Triumvirate Coalition

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Triumvirate Coalition
Political information
Type of government Triumvirate
Head of State Consuls of the Triumvirate Coalition
Executive branch Coalition Chambers
Legislative branch Coalition Chambers Advisory Board
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Capital Pesmenben III, Pesmenben, Teraab
Territory Mid Rim
Historical Information
Formed from Triumvirate Security Force
Date of establishment Year 6 Day 233
Status Active
Holosite Triumvirate Coalition

The Triumvirate Coalition, originally known as the Triumvirate Security Force, is a unique organisation with three joint leaders and several advisory members forming the Chambers command unit, as well as a democratically elected Senate. Chambers is the high command unit of the Triumvirate which consists of three Consuls whom, along with three Praetors and several advisory members, jointly lead the Triumvirate together. The Coalition is based in the Teraab sector and at the core of this is the system of Pesmenben where the headquarters of each Coalition group is located: The Triumvirate Coalition, the Triumvirate Mining Corporation and Triumvirate Space Technologies.


The First Triumvirate: Y06D014 - Y08D103

Consul Dexter Holland, Consul Estel Andros, Consul Gilbert Taylor

The First Triumvirate was founded on Pesmenben III on Y06D014. The ceremonial "breaking-of-the-ground" by the Consuls signified the first attempts at colonization of the Pesmenben system. The original Triumvirate was the Triumvirate Security Force, a group of security experts that had an interest in colonizing Pesmenben, Hoth's Brand, and Istic. These three systems would eventually come to be called the "Tip of Teraab."

As the Triumvirate's presence continued to grow in Teraab, they were invited to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems, an alliance established under the Trade Federation. Working alongside their allies in the CIS, the Triumvirate experienced great economic growth. Due to the rapid rate of expansion, it became readily apparent that the Triumvirate needed more efficient processes for obtaining the materials it needed to continue to grow at such great speeds. Thus, a second group was formed to meet this need: the Triumvirate Mining Corporation.

The First Triumvirate enjoyed great successes until early in Year 8, when tragedy struck: Consul Dexter Holland was murdered. While the details of the events were deemed classified and never publicly released, there have been confirmed reports that those responsible for the consul's death died shortly after in the battle that ensued.

The Second Triumvirate: Y08D103 - Y09D092

Consul Estel Andros, Consul Gilbert Taylor, Consul Raynar Holland Minister Chronos Darkwater, Minister Eldor Aldaris, Minister Evan Bluvius

The Triumvirate mourned the death of one of their consuls for several months, as Consuls Andros and Taylor held many meetings behind closed doors discussing the future of the Triumvirate. After many months of anticipation, a press conference was called by Consul Taylor with promises of exciting news. At the press conference, Consuls Andros and Taylor announced that they had selected a third consul: the late Consul Holland's son, Raynar Holland. Raynar had been conducting business on the other side of the galaxy when news of his father's death reached him. Upon arrival in Pesmenben, he quickly learned that his father had arranged for Raynar to take his place as consul should he desire the position.

Raynar accepted the position out of a sense of duty to his father. However, after only a few short months, he resigned as consul stating: "My motivation for accepting the position had been out of a personal desire to honour my father. However, the Triumvirate needs a consul who is driven by the desire to serve the Triumvirate's needs, not their own."

While the transitions of the consuls were difficult, they did not inhibit the growth of the Triumvirate. The Triumvirate had grown to encompass many systems within Teraab, while concentrating on the colonization of Pesmenben. In particular, the Triumvirate developed Plan 4, an economic plan for developing the infrastructure on Pesmenben V. As Plan 4 neared completion, the Triumvirate made the decision to transition into a formal government and became known as the Triumvirate Coalition.

With the transition to a formal government, the Triumvirate conducted a major restructuring of its administration. While there were still only two consuls, there was the creation of three new ministries: Ministry of Coalition Affairs, Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Industry. The appointed ministers of each ministry were: Minister Chronos Darkwater, Minister Eldor Aldaris, and Minister Evan Bluvius, respectively.

The Third Triumvirate: Y09D092 - Y09D183

Consul Chronos Darkwater, Consul Eldor Aldaris, Consul Estel Andros, Consul Evan Bluvius, Consul Gilbert Taylor

Nearly a year had passed since the number of consuls had been reduced to two. Another press conference was called by Consuls Andros and Taylor. The consuls announced that they would again be restructuring the administration. For the first time in the history of the Triumvirate, there would be five consuls: Consuls Gilbert Taylor, Estel Andros, Chronos Darkwater, Eldor Aldaris, and Evan Bluvius.

