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The Unknown Regions most commonly are referred to as the large, unexplored region of The Galaxy that has not been chartered as of yet. It differs from Wild Space in the sense that Wild Space has been minimally chartered but not explored yet, while the Unknown Regions have neither been fully chartered or explored. The Unknown Regions is comprised of only a few billion stars, out of a galactic total of 400 billion.


The Chiss Ascendancy became the new dominant polity in the years after the founding of the Ascendancy in 5000 BCGT. In 68 BCGT, the Chiss Ascendancy begun the first of three wars they would have with a new enemy, the Vagaari. The Vagaari were slavers who were known for their racial superiority complex, ruthlessness, and guile. The Second War devasated regional trade as entire systems are reported to be under Vagaari rule. After a failed attempt to defeat Chiss forces, the Vagaari are weakened and repulsed. What is called the Third Vagaari War was actually only one battle, that was the outcome of strife within the Chiss Ascendancy. The Chiss, in a weakened state following a Civil Dispute and a Vagaari attack which nearly destroyed all Chiss infrastructure, were in a position where they needed assistance to defeat the Vagaari. The 12 Colonies answered the call for assistance.After ending the Vagaari threat, the leader of the Twelve Colonies, Isoldor Storm was made leader of a restored Chiss Ascendancy.It was this event that brought the Chiss into the Galactic community, while the Vagaari disappeared.

The most significant disappearances before Year 7 were the Imperial Science Vessel Huron and Imperial Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom. In the years that followed force users would also be mysteriously drawn there along with fortune seekers, explorers, colonists, and others.

In Year 7 the Galactic Civil War truly became Galactic as a result of the Chiss Ascendancy and their treaty with the Galactic Empire.This drew the attention of the New Republic. Storm was later assassinated and the Chiss government fell, eventually replaced by Black Nebula. The new leaders declared war on the New Republic,which was mostly the continuation of a conflict begun under Storm.The result, in the Unknown Regions at least, was known as the Battle of Csilla. The conflict lasted for weeks, but eventually was won by the New Republic. A New Republican commando squad managed to arrest Imperial Moff Mitth`oro` Nuroudo, who also happened to be the Aristocra of a Chiss House. In Year 12, a treaty between the successors of the Black Nebula and New Republic ended the partition of Csilla that had resulted from the campaign.

In the years that have followed, the Unknown Regions has begun to open up to new exploration and commerce from other parts of the galaxy, while still attracting those interested in its mysteries.

The people of the Unknown Regions remain mostly in their own star systems, the only exceptions being the Chiss and sentients from other parts of the galaxy.


Other than the Chiss Ascendancy, the Unknown Regions a patchwork of both Primitive and Advanced Civilizations, Pirate Ouposts, along with an assortment of dead worlds. These Dead Worlds have been depopulated for a variety of both known and unknown reasons, and are the favorite spots for treasure hunters and researchers. Most notably clues related to what happened to the two most dominant races in the region: The Kwa and their rivals, the Rakata.


In addition to Chiss culture, the greatest influence on the Unknown Regions has been the mysterious: Lost Civilizations, Ships and even lost worlds. Mysteries as to what happened to former Grand Admiral Veynom when he left for the Unknown Regions, what happened to the Rakatans and their vast empire, or how did the Chiss worlds beyond Csilla disappear fill the research and imaginations of many.

Species Home Sector Home System Home World
Chiss Csilla Sector Csilla System Csilla


The state of the Unknown Regions is also unknown. What information is known involves the Chiss, who have historically served as intermediaries between rest of the galaxy, and the other races of the Unknown Regions. When the original Chiss Ascendancy went isolationist in 3400 BCGT, this too ended, with only sparse contact with Chiss houses engaged in independent commerce.


The Unknown Regions is, as its name suggests, mostly uncharted. In recent years, the following Sectors have been mapped: