United Coalition of Rachuk

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United Coalition of Rachuk
Political information
Type of government Autocracy
Head of State Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Territory Rachuk Sector
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Chalcedon Dominion
Date of establishment Year 10 Day 25
Date of dissolution Year 12 Day 158 (see: The Infinite Empire)
Status Defunct
Holosite United Coalition of Rachuk

The United Coalition of Rachuk was the ruling Dominion of the Rachuk Sector, led by Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon and his second in command Ambros Dizho. The Coalition is a member state of the Galatic Alliance.


After months of hyper travel across the galaxy the Black Fleet had finally arrived to their new home world. The Chalcedon Dominion established itself in the Albreen System of the Outer Rim F-4 Sector. After the long convoy of many shipments arrived the first base on Chalcedon Planet was established and a wave of construction began. While construction took place on the planets surface an outpost was established in orbit of the planet where the battle fleet could begin repairs. The Dominions warriors were still on their guard as intruders from outside still tried to infiltrate the system but had no success after quick counter attacks took place to stop anyone in the system.

Soon after the first base camp was setup small outposts on the other planets inside the system were established quickly to claim territorial sovereignty over them for the Dominion. Soon the Dominion control the entire Albreen System and moved towards its neighboring system Kolatill. Establishing outposts on all but one planet was quickly done. One planet stands in the system still and is underway to join the Dominion. The Dominion also established two outposts in the Thantus system and is using them as a forward observation and trading post for their purpose.

The Dominion has not publicly declared allegiance to anyone as it has kept to itself over the year of being established,but has not declined the rumor of the Black Fleet prepping for some major maneuver soon in a distant system or sector of the galaxy. The Fleet being composed of heavy warships and fighters has never been defeated in battle and has never fled from a battle. Each ship and fighter is as dark as the galaxies pitch black void, from which only the lights on the ships truly emanate to show their position.

A small group of citizens on the planet calling themselves The Syndicate merged into the group and became over the year the leaders from which The Dominion is known for today. Once a small security group who took control of the planet Chalcedon, they are now the leaders of a well established government. Hence as of year 10 date 25 the Dominion was born and The Syndicate was annexed.

Genesis Part II

The Dominion quickly expanded its control over the planets in the Rachuk Sector. As the lands continued to grow the Dominion decided to change its name over to the Coalition of Rachuk due to all of it's groups major actions taking place in its home sector of Rachuk. The continuation of expansion in this sector has given UCR a buffer zone of economical power as well as a staging ground for continued domination of this sector.

The Black Fleet has began its operations in the sector and has successfully concluded many combat scenarios as well as tactical invasion training.

With new barracks setup on the planets surface below squadrons of marines are trained and turned out each day to fill the ranks in the growing legions of the Coalition. Members of the squadrons can be seen on the ranges shooting at random moving targets as well as practicing urban combat maneuvers in the simulators. Large parade formations can be seen entering and exiting the time square area as they pass by for review from the Secretary of Defense and his cabinet members.


Arkanian Micro - Led by Minister of Affairs Lucius von Halberg


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