Along with the restructuring of the administration, the Consuls announced that they would be expanding the Triumvirate to include a new division, the Triumvirate Space Technologies. This new division would be charged with the construction of shipyards and factories throughout the Triumvirate for the construction of ships.

The Third Triumvirate also saw the announcement and completion of Plan B, the largest construction project in the Triumvirate's history. Plan B turned Nanth'ri IV from a small colony of miners living on the edge of the Nanth'ri system into a large population center and tourist destination. The completion of Plan B allowed the Triumvirate to increase the strength of its fleet as well as the number of personnel allocated to the mining effort of the Triumvirate Mining Corporation due to the increased revenue from Nanth'ri IV.

The Fourth Triumvirate: Y09D183 - Y10D342

Consul Chronos Darkwater, Consul Estel Andros, Consul Gilbert Taylor Praetor Aurius Karden, Praetor Dero Racto, Praetor Jar-Tan Kem, Praetor Mas Rarraf, Praetor Mephiston Leonatos

The Third Triumvirate ended as Consuls Bluvius and Aldaris retired due to personal reasons, and were given the honorary rank of Proconsuls for their service to the Triumvirate. This brought the Triumvirate back to the traditional structure of three consuls. However, it was quickly determined that a larger command administration was needed to properly utilize the potential of the Triumvirate. Thus, the role of praetor was introduced and, in the course of the Fourth Triumvirate, the following were appointed as praetors: Aurius Karden, Jar-Tan Kem, Dero Racto, Mas Rarraf, and Mephiston Leonatos. This brought a shift of responsibilities for the roles of consul and praetor: the consuls were now charged with the protection of the Coalition, while the praetors were more directly involved with the day-to-day management of the departments.

The Fourth Triumvirate also saw the Triumvirate and Confederacy of Independent Systems move in different directions. This resulted in the Triumvirate ceding from the CIS and joining the Galactic Alliance. This new alliance greatly strengthened the Triumvirate, not only through economic and military benefits, but through the use of mutual aid the Triumvirate was able to forge a strong bond with its fellow members of the Galactic Alliance.

The Fourth Triumvirate also introduced some major changes that spanned the entire Coalition. The first was a new constitution that was presented and ratified on Y09D267. Along with the new constitution, a revival of the senate was conducted so that all citizens could be properly represented. Another change was the introduction of the Institute system, which allowed citizens of the Coalition to form formal communities via common interests. There was also the merger of the Triumvirate Security Force into the larger Triumvirate Coalition. Prior to the merger, the Triumvirate Security Force had been charged with maintaining the Triumvirate's fleet and security. But the Chambers decided that the integration of the fleet into the larger government would allow for more efficient growth.

Another massive construction project was announced and completed during the Fourth Triumvirate. This project was codenamed the New Economic Strategy (NES), and it completely transformed the capital planet of the Triumvirate,Pesmenben III. While the planet had always been the Triumvirate capitol, it revolutionized the way of life of the planet's inhabitants. Now, Pesmenben III serves as not only a political center, but an economic and industrial center, supplying goods and trade to planets throughout the galaxy.

The Fifth Triumvirate: Y10D342 - Y12D019

Consul Aurius Karden, Consul Estel Andros, Consul Gilbert Taylor Praetor Dero Racto, Praetor Eimit`fy Nadgob, Praetor Jar-Tan Kem

The Fourth Triumvirate came to a conclusion with the retirement of Consul Darkwater. While Consul Darkwater had championed many causes in his time with the Triumvirate, he desired to leave the chaotic world of politics and retire to a quiet life where he would be able to study and write. The Chambers bestowed upon him the honorary title of Proconsul for his great service to the Triumvirate.

While the retirement of Consul Darkwater reduced the number of consuls to two, Consuls Andros and Taylor announced the appointment of Praetor Karden as the third consul, and the appointment of Tribune Nadgob to fill the position as Praetor. This announcement took place a few months later on the second anniversary of the formation of the Triumvirate government.

The Fifth Triumvirate organized yet another construction project, which was, again, the largest construction project to-date. The operation was codenamed the Triumvirate Economic and Sector Takeover (TEST) Project, and would transform the gas giant Istic III into the largest metropolis in all of Teraab. It would also provide the foundation for the Triumvirate to become the ruling government of Teraab, and would establish the infrastructure necessary to advance the Triumvirate into a new era.

After the resounding success of the TEST project the Chambers began to plan the next large scale urbanisation project, which would transform Zor Vlahu in the Hoth's Brand system into the most populated area within the Teraab sector, further bolstering the Coalitions status. This project moved through stage one and onto stage two during the Fifth Triumvirate - showing again the economic power of this period. It was not long after this that the Triumvirate Coalition gained access to the MC-80 Home One-class Star Cruiser - which propelled the Coalition military forward and provided a real solution to the Empires Super Star Destroyers.

