Orphaea Imperium

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Orphaea Imperium
Orphaea Imperium with Cape.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (nominal)
Homeworld Corellia (adoptive)
Mother None
Father None
Spouse None
Siblings Inara Imperium

Melkhior Imperium
Actrial Imperium

Children None
Born -21:213 BCGT (assumed)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.91 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Empire-in-Exile
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire

Cloud City
Lyran Union

Awards see below
"I am the wellspring of all goodness."
— Orphaea Imperium

Orphaea Imperium is known variously as an Imperial Moff, de facto head of the Imperium family, journalist, businessman, analyst, pirate, spy, revolutionary, shameless self-promoter and deviant of many levels.


Orphaea Imperium as a Young Man.jpg

Early Years

"The fun thing about being a clone - there's always more than one of us."
— Orphaea Imperium

It is unknown when, or if, Orphaea was 'born'. It is known that he was a subject of a project commenced during the early years of Emperor Drayson's reign to develop superior leaders for the Empire by the manipulation and splicing of genetic material taken from promising young leaders of the time, from which all members of the Imperium family hail. Unsubstantiated reports exist that Orphaea's formal designation during this time was Subject O-Beta.

When the project was shut down during Emperor Spytek's reign, Orphaea, like the rest of the subjects of the project, had their memories of their time erased and false memories of families and normal childhood experienced implanted in their place. Scattered throughout the galaxy with the others, Orphaea found himself on the streets of Corellia, an 'orphan' and young man appearing twenty years.

With few other resources, Orphaea quickly acquired a job with a small security company in Corellia specialising in facility security and local shipping escorting. Here, Orphaea alternated between general administrative work, armed guard duty and escort piloting until he became a group leader in the company some years later. Orphaea was known as a demanding but casual leader, who was willing to work as equal to those under him until the situation demanded otherwise.

Feeling he had advanced as far as he could within the company, Orphaea applied to the Imperial Academy, being accepted on Year 6 Day 213, his 'official' birthday.

Early Imperial Career

Orphaea entered the academy under tutor then-Flight Officer Dilnyrae Auvryndar, a class behind Janos Korin and Marcus Veers and in the same class as Ben Camden. Another valuable contact was made with Guinar Ndengin, in charge of collecting and transporting Orphaea to the academy. Orphaea performed generally well at the academy, graduating with an overall score just below that required for honours.

While at the Imperial Academy, Orphaea would begin to cultivate relationships spanning years.

Upon graduation, Orphaea was assigned to Carrier Group Two of the First Imperial Fleet. Here, he would meet then-Lieutenant Prijo Sacha, a prominent figure in his later Navy career. Orphaea's early Naval career was not remarkable, being admired for his high level of activity and general competence, if not for any notable tactical skill at the time.

For an unknown reason, Orphaea was (perhaps fortuitously) unable to be located when the revolt against the Emperor and Grand Moff Daelin Zerk occurred. By the time he was found some weeks later, working quietly at the same post he had been assigned to before the revolt started, the immediate aftermath was over. However, many of those he had become familiar with and admired had remained outside the Empire, joining the New Imperial Order on its formation. Orphaea, however, continued in the First Imperial Fleet, serving with distinction in Operation Warspite, as well as providing technical support for other participants in the campaign.

It was during his time in the First Fleet that Orphaea, Ben Camden and Roth Jalis, all lower ranking enlisted, came together to form the Imperial Collaborative Investment Group, selling 'shares' and making money for investors through clever trading on the galactic market. The group was highly successful in its two months of operation, before an Imperial decree outlawed all but Combank's investment program.

Orphaea progressed reasonably through the enlisted ranks within the First Fleet until Commander Sacha was transferred to the Second Imperial Fleet. Needing a general right-hand man, Sacha offered the then-Sergeant the opportunity for advancement with him within the Second Fleet. Orphaea accepted, transferring to the Second Fleet and the Outer Rim.

It was around this time that Orphaea came to the attention of Director of Imperial Intelligence Zee Wolf. After a few staggered conversations, Orphaea agreed to some general technical work on behalf of the Director, without entering Imperial Intelligence proper. This was Orphaea's first step into the the darker aspects of the galaxy.

Quickly establishing himself as a respected senior enlisted within the fleet, Orphaea progressed to officer rank and Executive Officer of Beta Group within the fleet under Lieutenant Wrathraven; the senior officer often unable to complete his duties and leaving the junior Orphaea to oversee the group.

It was here, surrounded by unoccupied territories in the Elrood sector, that Orphaea saw the potential benefit of 'Fleet Cities', cities financed, built, and owned entirely by a fleet. Not only would this provide a source of income for fleet members, it would also help establish outposts on worlds, and give fleet members valuable construction experience that may be of use in the future. As a test, Orphaea was tasked with overseeing construction of 'Secundus Prime' on Khuiumin, the first city built entirely by military forces. This project was a complete success, with other fleets designing and breaking ground on their own fleet cities, and in part inspiring the wide-scale use of military forces on construction efforts as is common today.

Having quietly worked for intelligence, Orphaea approached Zee's successor, Alexander Fel, and offered his services as a more permanent intelligence asset. Fel accepted, incorporating Orphaea into his intelligence structure. It was here that Orphaea observed and contributed to Fel's personal project: a privately-owned government, free of the sometimes painful bureaucracy of the Empire. Orphaea eagerly worked on development plans for the future government, despite secretly harbouring doubts about its viability.

When the time came for the government to be created, Orphaea resigned his commission in the Navy and departed for the Lyran Union, to guide it's development, and secretly to observe and ensure the ex-Deputy Director didn't engage in conduct that could be considered anti-Imperial.

Lyran Union

With the Union established, Orphaea became Chairman of the Central Committee and second-in-command of the Lyran Union, with the duties of acquiring hardware for the Lyran Union, developing the Union's resources and consolidating the Union's control over the planets nearby the ones in Dolomar Sector the Empire had granted the Union. The latter required an even greater effort when a bizarre galactic anomaly cut power from all the newly established Lyran outposts in the sector, requiring a massive effort to build new power generators for all the colonies with the limited shipping and construction resources available at the time. At the same time, he worked for the Imperial Navy as Adjutant with authority of a Captain (while officially remaining a Lieutenant), a position created for his unique circumstances to keep him in Navy service, filtering the minor reports and proposals sent to Naval High Command.

Despite a long and detailed plan for development, Orphaea soon realised that the leaders of the Union possessed little will to accomplish any goals. The bureaucracy of the Empire had been replaced by one of Secretary Fel's design, and the initial populace of the government largely considered of veteran Imperials tired of working in bureaucracy, or low-ranked Imperials disgruntled at their lack of immediate success in the Empire. Recruitment efforts did little to improve the situation, and various reforms proposed by Orphaea and others were fruitless. The Union also struggled against the galaxy at large, who did not recognise the Union as a government, but considered it merely a bizzare cult.

Even more concerning, however, was the gradual trend towards close association with criminal figures and organisations such as Eidola. In weaker moments, or after a heavy night of drinking, various leaders even considered acquiring badly needed resources through closer association with anti-Imperial forces.

It was these progressions that saw Orphaea report to his high-level contacts in the Empire his concerns that the Union under Fel was no longer viable, and the only way of ensuring pro-Imperial interest in the Union would be to remove Fel from leadership. For the Empire, Orphaea developed several plans for an assassination of Fel which would leave Orphaea able to seize control of the Union.

It was also at this time that Orphaea and Pirate Queen Teniel Djo came into private contact. At some point, discussion progressed to the point where both were entertaining the chance for Djo to assassinate Fel: Djo for the publicity of assassinating an ex-Director of Imperial Intelligence; and Orphaea for the chance to seize control of the Union and restore it to the Empire, ironically conspiring to assassinate Fel with the same people Fel was being removed for conspiring with.

Before Orphaea and Djo set their plans in motion, he sent a final request for orders to the Empire. He recieved the 'all-clear', but a crucial part of the return message, 'Keep your own hands clean', was not recieved. This would not have mattered had all gone to plan and Djo been able to board Fel's ship. However, Fel appeared for an incidental reason where he was not meant to, and was able to change the access codes to the ship before Djo was able to board. Djo fled, but not before offering Orphaea an invitation to Eidola.

The plan foiled, Orphaea transferred his remaining assets to various close associates of times past in case of the unforeseen, and fled to hyperspace in a Lyran fighter towards Coruscant before the Lyrans disabled his access to ship controls.

The Pirate Regent of Thar.

