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Jake Azzameen
JakeAzzameen Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Mon Calamari
Homeworld Dac
Born Year -14 Day 177
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Rogue Squadron
House Darian
Galactic Alliance
Rank Grand Admiral
Positions High Command
Prior Affiliation Jedi Praxium
Universal Network Bank
Rebel Alliance
New Republic
Brotherhood of the Sand
Triad of the Light
Awards various

Lord Jake Azzameen of Darian is a Grand Admiral of the Rogue Squadron and had been adopted into the Kuati Noble House of Darian by Lord Garik Vordarian. He has not only held numerous positions and commands within the Rebel community, but also participated in all major operations of the Alliance during his time of duty. He held command over the Rebel Battle Group responsible for securing the decisive victory over Imperial forces at the Battle of Commenor, the final step of Operation Praxis. Together with another Mon Calamari, Tigris Ninx of the Falleen Federation, he composed the Treaty establishing the Galactic Alliance. He is the keeper of Jedi Master Vel Koon's holocron.




Early Life

The Jedi Praxium


Universal Network Bank

The Alliance to Restore the Republic

The Jedi Praxium

The Antarian Rangers

The Alliance to Restore the Republic

The New Republic

The Barren Lands

The Unknown Regions

23rd Legion

The Rogue Squadron

The Galactic Alliance

The Unknown Regions ... again

Building peace


Personality and traits

Powers and abilities


  • Vel Koon's holocron. (OOC-Note: Website containing what is left of Vel's handwritten holocron)

Service Record

Jedi Praxium & Antarian Rangers

  • Chancellor, Jedi Praxium
  • Knight Master, Jedi Praxium
  • Ranger One (temporary), Antarian Rangers
  • Ranger Two, Antarian Rangers
  • Ranger, Antarian Rangers


Rebel Alliance & New Republic

  • Rear Admiral, Rebel Navy Command
  • Brigadier General, Republic Army Command
  • Battle Group Commander, Rebel Military Command
  • Fleet Commander, Rebel Military Command
  • Division Commander, Republic Military Command
  • Dean of the Navy, Rebel Academy
  • Fleet Surgeon, Rebel Medical Command
  • High Ambassador, Rebel Diplomacy Command
  • High Ambassador, Republic Diplomacy Command
  • Officer, Center for Rebel Intelligence
  • Chief, Center for Republic Intelligence
  • Governor of Republica, Republic Ministry of Culture
  • Senator, New Republic Senate
  • Speaker (acting), New Republic Senate
  • Judge, New Republic Justice Department
  • Chief Executive Officer, Republic Mining Corporation
  • Chief Executive Officer, Republic Trading (Black Sun)
  • Chief Executive Officer (acting), Astralwerks Engineering
  • Advisor (Mining), Rebel Interior Advisory Council
  • Advisor (Diplomacy), Rebel Interior Advisory Council
  • Advisor to the Executive Board, Incom Corporation
  • Middleman Level 4, New Republic Ministry of Trade and Industry


Rogue Squadron

  • Grand Admiral, High Command/Leader

Galactic Alliance

  • Secretary General
  • Deputy Secretary General
  • Representative to the Leadership Council, New Republic
  • Representative to the Leadership Council, Rogue Squadron

Order of the Jedi

  • Jedi Sage
  • Jedi Knight

Honorary Titles, Non FS

Awards and Decorations

Jedi Praxium & Antarian Rangers:

  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Order of the Praxium
  • Ranger Cross
  • Superior Service Medal
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Ranger Achievement Award
  • Ranger Betterment Award
  • Project Sunrise
  • Project RGT
  • Joint Operations Ribbon
  • Ul Yanin Deployment
  • Duty Bars - 2 Years
  • Darian Falcon
  • Liberty Medical Certificate

Rebel Alliance & New Republic

  • Mantooine Medallion
  • Naval Recognition Medal
  • Meritorious Unit Medal
  • Group Commander's Citation
  • Republic Readiness Award
  • Hydian Star of Excellence
  • Master Builder Award
  • Operation Clean Sweep
  • Operation Forging Freedom
  • Operation Elrood Eye
  • Operation Praxis
  • Joint Operations Ribbon
  • Operational Service with Bronze Star
  • Duty Bars - 5 Years
  • Army Command Citation [New Republic]
  • Center for Rebel Intelligence Command Citation [Rebel Alliance]
  • Center for Republic Intelligence Command Bar [New Republic]
  • Diplomacy Command Citation [New Republic]
  • Diplomacy Command Citation [Rebel Alliance]
    • High Ambassador's Badge [Rebel Alliance]
    • Executive Ambassador's Badge [Rebel Alliance]
  • Interior Command Citation [Rebel Alliance]
    • Academy Dean's Badge [Rebel Alliance]
    • Nationalised Subsidiary Leader's Badge [Rebel Alliance]
    • Nationalised Subsidiary Service Ribbon [Rebel Alliance]
    • Medical Corps Citation [Rebel Alliance]
  • Ministry of Culture [New Republic]
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry [New Republic]
  • Naval Command Citation [Rebel Alliance]
    • Battle Group Commanding Officer Ribbon [Rebel Alliance]
    • Fleet Commanding Officer Ribbon [Rebel Alliance]
    • Task Group Commanding Officer Ribbon [Rebel Alliance]
    • Fleet Executive Officer Ribbon [Rebel Alliance]
  • Old Republic Star of Valor [Faction WS]

Rogue Squadron

  • Mantooine Medallion
  • Medal of Valor
  • Superior Service Medal
  • Medal of Progress
  • Medal of Progress
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • Joint Operations Award
  • Long Service Award
  • Field Achievement Award
  • Operation Arvala (Kuill; Arvala, Resistance/Alliance Assistance)
  • Operation Kowak (Kowak, Blue Star Dominion Assistance)
  • Operation Bes
  • Operation Tolonda (Tolonda, Infinite Empire Assistance)
  • Operation Derra (Peacekeeper; Combat Beta, Alliance Operation)
  • Operation Droecil (Droecil; Freedom Warriors Assistance)
    • Droecil Cup (awarded by Freedom Warriors)
  • Operational Service Award (Petabys; Alliance Operation)
    • Rebel Alliance Petabys Conflict Operation (awarded by Rebel Alliance)
  • Operational Service Award (Urgent Fury; Hosnian, Alliance Operation)
    • Operation Urgent Fury (awarded by Rebel Alliance)
  • Operational Service Award (Sovereignty Assurance; Triumvirate Coalition Assistance)
  • Operational Service Award (Blue Eyes)
  • Operational Service Award (Star Ferret)
  • Operational Service Award (Galaxy Quest)


Winner of the Galactic Death Match in Year 7 Day 162.

White Scenarios

  • Enter the Depths
  • Unknown Prospect
  • The New Era
  • Kivanors Sorrow
  • Outpost under attack (GM)
  • Ghorman Incident
  • Ruling of Terror
  • Hearts of Darkness
  • The Iron Chancellor
  • The Price of Freedom
  • The Insanity Test
  • The Search for the Fabled Sword
  • (Diplomatic Disappearance)