During the summer of year eleven the Coalition hosted the 100 days of Coalition Celebration which was a resounding success, further bolstering the community and status throughout the galaxy.

The Sixth Triumvirate: Y12D019 - Y13D339

Consul Eimit`fy Nadgob, Consul Gilbert Taylor, Consul Jar-Tan Kem Praetor Ait Maru, Praetor Dero Racto, Praetor Krug Cabal

The Sixth Triumvirate began during the Triumvirate Day Celebrations. Both Consul Andros and Karden wished to take a less legislative role in the Coalition government and so took on the title of Proconsul. Consul Taylor immediately approached both Praetor Kem and Nadgob asking if they would take on the role and responsibility of Consul and move the Coalition forward. Due to the resounding progress of the Fifth Triumvirate there was a lot to prove, with the Chambers and Coalition having some fine young officers working to ensure that progress.

In keeping with the traditions of community and equality, the Sixth Triumvirate approved and released new schemes directed at it's citizens. Setting aside multiple space stations and factories the ship production arm of the Coalition, Triumvirate Space Technologies, started allowing private construction of ships and entities for the very first time. Not to leave it there, the Coalition also allowed territory to be set aside for the private construction of citizen's space stations using Coalition-owned blueprints, creating more opportunities for it's members.

The defining moment of the Sixth Triumvirate came when, on Day 148 in the 13th Year, a new planet and star system was discovered in the nearby system of Taldot by then Lieutenant Commander Larrek Kline of the Navy's 3rd Fleet during Operation New Horizons. A former agricultural world long lost to galactic voyagers, Balamak was prime for Triumvirate colonisation. After a short but extensive operation, covering all departments of the Coalition and it's leaders, Balamak and it's local sector were declared a Triumvirate protected territory on Day 159. Not to be satisfied with such an incredible achievement that very day the Coalition forces were dispatched again for the assistance of colonising the New Republic planet of Celegia, which also saw the first deployment of the new Coalition flagship, the MC80 Home One Class Star Cruiser TMS Pride of Teraab.

The Seventh Triumvirate: Y13D339 - Y14D317

Consul Dero Racto, Consul Jar-Tan Kem, Consul Mephiston Leonatos Praetor Ait Maru, Praetor Udo Varoo

After the historic success of Operation New Horizons in securing the safety of the Taldot sector, both Consul Taylor and Consul Nadgob felt that their successes over their several year long services to the Coalition were enough that it was time to hand over the government to a new generation of protectors. Upon making their respective decisions known, remaining Consul Jar-Tan Kem immediately contacted Praetor Dero Racto and former Praetor Mephiston Leonatos in taking up the new positions to form the Seventh Triumvirate.

The first Triumvirate without any of it's founding Consuls, the Seventh Triumvirate was formed on the promise to bring the Coalition back to relevance at all levels of the government and it's departments after the enormous successes of previous years.

Economic progress also continued at a fast pace with Project E.V.A.N. announced as the newest Coalition strategy for the development and expansion of Teraab after tax reform was introduced to the galaxy as a whole. In it’s final stages Project E.V.A.N., was created to bring renewed prosperity with additional jobs and entertainment districts to the citizens of the Coalition’s core systems growing population.

Not to be outdone by the territorial achievements by the previous Triumvirate, the Seventh Triumvirate saw two new systems in the Sloo sector join the protection of the Coalition: the Lorahns and Sanza systems. The second and third expansion systems of the Triumvirate to date, continue to show the galaxy that the Coalition is a centre of protection, prosperity, and above all freedom.

The Eighth Triumvirate: Y14D317 - Y16D267

Consul Ait Maru, Consul Dero Racto, Consul Jar-Tan Kem Praetor Igorod Krakatoa, Praetor Jack Ball, Praetor Tandis Valeek, Praetor Udo Varoo

Coming near to end of the Seventh Triumvirate's first year in office, it became clear that Consul Leonatos no longer felt the drive necessary to remain in the position and he came to Consuls Kem and Racto to break the news. The two Consuls accepted the resignation with sadness, and turned to long-serving Praetor Ait Maru to move from leading the Coalition's military forces to form the Eighth Triumvirate.

With the Coalition at it's peak economic, territorial, and militaristic might, and sustaining plans to drive the once-small security force into a true galactic force, the future does indeed look bright.

