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United Trade Federation
United Trade Federation Emblem Year 3.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Motto "Fight For Peace"
Leader Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam
Praetor Torent Puma
Historical Information
Founded Circa Year 2 or Year 3
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Economic and Military Agreement
Holosite United Trade Federation (Archived)

The United Trade Federation (UTF) was a commercial and defensive alliance of disparate corporations that dominated trade in the galaxy circa Year 3. This economic alliance was created by Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam and his aide Praetor Torent Puma in order to protect economic interests and diplomatic privileges on planets along the various interstellar trade-routes.[1]

At its zenith circa Year 3, the United Trade Federation was comprised of Torent Puma's Outrider Trading (OT), Galactic Transportation Service (GTS), Saykor's InterGalactic Research and Exploration Center (IREC), Sterik Hasger's Blue Sabre Transportation (BST), the Genesis Corporation (GC), Angobba Desilijic Lucar's Hutt Council (HC), and other organizations.[2] The alliance's sphere of commercial influence purportedly stretched from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim Territories during Year 3 through Year 4.

Although envisioned by Supreme Chancellor Yotam as a neutral power bloc, the alliance was quickly ensnared in the ongoing turmoil between Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire — an Imperial separatist movement headquartered on Bastion — and Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire which reigned from Coruscant. Yotam chose to support Charon's government as well as its subsidized proxies such as the Hutt Council in their war against Bonias and his Sith followers.

Ultimately, the growing stranglehold of Yotam's United Trade Federation on galactic commerce triggered the formation of a counter-alliance known as the League of Trade which consisted of Intellifish, Astralwerks Engineering, Haven, Sky Knight Trading Federation, Cosmo Corp, Integral Corporation, Paradox Resource Exploration, and Twin Star Mining.[3] This rival economic pact proved to be a formidable challenge for Yotam and, by the start of Year 4, the United Trade Federation found itself in a greatly weakened position. By late Year 4, the alliance had disintegrated and could no longer deal with its own internal squabbles, as well as the dramatic political reversals that accompanied the sudden overthrow of Emperor Charon.


The United Trade Federation was initially a loose-knit collective of various organizations that joined together for a mutual economic benefit. In the hopes of its founder Dargon Yotam, the alliance would function much like the earlier Old Republic and act as a mechanism to resolve trade-related disputes. Each organization within the alliance was allowed a representative and each organizational leader participated in regular summit meetings.[1] The UTF was led by "The Triad" — three individuals that had assumed the responsibility to sit as speaker or any other function the UTF desired. The triad consisted of Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam, Praetor Torent Puma, and Consul.[1]


Alliance Charter

Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam of the United Trade Federation was a key ally of the Hutt Council and at the center of a hostage crisis that stunned the galaxy.

All members of the alliance — known as "federates" — had to agree to the following charter.[4]

Articles of Federation

"Unity is our banner. Integrity is our shield. Peace is our sword."

  • Section 1: Intent
Article I: To hold each sentient being with as equally high regard as the next sentient being
Article II: To unite under one banner, to achieve economic might- to unify the neutral Galactic Companies, system companies and Planet Companies.
Article III: To remain neutral from the war, and to have economic freedom.
Article IV: To form a community where, unbiased decisions and equality is for all
Article V: To protect all life. To view life not just as a phase but as a sacred gift, that no one is able to take. From the lowest pauper to the highest prince, from Emperor to rebel unbiased look upon the needs and beings of the Galaxy.
Article VI: To hold truth that the above and below shall bear no false evidence, but to maintain honor and wisdom, to protect instead of attack, to know peace rather than violence.
Article VII: To understand strange new worlds and cultures, to aide when disaster strikes.
  • Section 2: Leadership
Article I: Triad of Unity- are the three major leaders and representatives of the UTF. The Supreme Chancellor, the Consul, the Praetor.
Article II: The Supreme Chancellor- a position of life, the supreme Chancellor must at as the formal leader of the UTF in times of war, or crisis. Leader and advisor of the Great Summit and Triad of Unity.
Article II: Consul- Chief Executive of Internal Affairs- the Consul maintains internal and overall productions.
Article III: Praetor-Chief Judicial Officer, laws and regulations are interpreted by the Praetor, enforced by the Consul, and overseen by Supreme Chancellor.
  • Section 3: Unity
Article I: Stand together as one, and we will not fall, stand separate and we will all hang separate.
  • Section 4: Appointing Leaders
Article I: If a Supreme Chancellor is not capable of leading the Consul shall hold position, until a Vote of Election may be declared.
Article II: Only the Consul or the Praetor may take up the position of Supreme Chancellor- upon a majority vote from all of the Federates.
Article III: Once a Praetor or Consul has left position for Supreme Chancellor nominees are brought forth for the old position. The Consul or Praetor can either elect a nominee or they can vote for one which has already been nominated, there vote will count as 6, those of the Great Summit may nominate with a second nomination or cast there vote for a count of three points, or any member of a Federate may nominate with 5 other nominations standing behind that selected person.
Article IV: A nominee must decline nomination once nominated or they must go and finish there term as Consul or Praetor.

Articles of Law

  • Section 1: Representation
Article 1: Each Federate may have one representative and there leader at Summit Meetings. Representatives and leaders portray the needs and wants of every member of their respective organization.
B.) Leaders and representatives are allowed to form Acts and referendums to petition to obtain new materials. They are allowed to nominate persons for divisional leadership. To petition for a new Department/Branch. To Petition for new rewards, awards. To petition treaties. To petition for a UTF rep. at a non-UTF meeting.
  • Section II: Great Summit
Article I: The Great Summit Members
A.) The great Summit in Administrative terms the whole of the decision making body of the UTF. The Great Summit holds the Triad of Unity, the Great Summit holds the DDA Commanders, it also holds the Corporate Representatives as well as the Corporation Leaders. The Great Summit is the governing body of the UTF, every representative must go to the Summit meetings as well as all of the above mentioned in Section II, Article I, A.
C:) The Great Summit meets monthly- These Summits are made to plan, show progress, and to have everyone together so communication may flow and ideas move. The other type of meetings are once a week to bring up new ideas, bring up pressing matters, and to display and news from Federates and Protectorates.
  • Section III: Triad of Unity
Article I: Triad of Unity Members
A.) The Triad of Unity is exclusive to only three members- the Supreme Chancellor, the Praetor, and the Consul. These three are the ones who act in times of great crisis and war.
B.) Martial Law: If Martial Law is declared by the Great Summit. The Triad of Unity are the acting leaders of the UTF. They make decisions that would otherwise slow down the defense of UTF. Summit Meetings are still made and business would be conducted as usual. However- in times short when a Summit cannot be called upon the Triad must lead the UTF to protect the best interest of it as a whole.
  • Section IV: Hall of Representatives
Article I: Hall of Representatives members
A.) This is the general position of the Representatives, Representatives make daily talks with each other and meetings. Only the Great Summit pulls together all three into one large meeting.
B.) The Hall of Representative know further more as HOR, is the sums of all Corporate Representatives, often these Reps make public displays and if majority of the HOR agrees there meetings will be made public.
C.) All representatives must attend summit Meetings. Only in extremely rare cases should an excuse be made for one not to be apart of meetings.

Alliance Leadership


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