Qatar Shendo

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Qatar Shendo
Qatar Shendo.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Siniteen
Homeworld Sinite
Mother Srileen Shendo
Father Drekit Shendo
Born Year -4 Day 270
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.76 m
Coloring Yellow
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth, Cerberus Corporation
Rank C-1
Positions President of Cerberus Corporation
Prior Affiliation Cerberus Corporation, Anzatan Resource Extractions

Qatar Shendo, a Siniteen Citizen of the Anzatan Commonwealth, is an Artificial Intelligence scientist, that has become well known in the Galaxy for his research and modifications he has experimented with, both on military and civilian droids. His work as the President of Cerberus Corporation has made him a respectable businessman and new investor on the market.


Qatar Shendo wearing his typical clothes

Known for being found lost in thoughts more often than not, Qatar has acquired a certain skill in keeping the business Cerberus running smoothly in his time there. Having entered the business world freshly in Year 12, he is still making the experiences many others already have. Most of the time Qatar can be seen wearing a long brown or black slightly too big shirt and comfortable black pants. As his clothes clearly suggest he is not one to pay a lot of attention to appearances, and this prejudice-free observance of other sentients combined with his Siniteen-typically intellect, make him a pleasurable conversation partner.


Early Years

Qatar's graduation degree

Born into a rich diplomat family, Qatar spent most of his time under the guidance of his nanny and teacher, a fellow Siniteen by the name of Jartor Frekda that not only was a rigorous teacher that expected discipline at all times, but also a former Professor of Math and Theorethical Computer Science at the University of Corellia. Naturally, Qatar adopted both his skill and liking of an ordered lifestyle. As the normal progress of the Siniteen goes, he finished his secondary education at the age of twelve completing the 14 grades necessary for this and since then, on a scholarship of the Galactic Scientific Network, was studying on his homeworld at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Being a Siniteen university the institute requires every member to read 25 books per week and schedules 10 classes every day 7 days a week. Qatar had always taken a liking in the art of creating artificial minds so at the early age of 16, one year before the usual Siniteen superminds aquire their final degree called Kri'tek ka Critor, he finished at the top of his grade.


The shabby Casino

During his studies Qatar had tried to figure out what he wanted to do with his life after he reached adulthood and finally would be free of the padding that his parents had put him in all his life, but had not come to any definite answer. On Day 260 Year 12 as a freshly baked theorethical computer scientist, Qatar emerged out of the University eager to explore a new universe that he was finally free to see without having to devote about 18 hours of each day to his studies, when right out of the door he saw the blinking sign of a shabby etablissement that called itself "The Palace of Gambling".

Once inside Qatar found, that indeed while his mathematical precision and wit helped him beat some of the older Sinite that had lost some of the swiftness of their minds, the bank always wins. In that night Qatar lost almost all of his graduation gift of 50,000,000,000 credits by his parents, that at the time were spending time on Mandalore trying to sooth out diplomatic relations, and too embarassed to ask his parents for any more funds, Qatar set out to find a job that would make him independet of his parents and let him see some of the universe.

Time with Cerberus Corporation

The Commonwealth's flag

Starting out as a Grunt hauling around materials for droid production, was really not what Qatar had expected as his first job, but the economic times were hard, and corporations and governments weren't able to take risks in giving out higher-level jobs too easily. Even for Cerberus, the application and review process had taken till Day 271 of Year 12. At first the Siniteen was exhausted by the work he was doing, and, doing physical work for the first time, his body told him to stop but soon enough routine settled in and he actually started having fun with being a logistics pilot. His eagerness and efficency didn't stay unnoticed, and his assigned dupervisor at the time, Treasurer Azarin Isard, quickly offered him a Job in the management branch of Cerberus.

Together with Minister of Commerce Coled Nemad, Shendo worked tiredlessly in bringing the company back to the old glory it possesed before a lack of motivation had settled in with it's employees. Soon enough, Qatar was handling the droid production company's sales and was supervising most of it's employees by himself. Only having been a part of Cerberus Corporation for 30 days, he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Manager on Day 301, still only a meager 17 years old.

Since then, Qatar has become a vital part of Cerberus Corporation and strives to serve his government, the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Queen Keishi Miahr.

Following Coled Nemad's return to the Anzatan Ministry of Commerce, Qatar became Cerberus' President on Day 48 of Year 13. As the newest addition to the Anzatan's Command Circle, Qatar is working tiredlessly on efficiently improving Cerberus' productivity.