Pirate Warlord

"Eidola thanks you for your donation... I always wanted to say that."
— Orphaea Imperium

While if it had no other concerns, the Empire would accept his return, with the Union still a question mark, the Empire could not afford to harbour a known Lyran fugitive, and should his presence in Imperial space be officially detected, Imperial forces would have no choice but his summary execution. Thus, Captain Darvock Tarion was secretly dispatched to pick up the wayward officer and transport him to the Denevar system, where he would remain under the protection of Dark Jedi Asaraya'katr.

Orphaea spent the next week flying idly in a borrowed freighter. While he had briefly remained on Imperial channels maskerading as a relation in the Empire, he was soon discovered. It was unlikely he would be able to return to the Empire in the foreseeable future. Recalling Djo's parting invitation and the exclusivity of such an offer, and considering his chances at survival were marginally better with the pirates than with the Empire, Orphaea headed to the Eidolan stronghold of Sevarcos, where Djo accepted him and gifted him with a YT-1210 which Orphaea rechristened Kaibuki.

The next few months saw Orphaea settle into his new life as a pirate. He had already been exposed to a great part of the galaxy as Chairman, a part that had been hidden from him during his service in the Navy, but he now explored the depths of the underworld. While refusing to work as a scammer or crooked middle, Orphaea was not averse to other illicit activities, in one instance personally leading Eidolan construction teams building slave camps on Anzat itself, despite multiple arrest attempts by Anzati security forces.

Around this time, Fel sent a message to Orphaea. Recognising now the difficulties the Union was facing, he invited Orphaea to return to his former post as Chairman and second in the Union. Orphaea considered this, but felt the risk was too high, declining but offering his services as an analyst and planner.

Orphaea had finally settled into his life as a pirate and had been appointed Regent of Thar when he recieved a recall notice from the Empire: Uther von Kaldreon had looted Cloud City and BST, the mining corporation of the Empire, and required a new leader to restore it.

Legitimate Businessman

"CEO nowadays, or Eidolan warlord, whichever suits the current situation."
Andhers Jakhim

Orphaea had a difficult decision. He had been accepted by the Eidolans, and had established himself with them. However, without the will to scam and steal, there was little challenge in his work. Here was a great challenge for him, to restore the Empire's mining corporation to productivity, as well as the opening back into the Imperial fold he had once wished for. Ultimately, Orphaea apologetically left the pirates and headed for his new challenge.

Cloud City and BST was a shambles when Orphaea arrived. Kaldreon had appropriate all the mines, most of the cities, and all but the primary freighter fleet and a handful of prospecting vehicles. At the same time, staff were departing from all sides, whether siding with Kaldreon against the Empire or taking advantage of the confusion to seek new horizons.

Fortunately, Orphaea had the wealth of the Empire to back him in his reconstruction efforts. Surprising many observers (who had not been made party to the truth of earlier events), he did not immediately strip the corporation even further as would be expected of a pirate, but started a massive recruitment drive and collecting materials from the open market. With all new recruits, reconstruction would be a difficult, though not insurmountable, task.

A month or two in, with things starting to settle into some degree of normalcy, Orphaea approached Imperial High Command with a new idea: Cloud City and Centarra Mining develop a planet of their own. Centarra had stepped in to provide mining services while Cloud City was being rebuilt, and a large planet built by the two companies would not only help consolidate the Empire, but the income from the completed planet could provide a huge percentage of both companies' budget. Scouting for planets, both companies eventually started prospecting and preparing construction on Tarorasuil, in Bortras system in the Coruscant sector. It would, of course, not prove that easy, and the constant rotation of new staff through Cloud City and the assassination of Centarra leader Quard Ithan saw the project handed over, half-completed, to the Empire.

While at Cloud City, Orphaea worked on the side to build his wealth. Eventually, he invested some of this wealth into the creation of Galaxywide NewsNets, an information corporation which he hoped would eventually supplant all the mediocre broadcasters and tabloids dominating the holonet at the time.

After a time at Cloud City, Orphaea was offered the position of Minister of Truth for the Empire proper, and a seat on Imperial High Command. However, the strain of taking Cloud City from the brink to a large and busy corporation had broken Orphaea, and he retired from Cloud City, leaving former Centarra second Eric Zahm as the next CEO.

