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Modular Taskforce Cruiser
Truimph Larger.png
ClassCapital Ship
AffiliationCharlena Halo
Assurian Fury (Previous)
Navigational Stats:
Sublight Speed20 MGLT
Turbo Lasers15
Tractor Beams1
Cargo Stats:
Weight2,200,000 T
Volume30,000,000 m³
Weight Cap325,000 T
Volume Cap3,000,000 m³
Max Passengers1,000
Hull Stats:
Length1,150 m
Deflector Shields1,500
Ionic Capacity1,000

The Triumph is a Modular Taskforce Cruiser owned by Charlena Halo. She currently serves as the command ship of Charlena's fleet.



After being purchased by Charlena Halo on Y15 D259, she was renamed the Triumph due too the long struggle of saving credits and bartering items to acquire the ship. Due to her size and versatility, she quickly became Charlena's command ship and the center of her small fleet of ships.

First Job

Right out of the gate, the first job for the newly acquired ship was to pick up seven Foray-Class Blockade Runner's, a few light freighters and two BFF-1 Bulk Freighter's. During this long haul of over two months, the ship was upgraded and and cleaned up. The old paint job on the ship was stripped, leaving her bare white hull exposed. While Charlena was initially expecting to repaint the ship, the white hull ship stood out like a gleaming gem in the sky. This lead to the decision to leave the ship as it is, like a white Krayt Dragon Pearl in an ocean of black.

Current Duties

The Triumph is providing secure convoy escort and and transportation for the customers of Halo Independent Enterprises in the southern part of the galaxy.

Current Compliment

Over the first few months of ownership, Charlena Halo outfitted the ship with fighters, support craft, and crew to support future operations.


To provide defense for the Triumph and other ships, she is loaded out with the following ships.

Fighter Compliment

Support Ships

Crew Compliment

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