AWOL in Year 13

Qatar's hut in the desert for the time of his scientific Leave

Following his scientific intuition Qatar abandoned his beloved droid factories in mid-year 13 and went on to hike through the deepest of Siniteen desert by himself only with the help of his loyal Astromech R3-SX. Reaching the point of greatest distance to any habitated outpost around, he started his research on developing a small transportable terraforming droid. Soon after his leave of the Company that was beginning to struggle without any leadership, he was replaced as President of Cerberus Corporation by Drael Rak Sha and Clavayne Radulfr took the previously vacant spot of Vice-president. Qatar, oblivious to all happenings in the Commonwealth, continued his studies for the period of 3 months in which he, besides his hard life having to support himself, had to fight off raiders as well as a bunch of creatures attacking him. Returned from the presumed dead, he has entered back into Commonwealth space now less scared of anything life might throw at him.

Endeavours outside of the Commonwealth

The Scientist

As a fully trained Artificial Intelligence scientist, Qatar uses his free time when he's not managing Cerberus to work on improving the algorhithms in various droids. As such, he has managed to improved his R3 Series R3-SX's internal software so much, that he is now able to assist Qatar in various administrative tasks, something that has only been implemented, in the newest version of the Intellex droid brain. Reknown for his insights into giving droids a personal identity, that makes them more human alike, he has been awarded the "Sinite Prize for Outstanding Scientific Contribution to the Science Community" for his paper titled "The standards for implementing new Intellex.ID() procedures reworked", which has been given praise by many of his science colleagues.
As the "Research Manager" of Cerberus Corporation, he has upgraded their RA-7 to include a improved conversation module, that enables them to do various of their tasks with greater efficiency. Currently, Qatar has been seen working on improving his personal FA-4's navigational system.

The Entrepreneur

Grand Emporia

Grand Emporia on Fitca Prime

After earning his first few month's pays, Qatar was debating on what to invest his money in, as he didn't want to make the same mistake again as of using all of his money for gambling. On Day 325 Year 12 he therefore invested into two hotels and after a short period of restructuring opened the hotel chain "Grand Emporia". According to its motto, "Your satisfaction is our applause!", Grand Emporia works hard to provide the best stay for an affordable price in the whole Galaxy. Qatar has updated the standard hotel builds as of Galactic Schemata #Hx01B with the newest state-of-the-art 3D holovid entertainment system in each room and has hired his own security force, for his VIP guests, providing them with the security they might need. Currently, Grand Emporia operates out of the Saari Ha System in the Halla (Sector) and offers facilities in the Fitca Prime, Pa'hir'al and Inat System. Shendo is always looking to extend his Hotel chain, to provide the Anzatan Citizens as well as the public the stay they want.

The Whiskey Inn

Starting on Day 66 Year 13, Qatar has also started incorporating his own tavern chain into his real estate portfolio. Himself a lover of all kinds of Whiskey, especially the brands from Corellia, his business plan for the taverns was quickly decided on. Under the name "The Whiskey Inn" the previous local hotspots on Skeebo III reopened on Day 67, featuring all kinds of Whiskey brands both for beginners as well as experts. Leaving most of the furniture and commodities of the cantinas intact to still appeal to the local populace, his taverns have started of well. Together with his hotel chain Qatar is starting to become quite known in the world of real estate.

Work on Sinite Culture

Following his promotion to President of Cerberus Corporation, Qatar has begun to set aside a small amount of money that he wants to use to promote the Siniteen Culture and bring back glory to the Sinite planet which has been infested with some of the scum of the Galaxy. Most Siniteen today sadly aren't born on Sinite itself, the race being spread out through all of the Galaxy. On Day 67 Year 13 Qatar has acquired an old unused Civic Center in Sinitia on Sinite and is currently working on introducing various exhibitions into the building.

Positions Held

Preceded By:
Taarn Star
Assistant Manager of Cerberus Corporation
Year 12 Day 301 - Year 13 Day 47
Succeeded By:
Clavayne Radulfr
Preceeded By:
Coled Nemad
President of Cerberus Corporation
Year 13 Day 48 - Year 13 Day 194
Succeeded By:
Drael Traner
Preceeded By:
Drael Traner
President of Cerberus Corporation
Year 13 Day 265
Succeeded By: