Triumvirate Space Technologies

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Triumvirate Space Technologies
General Information
Status Active
Leader Udo Varoo
2IC Oli Noa
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 93
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Triumvirate Holosite

Triumvirate Space Technologies (TST) are the shipwrights of the Triumvirate Coalition government, and offer ship building capabilities solely for Coalition members. TST is based out of the Teraab sector. While only holding the blueprints to the Escape Pod, Triumvirate is able to produce many ships through diplomatic treaties signed with other ship manufacturers.

One of the TST production shipyards


Consul Chronos Darkwater, one of the past leaders of the Triumvirate, had long had a passion for ship-building. So it came as little surprise that he personally financed TST on Day 93 in Year 9; made possibly by many successful construction projects, as well as growth acquired over the years from friends long gone. TST was a new direction for the Coalition, and symbolised its continued growth and expansion into new areas during the 'golden era' of increasing membership, citizenship and wealth for the Triumvirate.

Through the hard work and dedication of Chronos Darkwater and Gilbert Taylor, TST built up relations with other ship producing corporations across the Galaxy ensuring access to many of the highest quality vessels around the galaxy for Coalition use. An extended diplomatic network makes this possible by allowing them to construct a wide range of capital ships, freighters, and fighters.


Triumvirate Space Technologies grew at a fast pace. Within three months its production capabilities doubled, and this rate of growth has continued until today. Within a year of creation the TST was nationalised by the Coalition, which now pumps many credits into creating an intricate network of shipyards across Teraab. TST produces New Republic ships to provide for the Coalition Navy - which since its nationalization has become the priority for TST. With Praetor Dero Racto taking over leadership and soon after appointing Frednuck Reknak as XO, the organization continued its growth, underlining the overall prosperity of the Triumvirate group. Today, TST has acquired access to ten different ship blueprints and owns multiple shipyards around various systems.

When Praetor Dero Racto took over as Consul of Triumvirate Coalition he left to join the Triumvirate Coalition. This ushered in a new era in TST with the leadership falling on the shoulder of Hutt Udo Varoo who selected Oli Noa as his Second in Command.


Praetor Udo Varoo currently leads Triumvirate Space Technologies, with assistance from Shipyard Manager Oli Noa. Together they manage the corporations Research and Development and Naval Architecture departments , as well as oversee the general maintenance of the entire corporation.