Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

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Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss.png
Biographical Information
Race Pengauani
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Ursula "Uschi" Schultheiss
Father Ulrich Schultheiss
Marital Status Married
Spouse Deric Adams
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 103
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 54.5 cm
Coloring Black/White
Hair Color Blue/Black
Eye Color Amber
Political Information
Affiliation TriNebulon News
Rank Founder
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire

Ulrike Rayne "Uli" Schultheiss (born Year -10 Day 103) is a Pengauani female.


While Ulrike has worked multiple odd jobs here and there since her public appearance in the galaxy, she has been mostly focused around the lock installation industry. She believed that the lock installation industry was corrupted by the few high-charging providers of which it consisted, and aimed to change that in Year 15 when she founded Ulrike's Locks 'n' Things.

Wrench Wench Industries

On Year 15 Day 151, Ulrike started Ulrike's Locks 'n' Things, which Ulrike later renamed to Wrench Wench Industries. Wrench Wench Industries specialized primarily in lock installation. However, other services were provided alongside lock installation, such as a door upgrades, a free lock passcode generator, and the sale of various entities. Wrench Wench Industries quickly became known as one of the cheapest lock providers in the galaxy, aided by Ulrike's willingness to undercut the fees charged by the other providers. Ulrike installed locks on many different types of ships and for multiple customers, with the most notable customer of Wrench Wench industries being Syn and her Super Star Destroyer, Ragnarok.

TriNebulon News

On Year 18 Day 30, Ulrike officially launched the Intragalactic Security Cabal. The Intragalactic Security Cabal was short lived and renamed to TriNebulon News shortly after its inception. Since then, TriNebulon News has been a forerunner of "alternative fact" news, frequently bending or stretching the truth for ratings. The news broadcasts come in weekly digests of current events, frequently taking information from other GNS broadcasts and stretching their information to further some agenda only known to Ulrike.


While working on installing locks on the Ragnarok, Ulrike met Deric Adams, another pirate and associate of Syn's who had boarded to pick up some medical supplies. While Deric's initial pickup attempt of "That's a nice wrench you have there. Have you busted any skulls with it lately?" proved to be futile, something about him made her curious. The next day Deric visited her again and, due to his obvious persistence, she accompanied him on a hunt. One thing led to another and before long the two had become a couple. Months went by and Deric asked for Ulrike's hand in marriage, to which she agreed. While Ulrike had wanted the wedding to take place on the planet Thyferra it was not possible due to Deric being a pirate and having a bounty on his head by the Galactic Empire. Instead, the decision was made to hold the wedding on the planet Ylesia, which was controlled by Eidola, and in the orbit of which the two had first met. The wedding took place on Year 16 Day 40. In attendance were close friends and family of Ulrike and Deric, including particularly notable guests Squall Chitose, Syn, and Era`ut Nex.


Ulrike is generally a docile individual. She is known for being relaxed and calm in almost any situation to the point of appearing entirely uncaring of the galaxy around her. While it is not known exactly from where this behavior stems, it can be assumed that she picked up her behavioral patterns from her parents as a means of coping with a largely malevolent galaxy. She is known to be speciesist; she has a strong preference of being near other human-like or near-human individuals and almost entirely discounts all other sentient species as being inferior to humans. This trait was adopted as a result of being raised on planets controlled by the Galactic Empire and due to her parents being supporters and citizens of the Galactic Empire.