Ubis Vrand

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Ubisa Vrand
Biographical Information
Race Arcona
Homeworld Cona
Mother Thera
Father Hem
Born Year -24 Day 203
Languages Basic, Arconese
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.8 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Positions Grand Historian
Prior Affiliation New Republic

Ubis Vrand (pronounced Oe-bee-za Vraant) is a very skillful female Arcona pilot and citizen of the the New Republic.


Born on Year -24 Day 203 in a small town on Cona, Ubisa Vrand grew up in a loving nest (the "nest" is the family unit in Arcona society). Because she is a female nest member an ‘a’ is affixed to her name like with all other Arcona female. Second names are a simple given name so she was known as Vrand in the nest. Her father was named Ubis Hem and her mother Ubisa Thera.

Early Years

When Vrand was 10 she could often be found with her uncle Ubis Dan who had no children of his own. After losing his wife he had left the nest to travel the galaxy. He returned on the day Vrand was born and remained for a year before he left again. After that he would return each year but each year he came back more confused and disorientated. It became clear he was addicted to salt, so the nest leader, Hem forced him to stay with them to help him with his addiction. This is how Vrand learned much about space travel, other worlds and the Rebel Alliance while their bond grew. He eventually thought her how to fly in his freighter a YT-510.

Due to the raging war between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire Vrand was forced to leave her planet on Year -2 Day 122 after Imperial soldiers came looking for her uncle. Apparently he was a smuggler who had helped the rebels but they never forgot him. Without saying goodbye to her parents Vrand left with her uncle. She had to pick him up with his own ship as he did not know yet that the soldiers were looking for him. Leaving the orbit of Cona they saw a Victory Star Destroyer I and were immediately hailed. Not taking any risk Dan started a hyper space jump to get them out of there and ending in the Tynna sector. From there their adventure continued.

Freedom taken away

Living from planet to planet with her uncle they had managed to set up a small business transporting cargo in the ten years since she left her planet. Vrand had become very good at flying surpassing her uncle's skills. On one of her run things went wrong. A trader had double crossed her, because this trader knew much about Arcona societies he knew she was related to Ubis Dan. To get some credits he informed the Imperial Security Bureau who set a trap in his business. Vrand was unable to escape and was arrested. They wanted to know where her uncle was but she did not know. She did know they had agreed to meet at a certain planet within two weeks but not where he currently was. But the Imperial did not ask that so she had no hard time lying. Branding her a rebel collaborator she was imprisoned for eight years without a proper trial.

A rebel born

On Day 131 in the Year 14 the New Republic military had launched an attack on the prison Vrand was held. The attack lasted a few hours before all cell doors were unlocked. Apparently they were looking for a specific person. While escaping the facility she asked one of the rebel soldiers if they knew her uncle Ubis Dan. The soldier said he had no time for this and everybody needed to get out or risk being caught again. Several groups reached a GR-75 Medium Transport where they got into. As the ship left for orbit the soldier walked up to Vrand and said that she could now ask her question, thinking Vrand was a man. Responding by saying she was not male but a female it caused an awkward silence in the hold for a bit before she said her uncle's name again. An officer appearing to be a Group Captain stepped forth and said he knew that name, Dan was one of the transporters that helped them from time to time. Though he had not see him for a while. Vrand got worried and thanked the officer. She looked out of the window staring at the half dozen X-Wing fighters escorting them while her mind wandered off.

After arriving in a nearby system Vrand saw the fighters fly off. She asked the officer why they weren't escorting them anymore. The captain said he given them new orders. Vrand was a bit confused. The squadron was apparently going on a new mission the moment they dropped of all the rescued people. Vrand asked him if he was with the Navy and before she had finished her sentence the officer started laughing and after that said that he did not need to show off to be good". Vrand replied that her my uncle used to say the same until she got better at flying than him. The Captain let her knew if she decided to put those piloting skills to good use she should join the New Republic Military, they could always use some good fighter pilots. He then said that if she were luckily she might even end up in his squadron to which he introduced himself as Captain Evan Cornforth. Once dropped off on the planet Vrand did odd jobs in transporting giving her the ability to travel around while she searched for her uncle. After two years she gave up on Year 16 D200. She had only picked up rumors that her uncle was captured or killed but nothing solid. She decided she needed to start anew and applied for citizenship with the New Republic shortly followed by an application to start at the academy for a military career. If she could not find her uncle the least she could do was free others who are in the same situation she had been.

