Trilon Inc. Press Release

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Posted by: Brand Malden - Faction: Trilon Inc.
Date: Year 14 Day 299 Onboard the Super Star Destroyer Ragnarok in system Cha Raaba (397, -20).

Today marks a glorious day in the history of Trilon Inc., a premier shipbuilding company in the galaxy. The corporate members have come together to celebrate 207 straight days without being kidnapped, ransomed, or killed. Trilon Inc. was founded on Year 14 Day 92 by the leader of the Gisa Clan, Heuk Gisa at the behest of Brand Malden. In honor of this momentous occasion, Trilon Inc. is offering 80% off of all of their ship sales and DC rentals for the next 30 days.

In this exclusive image we were able to get from an inside source, we can see Xyn(left), Brand(middle) and Heuk(right) shaking hands on board some ship or another.


Trilon Inc. also acknowledges the galaxy's desperate need to find out what we do, and who we are, thus we've allowed a regular unbiased worker to do a hard hitting interview. The interview will be carried out by Xyn, a lowly maintenance worker, and she chose to interview the company owner.

Lowly Peon: So what makes Trilon Inc. such a great company?

Brand Malden: Well, I'd have to say that my time spent at the ground levels of the CEC helped a whole lot. Pretty much taught me everything I'd ever need to know about running a company. I mean... heck, if you can haul a Tabder of mats around a system, you can run a company. Heck girl, you could probably be the next company owner posting up about your anniversary in 6-12 months if you play your cards right.

Lowly Peon: About the anniversary, how did you get so security conscious?

Brand Malden: Well, I was watching the holotube one night and I saw an ad that went something like 'Have your top ranked officers been captured by pirates? Are you being extorted for their release? Have random criminals assassinated your Chief of State? Then look no further, Sector Rangers is here to help.' I contacted them immediately.

Lowly Peon: So the Sector Rangers are handling security at Trilon Inc.?

Brand Malden: No, they gave us lots of useful information and clued us in on some trade secrets. For example, did you know that actually boarding a ship owned by a pirate can be dangerous? I didn't. Apparently approaching them on their planets can have dire consequences as well. And it's not just pirates, like just any random lady can grab the leader of your government or company if you're not careful to follow these rules.


To wrap up this cutting edge insider scoop, Trilon Inc. would just like to send our best wishes out to the galaxy. Remember the three T's of on the job safety - Teamwork, Training, and Tidiness - and you'll be well on your way to the 207 day mark too!