The Ninth Triumvirate: Y16D267 - present

Consul Oli Noa, Consul Tandis Valeek, Consul Rick Fias* (defected), Praetor Brevan O`Bannon, Praetor Aelo Trent, Praetor Victor Lima

The Eight Triumvirate came to an end after a succession of events happening. First Consul Kem went missing during a diplomatic mission and shortly after Consul Racto stepped forward and handed in his retirement due to personal reasons. This left the future of the Triumvirate within the hands of Consul Maru, who kept on discussing behind closed doors with the member of chambers how to proceed. After many months of anticipation, a press conference was called by Consul Maru with promises of exciting news. At the press conference, the Consul announced that also he himself will step back from the role as a Consul and to make way for a new area. For the first time in the history of the Triumvirate, there would be three new Consuls leading the Coalition, Consul Noa, Consul, Fias and Consul Valeek.

Due to the tremendous progress of the Ninth Triumvirate there was a lot to prove, and the Chambers released new schemes to strengthen and focus on the inner core of the Coalition. Another massive construction project, announced during the previous Triumvirate but halted, is currently undergoing completion in the Nanth’ri sector.

The Tenth Triumvirate: Y17D291 – Y18D90

Consul Oli Noa, Consul Tandis Valeek, Consul Dero Racto Praetor Victor Lima, Praetor Azeroth Azguard, Praetor Sidroc Krogal

The Ninth Triumvirate came to a sad end. Consul Rick Fias, nearing the later years of the life expectancy of a Trandoshan, succumbed to a horrible mental affliction. Growing mentally weak and more paranoid with each passing day, he departed the Coalition leaving a rambling note about seeking the love and affection of a “hairy nerf on an asteroid near home.”

Despite the loss of the third Consul, the Coalition continued to prosper and strengthen the bonds with their allies in the Galactic Alliance. After months of consideration, Proconsul Dero Racto volunteered to return to the position of Consul to assist Oli and Tandis with the running of the government. With the resumption of a fully staffed Chambers, the Coalition is looking ahead to an even stronger community.

The Eleventh Triumvirate: Y18D90 – Y22D47

Consul Gath Perrin, Consul Tandis Valeek, Consul Dero Racto Praetor Victor Lima, Praetor Azeroth Azguard, Praetor Mannix Michaels

Following a surge in activity and growth of the Triumvirate, Consul Oli Noa stepped down to pursue other interests within the Coalition and to allow another to take his place. Quartermaster Gath Perrin was appointed as Consul due to his excellent leadership of the Coalition’s Logistics Department.

In his opening remarks immediately following being appointed to Consul, Gath pledged to expand the medical capabilities of the Coalition and bring medical care to the far reaches of TC space. The Coalition continues to gain momentum in its fight against the Empire.

The Twelfth Triumvirate: Y22D47 – Y22D340

Consul Gath Perrin, Consul Tandis Valeek, Consul Mannix Michaels

After over four more years in his second term of being Consul, Dero Racto once again stepped down from his position, making him the longest serving Consul right after Gilbert Taylor himself. And once again, he did not move into retirement alltogether but keeps serving the Coalition as an honorary Proconsul instead.

Mannix Michaels, the long term leader of the Triumvirate Mining Corporation, has been appointed to Consul instead and the twelfth immediately started working on its infrastructure and boosting its military industry. A move that is heavy needed after the fall of the New Republic and the resulting spearhead into Imperial territory that the Triumvirate now represents.

The Thirteenth Triumvirate: Y22D340 – Y24D12

Consul Tandis Valeek, Consul Mannix Michaels Praetor Igorod Krakatoa, Praetor Colt Morgan, Praetor Shaynar Scarne, Praetor Vae Ardexa, Praetor Maligaant Menuk.

Following an intense fight with a Sith Lord on a Coalition world in the Taldot sector and the return of Proconsul Bluvius and his Draigons, Consul Gath Perrin retired from public duties after a long and decorated service to the Triumvirate Coalition. He soon withdrew from public life to investigate the threat encountered in the Taldot sector.

Consul Perrin’s sudden retirement left big shoes to fill. However due to the Coalition and leadership being in a great state, it was difficult to find the right replacement without disrupting the balance. Instead, Consuls Valeek and Michaels in consultation with Proconsuls agreed to promote several long-standing Chambers personnel to the rank of Praetor.

The Fourteenth Triumvirate: Y24D12 - Y24D320

Consul Tandis Valeek, consul Mannix Michaels, Consul Shaynar Scarne Praetor Igorod Krakatoa, Praetor Colt Morgan, Praetor Vae Ardexa.

The Fifteenth Triumvirate: Y24D320 - Present

Consul Mannix Michaels, Consul Shaynar Scarne, Consul Vae Ardexa Praetor Igorod Krakatoa, Praetor Colt Morgan.

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