Back to the Empire

Minister of Truth.
"Here's for anarchy, sleaze and beach parties."
— Orphaea Imperium

In a year, Orphaea had moved from the Empire, to the Union, to Eidola, to Cloud City, to end up back within the Empire, working quietly in the background on small developments, as well as diplomatic works and military struggles.

Orphaea's first great victory since rejoining the Empire proper was the success of the Battle of Meridian, where he had planned and executed with Admiral Calor Assam the elimination of the Renegade Inc presence within the Meridian sector. Drawing in part on his experiences in the galactic underworld, a small fleet scattered in strategic positions around the sector established so many footholds within the sector that it became no longer viable for Renegade Inc to continue substantial development in the sector, as well as hijacking fully two thirds of the Renegade fleet.

Otherwise, while remaining in the public view, Orphaea operated largely in the shadows, doing little of knowledge to the public except continual supervision of the Imperial News Bureau and associated duties within the Ministry of Truth.

Oversector Dolomar

"We'll need to rename it... Oversector Friggin' Huge."
— Orphaea Imperium

Upon the declaration of Goth as Regent of the Empire, one of the many changes was the dissolution of the Ministry of Truth and incorporation of the Imperial News Bureau into the recreated COMPNOR. While remaining Director of the Bureau, Orphaea was promoted to Moff of the newly created Oversector Dolomar, ironically returning to govern the same sector he had once fled and been outlawed from.

Less than a month after his appointment, Orphaea saw his next great achievement. He had discretely expressed to the leadership of the Corporate Sector Authority his support for their government and expressed his desire to support their growth from a relatively minor backwater government into a large and prosperous government, with the (unmentioned) potential for later membership in the Imperial Union. However, having been granted access to the Corporate Sector's networks and plans, it was revealed that despite the many advantages the Authority possessed, it was plagued internally with mismanagement and lack of adequate staffing on all levels, not to mention being in talks with various groups belligerent towards the Empire.

Knowing this, and after consultation with several members of Imperial High Command, Orphaea made the decision to re-nationalize the Authority and its subsidiaries for the Empire. Using his newly granted privileges to slice access codes to ExO Max Solusar's ship and removing higher-ranking Authority officers from government access lists, he dispatched a loyal officer to detain Solusar while he seized control of the government apparatus. Unfortunately, the officer perished; having failed to best the Wookiee in combat, he had set the ship on a locked course towards the system sun, killing himself and Solusar. This resulted in the movement to seize government being delayed by several hours, although all properties and other assets were restored shorty after.

As de facto leader of the Authority, the Corporate Sector promptly swore allegiance to the Empire and the Authority's corporations stripped and sold off or incorporated into the Empire. The territories of the Authority were incorporated into Oversector Dolomar while more permanent arrangements for their governance were decided. However, the transition of power did not go as smoothly as had been hoped, and the battles of Dostra and Adlentar soon broke out.

Shortly after the takeover, Regent Goth appointed Orphaea Chairman of COMPNOR, replacing former Vizier Darth Malius, who had begun to see Goth as a liability and sought to distance himself from him. When Malius was later disgraced and executed, the appointment was changed so that Orphaea officially replaced the non-existent Moff Dionysius Elwood, who had ostensibly long expressed a desire to return to retirement, in accordance with the damnatio memoriae on Malius declared by the Empire.

Chairman of COMPNOR

"By decree of COMPNOR, the next person to call me 'Sir' will be spanked. That is all."
— Orphaea Imperium

The early days of Chairmanship were busy, having to rapidly become familiar with government structure while assisting the coordination of the Dostra and Adlentar campaigns. At the same time, Alexander Fel had stolen various assets from Primus Medical during the confusion and fled the Empire, reforming the Lyrans in the form of the Lyran Seperatists and starting a resistance movement against the Empire in Dolomar.

Within weeks of the success of the Corporate Sector nationalisation, more disaster happened: Goth had pushed the Emperor too far one time too many, and was expelled from the Empire. While the number of forces loyal to Goth were minimal, significant damage was done to Imperial archives, and Goth managed to leak important Imperial information to the galaxy at large before he was finally silenced.

