Tycho Celchu

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Tycho Celchu
Tycho Celchu Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.73 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Tenloss Syndicate
Prior Affiliation

Tycho Celchu, also known as Tyke, is a Corellian male and the shadowy ruler of the Tenloss Syndicate crime syndicate. In Year 2, Celchu was a Black Sun intelligence operative and the personal emissary of Dark Prince Keevan Colton. Celchu later served in Haven Trading and was the director of the prestigious shipwright firm, Trilon Inc. Following the unexpected overthrow of Emperor Charon, Celchu severed ties with the Galactic Empire and purchased Galactic Salvage Inc (GSI), a notable trade conglomerate. On Year 5 Day 68, he transformed the latter trading company into the Tenloss Syndicate.[1]


Early Adventures

Tycho Celchu joined the Rebel Alliance at the age of fifteen. In order to be accepted into the flight training school, he forged several documents to pass the minimum age requirement of sixteen. After graduating at the top 5% of his class, Celchu was falsely accused of espionage. He was summarily court-martialed and expelled by the Alliance. Intent on clearing his name, Tycho contended that the purpose of his intelligence gathering was solely based on his desire to find his parents' killers. After thorough research, the Alliance eventually pardoned Tycho for his alleged crimes.

Unable to face his fellow wingmen, Celchu chose to move on. He resigned his commission in the Alliance and became a freelancer. During the next four years, Celchu's life took a dramatic downturn as his blood-lust for his parents' assassins drove him to the depths of the galactic underworld. Joining the Black Sun crime syndicate, Celchu learned a new way of life. He was taken under the wing of Capo Coaan Trulli and Keevan Colton, the Dark Prince of Black Sun. Celchu respected Keevan who became a father figure to him. But their friendship was not to last as Keevan jettisoned to the Unknown Regions after a deal gone sour that was beyond the damage control of Black Sun.

A Safe Haven

Main article: Haven Corporation

Alone once more, Celchu moved into the spaceship trade in order to exponentially increase his personal fortune. He worked at the Haven Corporation under the auspices of recycling kingpin Letifer Caes. A shrewd businessman, Letifer kept market prices fierce but controlled. The ebullient Letifer taught Celchu everything about the recycling business and about the intricacies of the galactic market. However, a freak accident occurred to Letifer while on a routine delivery run. Letifer's starship went nova and he was lost forever in the time warp of hyperspace. Tyke attempted to run Haven to the best of his abilities, but the hurt of losing another mentor was too much to bear. Thus Tyke sold off Haven off and searched for new prospects.

Accepting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position at Trilon Inc., Celchu had moved into the mainstream sector. Working directly for the Galactic Empire, the funds to produce on a mass scale were available to Tycho for the first time, and the income generated was second to only Cosmo Corps at the time. However, the itch to move on again was growing inside of Tycho, and the means to ditch Trilon came at an opportune moment with the overthrow of Emperor Charon by a Sith cabal led by Warlord Vodo Bonias and Count Greyson Uebles. Discontented with the new Sith leadership, it was all Tyke needed to move on.

Near the end of Year 4, Jim Stratus, the owner of Galactic Salvage Inc (GSI), decided to sell his company to Venom Kazvar, a ruthless business mogul. At that time, Venom's Horizon Corporation spanned multiple industries and his growing influence was perceived as a threat by various regimes in the Outer Rim Territories. Venom had not only purchased GSI, but also Haven Trading in an attempt to corner markets and claim full control in the respective industries. The downfall of the Horizon name was imminent though and Venom sold off his legacy piece-by-piece to various entrepreneurs in the Core Worlds. One of the businesses Kazvar sold, Galactic Salvage Inc (GSI), landed in the hands of Celchu.

Birth of Tenloss

Purchasing GSI for a tidy amount, Celchu strove to rebuild the company. He accomplished this by producing over 3,000 Uglies in his first two months of leadership. His turnover was second to none and the employees were a working class unlike no other.

To this day, Celchu leads GSI, but under a different name. After a gravity shift caused the galaxy to spin on its axis and re-positioned star systems, Tycho renamed GSI to Tenloss Syndicate. His business objectives grew and expanded, but he was still proud to offer the services that were available from day one of this fine corporation, and will never let the roots die that are Galactic Salvage Incorporated. Going public in the early days of Year 5, Tyke transformed GSI into the Tenloss Syndicate. Originally created as a rival black market source for criminals alike, the front of recycling and salvage was a good cover to maintain incomes on two levels. Growing concern to become a legitimate business for future dreams was a priority though, and despite the difficulty in getting out, Tycho turned Tenloss clean.

Expanding at later dates into Endeavor Corp, Relekin Confidential, Vyzerod Mining and then Galindas Exports, Tycho had surrounded himself with the most cost effective and high profit margins companies available. What's more valuable though are the people chose to associate with. Forming the founders group of the Tenloss Syndicate 6 (which would later become the TS7 upon the addition of a final member), Tyke now had a council to oversee all operations, thus taking Tenloss into the executive era.

As the galaxy shifted, the dream of becoming government was within grasp of Tycho as he strove to once and for all solidify the future of his group. Working hard with his most trusted personnel, Celchu achieved this after painstaking hurdles. A long time dream that had finally come to fruition, Tycho is now the first Perator of the Tenloss Syndicate. Along with being Perator, Tycho Celchu also owns all Tenloss affiliated subsidiaries, including Galindas Exports and Vyzerod Mining.