Uhmgeanenrn Atgero

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Uhmgeanenrn Atgero
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Born Year -15 Day 12
Died Year 12 Day ?
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.70 meters
Coloring Light Green (skin)
Eye Color Dark Purple
Political Information
Title NAUTy Knickers
Prior Affiliation Hapes Consortium
The Galactic Caravan
Awards Citation - Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education
"Dag nabbit."
— Uhmgeanenrn's reaction to drooling on herself whilst mocking a Gamorrean

Uhmgeanenrn Atgero is a notable trader whom worked for the security group Mecrosa. Her off time is spend hunting sentient and non-sentient beings across the galaxy. Sporting modified Snowtrooper armour, a considerable arsenal and a hair-trigger temper, Uhmgeanenrn is not one to take lightly.

Early Life and Mistakes (Y-15 to Y6)

Most, if not all of Uhmgeanenrn's childhood is unknown. What is known is sparse and lacking detail.

Y-7D281 There was an incident in which an explosive went off and several children were maimed.

Y-2D41 The police record involved a speeder, a brick wall and a bottle of spirits.

Y1D7 Managing to survive childhood, Uhmgeanenrn left home to hang with swoop gangs on several planets during her early adult life. Making a quick credit or swiping spare parts didn't seem to be the reasoning for this behavior. It has been said that she just enjoyed causing chaos.

Y6D117 After five years of heavy drinking and crashing speeders Uhmgeanenrn up and disappeared. Before she disappeared she was seen at a local hole with a few swoop bikers. Having taken a 3PO unit from a local politician's home, she proceeded to pull out all the circuits and motors. Prancing around the bonfire while wearing most of the 3PO's outer casing as armour, she then collapsed besides a bin due to over consumption. Upon awaking, she found her companions dead from blaster wounds. Not wanting to end up like them she high tailed it out of town.

The Missing Years (Y6D118 to Y11D282)

There were plenty of rumors of what Uhmgeanenrn was doing during this time period. What is known is that this was when she first met Dac Kain. It is assumed that this meeting was her first step towards joining Mecrosa.

One of the funnier rumors was that she spent time on a rancor ranch as a rancor poke. Not knowing what her actual job was, supposedly she had been seen poking a rancor in a tender area with a pointed stick.

Reappearance & the HC (Y11D282 to Y11D363)

In the latter half of year 11, Uhmgeanenrn showed up on Glee Anselm with the purpose of picking up the HWK-290 Ur Quattro left to her by an unknown family member. Soon afterwards she had started working for small security firms. While the work was easy, the promises made to her were not fulfilled and she decided to look elsewhere for employment.

During a bit of a bar hopping she came across a recruitment flier for the Hapes Consortium. Placing the advert into her pocket Uhmgeanenrn felt it best to wait for sobriety to set in before giving it serious thought. A few weeks later she discovered the flier again and decided to visit the Hapan recruiter in her neck of the woods.


On Day 327 of the 11th year, Uhmgeanenrn officially joined the Hapes Consortium and enrolled in the The Robin Hood School of Culture & Social Education program. Classes were easy and she graduated with high honors. Upon graduation she moved into the Hapan Naval forces and was assigned to the 1st Fleet "The Sentinels" under the command of Line Captain Vetra Kurov (CO) and Commander Marvath Xan`thar (EO).

Unbeknownst to her the 1st Fleet was in a transition mode. Communication was lacking and along with most of the 1st Fleet away on a diplomatic mission, she just sat commanding a Miy`til squadron with no orders. After over a month of just flying around the Hapes sector she decided that this was not the career she wanted and respectfully resigned her commission.

Mecrosa (Y12D7 to Unknown)


After leaving Hapes, she yet again bumped into Dac Kain. He was now to the point of being the owner of several successful businesses and was now looking to delve into providing security services.

A popular and likable person, Dac knew that he would need those whom had a cold disposition towards the sanctity of life...that was when Uhmgeanenrn joined Mecrosa.

The Galactic Caravan (Y12D55 to Y12D175)

TGC Banner

While Uhmgeanenrn was checking Centrepoint Market for new toys she bumped into Malcheek Cander who was selling overstocked items and weapons. Seeing the potential in these items she bought the entire inventory. A few friends thought she was crazy spending her life savings in such a way but Uhmgeanenrn knew better.

Seeing Meerec was in a central location in the galaxy, she decided to set up shop in system. With a stockpile of items crammed inside her C-3 TGC-Der Untersuchungsbeamtkerker, she set to work creating such themed collections like Outfit your Redshirts Squad and her top selling Ghetto Mandalorian Combo.

After breaking even on her investment the rest is pure profit. Occasionally she goes out to buy some odds and ends to fill up the holes but she is on pace to triple her money back on her investment.

Uhmgeanenrn decided to close down shop on the 175th of year 12 to pursue a career as a privateer.

The Privateer Years (Y12D175 to Present)

"I wholly applaud your deviousness. You want a job?" - Squall Chitose

Having lost interest with common trading she struck out in order to live a more challenging live as a privateer. Anything from blackmailing to murder, Uhmgeanenrn will offer her services as long as the credits are there to be made.

During her first contract she ended up making galactic wide news by procuring an A-Wing worth an estimated 285 million credits from the oft abused Ayame Aevum. Uhmgeanenrn took it a step further by reporting the crime herself while mocking the victim. Knowing that her reputation would take a major hit she was pleasantly surprised when many traders approved of her actions and supported her publicly.


It was reported that Uhmgeanenrn passed away near the end of the 12th year. Her corpse was never retrieved.


Known ships that Uhmgeanenrn has owned

X-Wing TGC-Snotknocker
  • TGC-Mephiskapheles (Kaloth BattleCruiser)
  • TGC-Der Untersuchungsbeamtkerker (C-3 Liner)
  • TGC-Snotknocker (X-Wing)
  • TGC-Joker Pack (A-Wing)
  • TGC-Ryllrunner (YT-510)
  • TGC-Knocker Shop (Nu-Class Shuttle)
  • TGC-Turn und Koff (Sprint)

Of all her ships, her favorite is the X-Wing TGC-Snotknocker. The stunt craft is not a graceful ship, it is a rocket with a saddle and not for the weak of heart. With the daily chores of the Galactic Caravan Uhmgeanenrn's only escape, besides hunting, is cruising in her baby.

Personality and traits

Uhmgeanenrn Atgero is a bit of a fiery Nautolan who often overreacts to stressful situations. A violent streak which has been taken out on many a creature or sometimes those who try to take cheap shots at her. Anxious for a firefight, Atgero can always be found in a heavily armed and armoured state.