Darth Vraith was appointed Executor and Orphaea was told to coordinate Imperial government with Malius. Along with these appointments came a startling revelation: the Emperor was opening dialogue between the Empire and the separatist New Imperial Order. Orphaea was appointed one of the Emperor's representatives in the negotiations that were to follow. In the meantime, the Emperor returned to his usual solitude, Vraith had not served in an official capacity for many years, and Malius spent more of his time either trying to prevent reunification with the New Imperial Order or trying to secure his own position in the future regime, leaving Orphaea de facto in charge of the Empire.

With the strain of nearly single-handedly running the Empire, and the opportunities in the potential new order, Orphaea welcomed the news of reunification.

Only after his departure did it become apparent how great an influence Goth had on the many areas of the Empire, the strain of which may have caused the supposed gradual deterioration of Goth's mental state. With reunification looming, there was no time to reorganise the Empire, and Orphaea was forced to personally take on more work than reasonable for even a team of men. Even over the short period of time he held these responsibilities, friends and associates observed a noticeable darkening of Orphaea's personality and more 'Goth-like' traits emerging. After much discussion, Orphaea began delegating significant responsibilities to senior staff for the duration of the interregnum, and these issues disappeared.


"Guinar picked me up from the recruitment centre when I first started... and chose my hairstyle."
— Orphaea Imperium

The negotiations with the New Imperial Order were ultimately successful, and the two Imperial governments reunified. Part of the negotiations had been conducted directly by the Emperor and New Imperial Executor Thomas Cherokee, of which one of the topics was which officers of their joint High Commands would take which positions in the reunified Empire. Directly relevant to Orphaea was the position of Chairman of COMPNOR: Orphaea held that position in the larger Empire already and was known by more serving Imperials, while New Imperial Chairman Guinar Ndengin had held the position for far longer and had more experience. Ultimately the position went to Matrel Byden, with Orphaea retaining the Coalition for Progress and becoming Grand Moff of Coruscant and Chairman of the Council of Moffs, and Ndengin Minister of Industry and Moff of the Bothan Sector.

Orphaea fell into his new roles with vigour. While the negotiations had allowed the general reunification of the Imperial governments, there was still much to do. Happily, the subsequent problems that arose were quickly dealt with, soon and the Empire was operating smoothly.

Despite being a government, rather than military, officer, and tied to the Coruscant Sector, Orphaea did not let this prevent him from successfully planning and winning the Battle of N'zoth, commanding detachments of the Imperial Army and Navy.

Going to War

"I do this, not so the Empire will fall, but so the Empire shall rise greater than ever."
— Orphaea Imperium

As the months passed, it became clear that despite his words during reunification, the Emperor had no intention of abdicating, with several planned deadlines arranged with Cherokee passing. At one stage, the Emperor offered to allow Cherokee to call himself Emperor while Bonias retained control behind the scenes; Cherokee declined. While Bonias remained Emperor, the Empire would remain to some extent stagnant, while the galaxy would only look at the Empire through Bonias and his old tactics of shock Imperialism, despite these tactics having long been abandoned by the Empire. Behind the scenes, whispers of discontent arose in the high levels of the Empire. It was widely accepted by current and former members of Imperial High Command that something drastic would be required to convince Bonias to abdicate; though none were willing to challenge him directly on the issue.

It was not long after he had discovered the Emperor's repeated broken promises and farcical offer to Cherokee that the idea of overthrowing Bonias by force began to foment in Orphaea's mind. These thoughts were by no means restricted to Orphaea in Imperial High Command, though Orphaea kept them to himself.

For a hard week Orphaea pondered the risks and benefits of a coup d'état against Bonias, ultimately concluding that it was better to attempt and fail than continue in an Empire that couldn't advance for being seen only as an extension of a regime that had long ago ceased to exist in all but name. Orphaea was quickly able to gather troops similarly disaffected to him, and sent them out to critical points of the galaxy ostensibly as employees of a shell medical corporation, Nilar MedTech, founded by Orphaea for that purpose. Within a week of having made his decision, the stage for the coup was set.

Shortly after midnight on Year 11 Day 291, Orphaea sent the order to Nilar troops to seize residential areas, power generators, shield grids and planetary defences on all the planets of the Empire. Within hours, it is estimated that some 80% of the Empire's territory was under the control of forces loyal to Orphaea's cause, with 5% more under de facto control through control of essential services such as planetary defences and power. At the same time, Nilar troops had secured critical Imperial material stockpiles and the Imperial treasury, leaving Orphaea in control of billions of credits worth of resources, and billions more in credits.

