Tresario Mining Authority

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Tresario Mining Authority
General Information
Status Active
Leader Zero Turner
2IC Wise Huang
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 222
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Industry Mining
Holosite Tresario Mining Authority

Tresario Mining Authority ("TMA") is the Crown Corporation of the Tresario Star Kingdom government. Tresario Mining Authority is responsible for supplying the Star Kingdom with the highest grade of raw materials to be utilized in the construction and production throughout Tresario space, providing safety and prosperity to the citizens of Tresario. TMA mines and transports well over 5 million tons of raw material daily to distribution centers for the Star Kingdom's operations, to be utilized in the development, production and security of the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Tresario Star Kingdom
Subsidiaries Cerberus Corporation · Tresario Mining Authority · Tresario Salvage Yards
Allies Imperial Union Black Sun · Galactic Empire
Other Allies
Sectors Auril · Bortele Cluster · Cadma · Calaron · Jubilar · Maldrood · Suolriep
Systems Abhean · Anzat · Auril · Bak`rofsen · Boonta · Bryx · Centares · Forscan · Garn · Ingo · Keedad · Ku`Bakai · Maltorian · Murkhana · New Holstice · Ossus · Phinel's Folly · Rangorah · Repea · Sarka · Teedio · Toydaria · Weyetta · Yaled · Zchtek
Branches Ministry of Economic Development · Ministry of Military Operations · Ministry of State
Other Shockball