Tumi Xerda

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Tumi Xerda
Tumi Xerda(small) edit.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Iridonia
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation The Black Hand


Tumi is of average height and lithe built. Displaying traditional facial tattoos. She is also always equipped with a vibroblade and blaster.


Tumi Veslun Xerda was born on the planet Iridonia to two native Zabraks, both farmers. The village they lived in was a hub of commerce and trade. Though they would encounter hard times. Sickness was common throughout the large community killing off the young and weak. Iridonia was no stranger to drought and famine as well. Though through all of this strife, one young Zabrak found solace in the stars. She would gaze upwards towards an endless sea of opportunity. This youngling was Tumi. She yearned for adventure...

Days as a Merc

Tumi found herself interacting with an enigmatic Twi'lek offering pay and work. Cautious but desperate she took up the tail head's offer. Doing odd jobs and labor work. She had discovered a new home.


Crescent X9 edit.jpg "Harmony X"