Orphaea addressed the Empire, Imperial High Command, allied Imperial Union leaders and the Emperor with a singular demand: that Bonias abdicate the throne (falling short of demanding it for himself), the consequence of rejection being the existence of an Empire under Bonias with military resources and an Empire under Orphaea with economic and territorial dominance, both of which would ultimately and inevitably fall to Galactic Alliance battlefleets.

Liar, traitor, hero of the Empire.

After an emergency meeting of Imperial High Command, Orphaea, Bonias and Cherokee met. Bonias offered to abdicate in favour of Cherokee with Orphaea taking the position of Executor. Orphaea accepted, not knowing that Bonias had made the offer having arranged with Cherokee to temporarily allow Cherokee the throne just long enough to end the coup, to then regain the throne from Cherokee and expel Orphaea from the Empire, but believing that Cherokee would see reason and not agree to such an agreement should one exist. This belief was borne out, with Cherokee turning on Bonias and retaining the throne.


"I'm happy to stay around, but I have one condition. Well, a request. Be a damn good Emperor - if I never make it there myself, at least history will prove I was right."
— Orphaea Imperium

In an address to the Empire the next day, the newly ascended Emperor Cherokee explained the events surrounding the coup. However, citing diplomatic fallout and concerns within Imperial High Command should he retain the position, Cherokee stripped Orphaea of the position of Executor in favour of Guinar Ndengin, reappointing him to his former position as Grand Moff of Coruscant (but not Chairman of the Council of Moffs). Disappointed but recognising the reasoning behind it, Orphaea accepted this turn of events with little comment. Later, Cherokee privately acknowledged the need for something drastic to be done to remove Bonias, and that he would have supported Orphaea's coup had he been aware of it beforehand.


While loyal to whatever cause he sees fit, Orphaea is well known for his irreverent take on discipline and duty.
"I could be replaced with a droid that spouted random quotes, randomly flirted and said 'Your mother' a lot, and nobody would notice."
— Orphaea Imperium

Despite having been a senior Imperial official and member of Imperial High Command for several years, Orphaea is well known in the Empire for his lack of observation regarding protocol, observing official matters with flippant commentary and rarely addressing Imperials of any position by rank. While this aspect of his personality was present, albeit restrained, during his Naval career, it became much more open after his time in the officially classless Lyran Union and particularly the undisciplined environment of Eidola.

Also traceable to his time in Eidola is his casual approach to duty and life alike. Having faced the expectation of certain death by joining Eidola as an Imperial officer and survived, and experiencing the carpe diem life of a pirate, Orphaea has a certain careless disregard for his own safety and expectations others have placed on him, preferring to 'roll the dice' and seize opportunities as they arise even where it may bring serious risk to his life or position. This is at times as much a liability as an asset: while his ability to quickly identify and exploit opportunities is well recognised, it also makes him unpredictable, with friends and associates never quite certain what he might do.

Despite this, Orphaea does have a sense of duty and honour, following what he genuinely believes is the right course of action even when it may bring him disgrace or cause him loss (such as his exile from the Empire after the failed assassination of Alexander Fel for the sake of covering up the Empire's role in the affair), and refusing to cheat in honest matters of trade.


"Keep being naughty, that's a good girl."
— Orphaea Imperium

It has been said of Orphaea that, despite appearing friendly, he is unwilling to put his trust in anyone. In reality, while he is (somewhat justifiably given his activities) paranoid for his personal safety, he is rarely insincere and generally maintains good relationships with people regardless of rank and affiliation in the Galactic Civil War. However, Orphaea does not hesitate to abandon others if he feels they have acted against his personal sense of duty and honour, which he considers the superior concern. A demonstration of this was his renunciation of Arturus Goth after the latter had become a liability to the Empire Orphaea served.

Orphaea has a strange love-hate relationship with the rest of the Imperium family. Being a collective sharing a common cause of creation, rather than a genetic family as traditionally understood, the family lacks the usual bonds of upbringing and familiarity. Despite this, Orphaea has been known to tolerate the activities of family members and their friends with patience not accorded to others. Particularly confusing is his relationship with Inara Imperium, which he has not commented on but has been speculated to be anything from strong mutual dislike to a quasi-incestuous physical relationship.


