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House Tylger
Historical Information
Ancestral houseHouse Pal'durath
CapitalHapes Prime
DominionHapes Cluster
EstablishedYear -3324
General information
Current headAlexander Tylger
MembersTara Tylger
Kimberly Tylger
Kara Ikron
FlagshipHRS Pal'durath
AffiliationHapes Consortium

House Tylger (known as House Tylger-Pal'durath in the Hapes Consortium) is a Hapan dynasty and the Royal House of Hapes. The house has occupied the Hapan throne since Year 11 D108 when Alexander Tylger became the sovereign of the Hapes Consortium, following a brief period as appointed Crown Prince under King James I of the Tini'duran dynasty. Historically, the house was a duchy on the planet Lorell but was later raised to grand duchy and given rule of the Zadaria system. The family is tied to House Pal'durath which ruled the Hapes Consortium between Year -445 and Year -80.


Ancient History

The Tylger family traces its roots back to the Lorell Raiders who occupied the Hapes Cluster prior to the founding of the Hapes Consortium, and was historically based on the planet Lorell. In Year -3324, during the Antiquity Era and the Consortium's third ruling dynasty, the first peerage act was put in place by royal decree. This formalised the nobility on Hapan worlds, and the Tylgers - a wealthy family with vast expanses of land - became a duchy (Duchii), governing the planet.

In the last years of the Decline Era, Queen Mother Inaq Thian Pal'durath - the seventh ruler of the tenth dynasty - suffered from a rapidly deteriorating health. The abolition of primogeniture laws a few centuries prior meant that both of her daughters were eligible to become the next monarch. As the Queen Mother suffered a stroke and fell in to a coma before making a decision on the matter of succession, the Consortium was divided on the subject, with lengthy debates ensuing in Lorell Hall. Following a poll that favoured the younger sister who lacked firm backing from the more powerful noble houses, the Hapan Civil War broke out in Year -80, dividing the Consortium in to the Draconian Union and Sword Confederacy.

With the Consortium descending in to its Dark Age with the onset of the conflict, Duchess Senita Tylger rose to prominence by aiding the war effort of Princess Da'tan and helping the Draconian Union seize control of Lorell which became the capital of her movement. As a reward the Princess took Xariq - Duchess Senita Tylger's younger brother - as her consort, and also gave House Tylger rule of the Zadaria system in the Gateworlds region as a Grand Duchy (Tarii).

The union between Da'tan and Xariq proved advantageous for the previously somewhat obscure house, thrusting it on to the political stage of the fragmented Consortium. The war dragged on longer than expected, doing tremendous damage to the infrastructure and society on Hapan worlds, and also marked the rise and fall of some of the greatest noble houses. When Princess Da'tan died in Year -61, leadership of the Draconian Union passed to Zalin Ci'hani as regent, until such time as Princess Lana Da'tanah was old enough to rule. Grand Duchess Kani Tylger - having succeeded her mother - was married to the Regent's younger brother, making her an important figure in the Draconian Union's leadership. Princess Lana Da'tanah took over in Year -47 and had a close bond with her cousins, the Ci'hanis and Tylgers, eventually taking the role of guardian and adopted mother of Grand Duke Laz Tylger's children after his consort was assassinated. When the Princess died at Gallinore in Year -28, Grand Duchess Zalin Ci'hani and Grand Duke Laz Tylger shared regency of the Draconian Union and represented the noble houses at the peace conference that led to the reunification of the Hapes Consortium two years later.

Modern History


Senita Tylger †
Duchess of Lorell
Druxald Shaa †
Duke of Terephon
Inaq Thian Pal'durath †
Queen Mother Pal'durath VII of the Hapes Consortium
Vidall Seralii †
Prince Consort
Virn Ci'hani †
Duke of Phelope
Kani Tylger †
Grand Duchess of Zadaria
Xariq Tylger †
Count of Lorell
Da'tan Pal'durath †
Princess of Hapes
Ta'lan Pal'durath †
Princess of Hapes
Atin Crimm †
Archon of the Corsair Outback
Victor von Ismay XV †
Count of Belmont
Xalil Zaa'rin †
Laz Tylger
Grand Duke of Zadaria
Lana Da'tanah Pal'durath †
Princess of Hapes
Inaq Ta'lan Pal'durath †
Princess of Hapes
Guardian & adopted mother of Laz Tylger's children
Various Consorts
Victor von Ismay XVI
Count of Belmont
Alexander Tylger
King of the Hapes Consortium
Various Consorts
Kaninen Tylger
Jennifer Aya Tylger †
Various Consorts
Cordelia Tylger †
Duchess of Zadaria
Drox Escalus
Count of Kavan
House Ismay
Airora Tylger
Tara Tylger
Princess of Hapes
Kimberly Tylger
Princess of Hapes
Ayanna Tylger
Xarius Tylger
Tyra Tylger
Tyri Senona Tylger