Kroprox Rodz

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Kroprox Rodz
Kroprox Rodz.png
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan
Homeworld Trandosha
Clan Shadowscale
House Rodz
Marital Status Single
Siblings Dozer Rodz
Born Year 15 Day 135
Languages Basic, Aurebesh
Religion Atheistic
Quote [h4¢k_th3_wØr1d]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 7 ft 5 in
Coloring Shadowy Green
[previously Glossy Green]
Hair Color None
Eye Color Fire Orange
Political Information
Affiliation The Black Hand
Title Dark Horseman
Prior Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Anzatan Commonwealth
The Black Hand
Corporate Sector Authority
Kerdos Company
Awards Tresario Star Kingdom
Small-TSKuniversityIntructor.pngTSK- Navy.png
Signature Sign.png

Kroprox Rodz is part of The Black Hand.



Anzatan Commonwealth

Year 15 Day 136: Recruited for Anzatan Commonwealth by Okrim Rimdor.

Year 15 Day 137: Starts working at APES under the command of Okrim Rimdor.

Year 15 Day 215: Promoted to Senior Trainee by Sydney von Ismay.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Year 15 Day 233: Enters the service of Tresario Star Kingdom as a Cadet.

Year 15 Day 239: Graduates from University of Tresario under the instructions of Jon Onasi.

Year 15 Day 239: Starts as Monkey for Art Monkeys.

Year 15 Day 239: Starts working at Tresario Core Fleet under the command of Xyler Zero.

Year 15 Day 241: Promoted to Petty Officer by Vernon Foxtail.

Year 15 Day 275: Starts as Editor of the Holocron.

Year 15 Day 284: Starts as Recruiter for Tresario Star Kingdom.

Year 15 Day 287: Founds Shadowscale Clan with Venari Haliat.

Year 15 Day 303: Starts as Professor for the University of Tresario.

The Black Hand

Year 15 Day 316: Enters the service of The Black Hand as Recruiter Liaison, University Deputy Dean and Head of Design Department.

Corporate Sector Authority

Year 16 Day 262: Enters the service of Corporate Sector Authority.

Kerdos Company

Year 17 Day 227: Enters the service of Kerdos Company.

The Black Hand

Year 22 Day 88: After a long time break, returns to the service of The Black Hand.


As part of his Instructor role, Kroprox likes to take mentorship over his students, because teaching is not only about knowledge is also about a way of life.

Tresario Star Kingdom ------------------ The Black Hand

Alessandro De Caito Y15D306 Trakinor Tiberius Y15D311 Aneinh Cordo Y15D336 Tycho Mandor Y16D16 Mara Laray Y16D28



YT-510 Jagannath

Jagannath was the first ship purchased by Kroprox Rodz, this was in the Year 15 Day 285 through the Trade Federation from Kuat Drive Yards and managed by Lilith Delcroix. This awesome YT-510 is seven times faster light. He couldn't wait a second before he started customizing it. He said "Sometimes you have to change things that are perfectly good just to make them your own"


YT-2000 Shadowscale

After the foundation of the Shadowscale Clan, Kroprox Rodz decided to buy a flagship for his Clansmen and named it Shadowscale. This was in the Year 15 Day 289 through the Centrepoint Marketplace from Mika Noris. Almost as fast as his Jagannath, this awesome YT-2000 has the fire power to protect his Clansmen. Once again, he didn't wait a second to start customizing the ship.


YT-1300 Blackhand

When Kroprox decided to join The Black Hand he couldn't celebrate it in other way that buying a ship for the occasion. This was in the Year 15 Day 291 through the Centrepoint Marketplace from Loren Zolo. This awesome YT-1300 was destined to be the insignia of his new affiliation.


YT-2400 Drogon

After a few months of considerations, Kroprox Rodz decided to expand his fleet and set for himself a goal, have all YT-Series. Drogon was the next on his purchasing list, this was in the Year 16 Day 18 through the Trade Federation from Kuat Drive Yards and managed by Alex Track. This awesome YT-2400 represents a step closer in owning the YT-Series.


YT-1210 Viserion

The search was hard and took some time, but finally Kroprox Rodz found his next purchase. Then, minutes before buying, his friend and boss Kratos Musashi decided to give this awesome YT-1210 as a gift. This was in the Year 16 Day 37. Now, there's only one last ship in his list to be bought.


Corona-class frigate Nebuchadnezzar pic coming soon

After almost have his YT-Series Completed Kroprox thought that he might need a big, useful and respectable container, the Nebuchadnezzar was the answer. This was in the Year 16 Day 81 through the Centrepoint Marketplace from Jay Ceveri.


Tresario Star Kingdom

TSKuniversity.png University Graduate Awarded upon graduation from the University of Tresario.

Small-3month.PNG 3-Month Service Ribbon Awarded for three consecutive months of active service to the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Small-TSKuniversityIntructor.png University Instructor Awarded for actively participating as an Instructor in the University of Tresario.

TSK- Navy.png Military Operations Service Ribbon Awarded for active service in the Ministry of Military Operations.

Small-artmonkey.png Art Monkey Ribbon Awarded for contributing to the artistic side of Tresario Star Kingdom.