Orphaea in uncharacteristically formal and businesslike attire during his tenure in Cloud City.
"I like money."
— Orphaea Imperium

On behalf of the Empire, Orphaea has led or had some measure of influence in nationalised corporations, the most significant being his nearly year long leadership and rebuilding of Cloud City.

Aside from Imperial pursuits, Orphaea has also engaged in a number of private business endeavors, making him one of the richest men in the Empire. By far the most reputable, if not financially profitable, of these was the creation of Galaxywide NewsNets, a news and information services provider led by a former Lyran Union associate, Jace Walters. This corporation was well received by the galactic public until its sale and eventual dissolution some months later.

During his brief tenure as ExO of the Corporate Sector Authority, he came into de facto ownership of the Authority's six subsidiary corporations. Two of these were sold off in the days following nationalisation, and three others became nationalised corporations of the Empire. The final corporation, Universal Network Bank, briefly restored operations under Orphaea's ownership with Mikel von Bianchi as Chief Executive Officer (a position he had held some years previously) until it merged with the Galactic Bank. With the loss of its territory and subsidiaries, the Authority itself reverted to a paramilitary force based in the Corporate Sector until it too was finally dissolved.

The most notorious, though shortest lived, of Orphaea's enterprises is unquestionably Nilar MedTech, a medical business ostensibly created to provide direct access to medical technologies, but in reality served as a front for Orphaea's coup d'état against Vodo Bonias in Year 11. Created days before, its purpose was served after Thomas Cherokee's ascent to the throne and was merged with Primus Medical, becoming Imperial Resource Medical.

Corporations or governments that Orphaea has owned at some stage include:


Galactic Empire

  • Letter of Commendation II
  • Mention in Dispatchers
  • Imperial High Command Bar
  • Imperial Duty Bars, 5 Years
  • Second Imperial Fleet Veteran
  • First Imperial Fleet Retired Veteran
  • Navy Medal of Progress
  • Navy Betterment Award
  • Group Command Proficiency Award
  • Imperial Academy Basic Graduate
  • Operation: Warspite
  • System Failure
  • Meridian Campaign Medal
  • Corporate Sector Authority Medal, First Class
  • Imperial Cross
  • Supporter of the Empire
Preceeded By:
Position created
Year 12 - Year 13 Day 95
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Grand Moff of Coruscant
Year 11 Day 292 - Year 12
Succeeded By:
Tanez Kalrade (as High Moff)
Preceeded By:
Thomas Cherokee
Year 11 Day 291 - Day 292
Succeeded By:
Guinar Ndengin
Preceeded By:
Arturus Goth (de facto)

Vero Thrawn (de jure)

Grand Moff of Coruscant
Year 10 Day 164 - Year 11 Day 291
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Position Created
Chairman of the Council of Moffs
Year 10 Day 164 - Year 11 Day 291
Succeeded By:
Tanez Kalrade
Preceeded By:
Azrakh Raleep
Vizier of the Coalition for Progress
Year 10 Day 164 - Year 11 Day 95
Succeeded By:
Tec Vaan
Preceeded By:
Dionysius Elwood
Chairman of COMPNOR
Year 10 Day 80 - Day 164
Succeeded By:
Matrel Byden
Preceeded By:
Max Solusar
ExO of the Corporate Sector Authority
Year 10 Day 72 - Day 102
Succeeded By:
Government Dissolved
Preceeded By:
New Creation

(Jake Kiltar as Moff of Darpa Sector)
(Direx Board of the Corporate Sector Authority as government of the Corporate and Kanz Sectors)

Moff of Oversector Dolomar
Year 10 Day 53 - Day 164
Succeeded By:
Oversector Dissolved

(Charles Slayden as Moff of the Corporate Sector)
(Ralic Feali as Moff of Darpa Sector)
(Frank Bach as Moff of Kanz Sector)
(Tanez Kalrade as Moff of Dolomar Sector)

Preceeded By:
Position Created
Director of the Imperial News Bureau
Year 10 Day 53 - Day 151
Succeeded By:
Josef DeLaurel
Preceeded By:
Garen Karrade
Minister of Truth
Year 9 Day 177 - Year 10 Day 53
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished
Preceeded By:
Uther von Kaldreon
Chief Executive Officer of Cloud City
Year 8 Day 341 - Year 9 Day 227
Succeeded By:
Eric Zahm