The New Republic

On Day 319 in Year 16 Ubisa was appointed Grand Historian by Eli Descartes. It has become her task to restore the history list since Ruben Wan was Grand Historian but also the history before that.

Associate Minister of State Huw Roon approached Vrand to see if she was interested in the Culture Office administrator job. At first she was hesitant but after a few days she agreed. What followed was period of waiting as multiple applications went to the desk of the Minister of State. It was eventually decided on Year 18 Day 338 that the Culture Team would get a board of three members, of which Vrand would be one.
The new team was ambitious and within a few days it had already outlined plans for the department as they worked towards making this the most important department in the Government.
Still the Grand Historian Vrand got assistant from Tem Sappo who worked hard to revamp the archives into something to be proud of.


After finishing her time at the Academy Vrand met up with her battlegroup. The first few months we was eager and tried to participate where possible. As time passed her minds wandered and she used moments of down time to travel the galaxy. It was not until the attack on the Communication Center that she returned for a very short period before disappearing again.

It was not until Day 154 in Year 18 Vrand returned to New Republic space. Picking up life lessons she looked to contribute to the cause again. Once she contacted Military Liason Darck Galvan he make quick work of getting her back into active service. She did the odd jobs in her Group but kept active and stepped up when needed. Then on Day 262 in Year 18 Ubisa received an unexpected promotion to Squadron Leader. This promotion gave her the opportunity to step her game up and bring more to the table.

After leading the successful Operation [REDACTED] Vrand was promoted to Wing Commander. She along side Ghullka Ikto had impressed the High Command and were awarded CMO Citation along side their promotions.

A few weeks after her promotion Vrand was approached by one of the Admirals. He wanted to know is she was willing to step up and take the position of Group Executive Officer (GXO). She was unsure due to her loyalties to the Battlegroup where she started and was giving her first command post. She also had plans for the [REDACTED] Wing. As the Admiral and Vrand had a conversation it became clear she would be able to achieve the same and more as a GXO. She asked for some time to think about it.
When the time came she was approached once again with the question if she had made up her mind. She took a few minutes to gather her thoughts and then agreed. It would be the best for the NRAF. As her access got sorted it became clear that this move brought a lot in motion. A different way of working and areas to protect. Once the High Command (HC) confirmed her appointment she was introduced to the rest of the military as the new Executive Officer of [REDACTED] Group. This also came with an promotion which saw Vrand take the rank of Flight Commodore on Day 47 in Year 19, she was now a flag rank officer.

Finishing up her last tasks before travelling [REDACTED] Vrand tried to make sure that any successor knew what he or she was stepping into and what needed to be done. Vrand took her responsibilities serious from the moment she agreed to position. She made sure to bring as much equipment to strengthen the logistics in the [REDACTED]. She started laying out plans to ensure the Group would continue to run smooth.

A month into her new role as GXO Vrand was asked to temporarily step in as Group Command Officer. She agreed as she wanted to see the work she had started on with the other Command Officers of [REDACTED] Group succeed. Eventually High Command made the decision to have Vrand permanently take over as Group Command Officer. She had big shoes to fill but with the unanimous support of the High Command it gave her the extra boost this would be the right move to ensure that not only the vision set by her predecessor would continue but also ensure her own goals of seeing an even stronger NRAF in which she assisted. Not expecting another promotion Chief of Military Operations Jin Solas bump her up to Vice Marshal with the approval of High Marshal Ogawa. Vrand had gotten far in the one year after her return to the military.

Grand Historian
Preceded By:
Jansen Blakenshire
Ubis Vrand
Year 16 Day 319 - Present
Succeeded By: