Twin Suns

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Twin Suns
General Information
Status Active
Leader Uli-ah Gafsa
2IC Colton Hatfield
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 204
Dissolved Year 15 Day 296
Political Information
Industry Pirates


The name has been heard in all corners of the galaxy, but it has yet to be truly defined." Who are we?", "What do we do?" these questions are only answered when your time is up.

Like ghosts in the wind They come from the sea, To steal your plunder, Before you can see. With swashbuckling swagger And a Jolly Roger laugh, They fly the black flag, On a dragon bone staff. With a thunderous blast From their cannon's might, They shiver the strong, And cripple their fight. They take what they've lost And turn it to gold, For they're a crafty and cunning, fearless and bold. They're dashing and daring, Fierce buccaneers, For the sight of their plunder, Pales many with fear. From East Ghost Nebula Victories are told, Of the Ellipsis Pirates, And their purple and gold!

"We will corrupt you. We will pillage you. Or we will slaughter you."