Up From the Ashes of Despair

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Posted by: Ximaro Jix - Faction: Zann Consortium
Date: Year 14 Day 242 Onboard the C-3 Passenger Liner HFFH Butcher of Axxila in system Both (283, -133).

Deep in the bastion of immaturity of the vile and wicked ones known all across the galaxy stands group known for their seemingly senseless murderous acts and their disregard for laws and regulations which have no place in an outlaws life listening closely to the current state of decay .

It is now in this horrific and tragic state of affairs I , Ximaro Jix speak to my fellow corrupt and blind citizens of the galaxy alike as political controversy reaches all sides of the galaxy leaving some not impressed by the voicing of opinions against an Empire that does little but flail its arms about and make idle threats that only their resident crime organization can back up for them or whomever they subcontract. It is here where Xakic Jix knows what must be done to end the false sense of security and wisdom that the Galactic Empire often claims to hold. A plan that would would remove the mighty sword of judgement and wielding by the "Fist of Imperial Strength" and forever change the galaxy for the greater good of chaos and destruction. Xakic Jix reaches out with his slithering hands to the galaxy from his outpost on Krmar which only recently was stolen from the same Galactic Alliance who took many losses of known rebels from us the wretched filth on swoop bikes pink or black who used their assets againt them. The same alliance that now pressures the Galactic Empire on their contradicting behavior and to find a resolve or there will be coup. There will be no need for a coup child of the galaxy. The only suggestion for this galaxy now is one that should of been done long ago. The Emperor clearly on his last leg shall have to consider a new Emperor to succeed him. It can't just be anyone since Executor Seele is recovering from his traumatic arrest by infamous Eidola pirate Syn . It has to be someone who openly admits to negotiating with criminals because they are scum themselves and have no boundaries and is limitless on what they will do wrong.


The new leader of this face of humanity should be non human to embrace the rich diversity of that which is the galaxy , someone who is willing to go a step further and not just affect core worlds but attack everyone in sight for no reason at all and who will gladly give away Super Star Destroyers to promote a better anarchy because humanity deserves the best when it comes to villainy and Vee Null was not available to join the race because he has been ripping off planets from New Republic who as usual fail to apprehend . Why settle for second rate sith leaders, when you can have a leader who does not care about the credz or the tech anyway. You the hard working clueless Imperial of humanity can have a known and truthful slime at the helm of what has long been argued is the greatest military super power in the galaxy by most sentient's. With Xakic Jix in office we'll do away with Moffs and everyone else who just talks and promotes propaganda as there will be instant executions for all politicians and the like. A service you can count on. Xakic Jix aims to cotinue the new tradition Emperor Ndengin has now started and will gladly give away Nightstingers and Tie Fighters as well to all who pledge loyalty to this new Hellions regime . Enemies ? Not a problem Xakic would be most thrilled to hand over some planets Imperials are not using anyway to corral any of those thinking of challenging his leadership or his people

"Xakic Jix a Hellion, a leader and most of all the tyrant you want abusing his power and destroying the galaxy. Accept no imitations "

"Vote Xakic Jix for Emperor and Support Your Local Dark Star Hellions and Raging Banthas"