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TriNebulon News
Trineb logo.png
General Information
Motto The happenings of yesterday for the people of today!
Status Defunct
Leader Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss
2IC None
Owner Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss
Headquarters Deep Space
Historical Information
Founded Year 18 Day 30
Dissolved Year 19 Day 175
Political Information
Industry Information Provider
Holosite TriNeb on the Holonet

TriNebulon News is an Information group founded on Year 18 Day 30. Originally under the name Intragalactic Security Cabal, the group was formed to provide security advice and services to anyone that needed them. However, after a month of operation, CEO and owner, Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss decided that she would prefer to run the group as a news network instead of a security advisor. Since then, the group has been known for its primary program TriNebulon News Presents: The Weekly Happenstance; a program notable for its intentional bending of facts in attempts to gain better ratings. While the program does bend the truth, it never directly lies about the happenings in the galaxy. The program consists of at minimum 3 segments: The first segment is the story of the day, usually consisting of alternative facts based off of earlier GNS broadcasts from other groups and hosted by Chester Manahue, the second segment is news about other groups, normally things like ownership or leadership changes, and the third segment is any other random news that they're hired to produce or otherwise decide to report on, both of which are hosted by Kate Fellsworth.


TriNebulon News has numerous GNS programs, ranging from gossip broadcasts to sporting broadcasts. Most of them fall under their major program, TriNebulon News Presents: The Weekly Happenstance, though some have been considered for off shooting into their own broadcast timeslot.

TriNebulon News Presents: The Weekly Happenstance

The Weekly Happenstance (stylized as TriNebulon News Presents: The Weekly Happenstance) is an end-of-week weekly broadcast that summarizes the week's events. While the program tends to bend the truth and present alternative facts about current events, the program never outright lies. The program is hosted by Chester Manahue and Kate Fellsworth, both reporters unknown prior to this broadcast. They are also frequently seen with different last names while obviously being the same person as before, though the reason behind this is currently known.