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Supremacy-class Attack Ship
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 3.0
Sublight Speed 20 MGLT
Max Speed 200 km/h
Maneuverability 1.00
Sensors 6
Escape Pods CockpitPod.gif 3
Docking Bay DockingBay1.gif Yes
Hangar Bay n/a
Landing Capacity n/a
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts n/a
Graviton Generators n/a
Docking Port DockingPort1.gif 1
Medical Room n/a
Storage Room {{{storageroom}}}
Recycling n/a
Weapons/Utilities Turbolasers: 22
Tractor Beams: 2
Proton-Torpedo Launchers: 4
Heavy Laser: 25
Cargo Stats
Weight 8,000,000 T
Volume 140,000,000 m³
Weight Capacity 28,000 T
Volume Capacity 450,000 m³
Max Passengers 2,500
Party Slot Size 12.00
Hull Statistics
Length 1,750 m
Hull 2,000
Shield 1,950
Ionic Capacity 850
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price 21,168,946 AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png
Quantum 574
Meleenium 6,026
Ardanium 3,555
Rudic 1,074
Rockivory 9
Tibannagas 462
Varmigio 23,159
Lommite 1,725
Durelium 7,720
Bacta n/a
Hibridium n/a
Varium n/a
Affiliation n/a

The Supremacy-class Attack Ship is an archaic capital ship type that saw extensive service during the Great Sith War and other galactic conflicts approximately four millennia ago, where they functioned as mobile attack platforms. In their prime, vessels of this design were manufactured by the Tetan shipyards called Koros Spaceworks in the Koro-Teta sector of the Deep Core. The differed from other contemporary battleships used by the Galactic Republic, such as the Hammerhead Cruiser, not only with their extensive armament, bulky hull, and central command tower - but also with the designs' highly versatile range of size and power, given that the ships could be built in various sizes for different roles. While other historical craft such as the Veltraa-Class Cruiser and aforementioned Hammerhead Cruiser are frequently seen on the galactic space lanes and remain popular collectors' items, there is only one known, functioning Supremacy left in the Galaxy.

The last Supremacy

Four millennia ago a sector commander of the Old Republic was sent to investigate a strange signal that had emanated from an unknown region of space known as X-110. He prepped his small fleet and leaped into hyperspace, but was never heard from again. Before an investigation could be conducted, the galaxy found itself in yet another galactic conflict, now known as the Sith Wars, and soon the small fleet was forgotten amongst bureaucracy of war.

Discovery and Salvage Operation

The wreckage of what would later turn out to be the Supremacy-class Attack Ship was scanned and recorded by forces loyal to the Imperial Core during the events of search for Veynom at the onset of Year 3. Major galactic powers, particularly the three Imperial factions and their enemies, were scrambling to track the trajectory of the Grand Admiral's journey. The end result of the search was the X-110 system beyond the Sith Worlds with its rogue planetoid and assortment of debris. The Supremacy was adrift in a minor asteroid field near the center of the system, along with several other unidentified mangled starships. While the Imperial Core and Sith parties focused on surveying the mysterious planetoid Marharawen, at least one of the wreckages was salvaged by the patrolling task force. The salvaged wreck was later restored to become an Escort Carrier, which eventually became mass produced by Imperial factions. In the midst of the events at X-110, several TIE fighters were struck by asteroids and thus left behind. Similarly, a Rebel Alliance reconnaissance flight consisting of an A-wing squadron reverted to realspace in the tail of a rogue comet, leaving the fighters adrift and damaged - pilots' fate unknown.

Historical Perspective
"Log entry, Y4 D300

The task force has finally arrived in the system with designation X-110, also known as Gamma. The Darkness proceeded from the Hapes Cluster to the Core - and from there continuing up the Hydian Way to the Corporate Sector - while the Dreadnaughts took the Perlemian Trade Route to the Tion Cluster where they lingered until we could coordinate a simultaneously jump for rendezvous here. Apart from that, we have maintained communications blackout.

I was unable to dissuade Xarius from going to Beta. Tara also attempted to convince him to avoid Beta at all cost, but when has my nephew ever listened to anyone? While his presence here was never of vital importance to the mission, I consider likely that the talk we all had over the HoloNet was the last I shall ever see of him. Knowing Uebles, Imperial wrath will be swift and merciless, and the Falleen are in for one hell of a fight. I suppose there is a certain irony in the fact that this mission at Gamma happens concurrent with the military buildup at Beta, both key locations during the search for Veynom. Thankfully what it also means is that the Imperials and Rebels are both occupied on other fronts and will not interfere - albeit I have previously heard rumours of Rebel intervention in my quest, due to the sensitivity of the A-wing design.

Bonias never cancelled my access to Majestic 12's databases. This has allowed me to review the transcripts, sensor data, and other material from the events of the Ashes campaign in more detail. The Escort Carrier wreckage was salvaged by the Imperial Core from the asteroid field and as I understand the Dark Empire, and subsequent reunited Galactic Empire, has managed to reverse engineer the design for mass production. The files indicate that a Rebel A-wing squadron was destroyed by a comet in system during reconnaissance, and some Core TIE fighters suffered a similar fate in the inner asteroid field. Additionally there were two other wrecks already present that nobody had time to investigate before the team pulled out from the dwarf planetoid or rogue moon - whatever it is. In any case, I am glad I ignored Bonias' urging me to assist in the defence of this place, no matter how tempting the reward.

With any luck we will be able to salvage some of the Rebel fighters and maybe some TIE fighters to reconstruct at Lorell. The unknown wrecks may prove to be something similar to the Escort Carrier, which is also promising."

Alexander Tylger contemplating events just prior to the salvage of the Supremacy

Eidolan Service

Ownership History

  • Galactic Republic
  • Alex Tylger
  • Thraken Solo
  • Eidola
  • Falleen Federation

From the remains of the Old Republic fleet, the Supremacy-class Attack Ship was reborn. Its restoration was a monumental task, with the other wrecks that were found in the asteroid field being cannibalized for parts. While every effort was made to keep the original design intact, many upgrades to both shielding and armour were also implemented. The ship's hull was damaged beyond recognition — pitted and dented by thousands of years of asteroid collisions and exposure to large amounts of radiation. The engineers involved in the repairs worked around the clock for the better part of a year to bring this ship to its current glory. New armour plates were molded out of a revolutionary meleenium alloy, allowing the Supremacy-class Attack Ship to compete with more modern craft. New hard points were added for weapon placements and the extra weapons allow the attack ship to decimate formations of fighters, or defend itself from capital ship attacks.

The last known Supremacy Attack Ship was used in Teniel Djo's suicide. Eidola Pirates were then able to successfully retrieve it from The Maw.

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