrant for a madman?


Transitions of power - making or breaking the Falleen Federation?

King Jude Vatz of the Tresario Star Kingdom; Falleen Clan Member and Nathran of the Eu'maois Clan, expressed concern and spared little critique when commenting on recent developments within the Federation:

"Farlander has been an ever present threat to the stability and forward progress of the Falleen people and the Falleen Federation. He is viewed by many of his current and former command as an unstable individual who has gone to great lengths to institute a form of fascist dictatorship into what once was a burgeoning constitutional monarchy. Eu'maois, and my brothers and sisters in Brujah, have warned the citizens of the Federation about him for years now but these warnings have fallen on deaf ears. We can only hold onto our hopes that one day our great Falleen people and the citizens of the Federation will stand up and demand a real King - not the false one that sits upon the throne."

While the eyes of the galaxy firmly rest on the Falleen Federation, King Farlander was reached for interview by VNI Falleen correspondents. His statement in response to the published material can be viewed in The Rant Cantina, part of a Veritas Holoboard-affiliated initiative for bringing sentients together in a relaxed forum for discourse and information exchange. Feel free to stop by and enjoy a libation while discussing the latest news with our patrons!


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