Tyria Lopez

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Tyria Lopez
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Marita Lopez
Father Lorianto Lopez
Siblings Foriana Lopez
Born Year -6, Day 44
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation None
Signature Tyria-Signature.png

Tyria Lopez is a criminal and fighter from the Chiss space of Csilla. Beginning life as an uneducated scrapyard worker, she continues to live with the trauma of contributing to the death of her parents. Engaging in underground fighting leagues as a teenager, she honed her craft to someone of a solid performer, before moving to Serroco and commencing a life of crime. Bouncing between syndicates, learning numerous skills, and talents, Tyria inevitably enlisted within the Exelis Crime Syndicate after its insurgency within Bando Gora. After aiding in the growth of the syndicate, Tyria elected to transfer into the custody of Lara Navos as a fighter and trainer. While their relationship started strong, distrust inevitably caused a rift and departure of Tyria from Lara’s employ.

Roll with the Punches

Starting Out Early

Tyria was born on Csilla to parents below the poverty line. While her parents attempted to provide a life as much as possible, but credits were unable to flow sufficiently to provide an education. Working in salvage yards around the system, Tyria worked from the age of four dismantling vessels and vehicles run down from galactic conflict. Hydrospanners and Thermal Goggles filled her pockets, which grease and grime filled her veins. Her on the job learning gave her the chance to earn some credits to help out her family but failed to give her the talents of reading and writing. Months after her twelfth birthday, her parents were killed in a vehicular accident when their QH-3 LAV malfunctioned and spun into oncoming traffic. While Tyria spent a number of months in hospital with broken bones and the loss of her left eye, she struggled with the notion that her negligence may have contributed to the accident given she regularly worked on the vehicle in her spare time.

Upon her discharge from numerous medical institutions, Tyria struggled to pick up a tool for some time. With trauma and post-traumatic stress gripped her consciousness strongly, she instead turned to fighting in order to distract her mind from her struggles. Taking a small transport to the adjacent planet of Formac, Tyria entrenched herself within the underbelly and began to enter the underground fighting leagues of the planet. As she engaged in fights with both genders, humanoids and aliens alike, she took numerous losses given her limited real-world experience and age but continued to train and learn about resilience and resolve in order to inevitably notch up a win. Several years later, the day finally arrived when she was tasked with touching gloves with a small but feisty Sanyassan. The battle lasted several rounds, with each fighter expelling blood from wounds, but Tyria managed to submit her opponent through a rear chokehold to bring about an end. Handsomely rewarded for her victory, and with confidence beginning to show, the Chiss managed to continue her winning ways, drastically improving her win/loss ratio until she hung up her gloves after her nineteenth birthday.

Tyria during a fight on Formac.

With substantial fighting experience behind and a lack of a desire to return to scrapyards and repairs, Tyria bartered her way onto a Crusader-class Corvette and found herself heading towards Serroco. Disappearing into the waves of criminal activities, Tyria was taken under the wing of several syndicates, which allowed her to learn the basics of pickpocketing, theft, and deception. While she was new to crime, she had no misgivings towards stealing from others, not being caught up in emotions about her crimes.

As time passed, Tyria continued to hone her skills. She began to take assignments as member of the Bounty Hunters Guild and the Bounty Hunters Alliance, wanting to emulate the prowess and reputations of some of the membership, particularly Raan Jodus. The credits rolled in through her contracts as a pickpocket, thief and kidnapper, allowing her portfolio to grow as she continued to battle in numerous underground fighting circuits to keep her skills sharp. She managed to build up her financial assets to allow the purchase of property, eventually laying down roots on Venaari.

As Tyria began to ingratiate herself into the criminal underbelly of the planet, its flags were burned. The influential Bando Gora fell from the grasp of leader Darin Byrch, with the Exelis Crime Syndicate spawning from its ashes under the lead of Morgan Sathel and Xyre Sathel. Tyria was impressed by Morgan’s drive and objectivity to take what she wanted, drawing Tyria in to quickly enlist with the new syndicate. As she took a variety of work throughout production interests, criminal contracts and exploration work, it became clear that Tyria had found her new home. As her reputation continued to blossom in the eyes of the Syndicate’s leaders, she was soon partnered with various members in order to conduct more high risk assignments. After numerous pairings that failed to materialise, Tyria was assigned to Kuati Lara Navos.

Looking in a Mirror

The Chiss and Kuati jelled right off the bat. Assigned with the instruction to keep each other fit, Tyria and Lara regularly sparred and fought in between assignments to stay sharp. Trading victories, fists and blood, the regularly required time in a bacta tank, never holding each other back. The developed a close bond that remained during their time throughout the Exelis Crime Syndicate, and beyond after its implosion through internal turmoil and paranoia. Lara assigned Tyria to the Defender-class Light Corvette Furious Harmony, which eventually became Lara’s flagship, allowing them to both continue training on a regular basis. Lara began to shift her focus to personal ventures such as bounty hunting, which gave Tyria less freedom to pursue her own endeavours, with a rift beginning to form between the two. Lara began to feel Tyria’s attitude was deteriorating, while Tyria started to feel resentful, having potentially contributed to the collapse of Exelis, and taking away her opportunities to grow personally.

Towards the middle of the twenty-second galactic recognised year, Tyria began sharing transmissions of target whereabouts throughout holofeeds, causing numerous bounty targets to escape tracking efforts, or being intercepted by rival hunters prior to Lara’s arrival. Throughout investigation, Lara inevitably decrypted the signals emanating from the Furious Harmony, confronting Tyria soon after with damning evidence and desire for an explanation. With no words exchanged, the two fought in their usual way, fists and blood, before Tyria was knocked unconsciousness. As she awoke, the Chiss soon realised she had been abandoned in a familiar city on Venaari, with a data pad stuck to her right hand. As she engaged the electronic device, she understood she had been removed from Lara’s employ, now left to fend for herself, the thing she had apparently wanted for some time.