Rupert Havok

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Rupert Havok
Rupert Havok Portrait 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Hair Color Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation

Rupert Havok is a Human male from Corellia. Years ago, Havok was a stormtrooper in the 1st Imperial Brigade of the Galactic Empire. Fearing disloyalty within the Imperial Army, Emperor Vodo Bonias commanded his death squads to purge the 1st Imperial Brigade and, by sheer luck, Havok became the last surviving member of the unit. After swearing an oath to avenge his fallen comrades, Havok became a participant in the Imperial revolt against Grand Moff Daelin Zerk circa Year 6 Day 303.[1] He again evaded capture and became a fugitive after a death mark was placed on his head by Bonias.[2] However, his skills helped him stay alive, and he escaped to the lawless Outer Rim Territories.

After fleeing the Empire, Havok was granted political asylum by the Corporate Sector Authority, an interplanetary government often depicted by historians as a brutal and tyrannical oligarchy.[3] Due to his ruthlessness and initiative, Havok was soon appointed to its ruling body, the Direx Board. He later retired from the Direx Board and disappeared into the Unknown Regions. His current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


Galactic Empire

Havok on patrol in a settlement on Daver Kuat.

Havok applied to join the Imperial Army of the Galactic Empire on Year 5 Day 333 and was accepted into the prestigious Imperial Academy. Upon graduating, Havok was bestowed the rank of Private First Class (PFC) and, on Year 6 Day 42, he was assigned to the 1st Brigade on Kuat III, a strange world later rechristened by astral cartographers as Daver Kuat. Its harsh climate was dotted with several long-term settlements and large ice-caps blanketed nearly a third of the planetary surface. The equator was more temperate, but still suffered severe winters like the rest of the planet. The surface areas that were not frozen consisted of boreal forests and arid steppes that were closer to the poles.

Throughout the passing months on Daver Kuat, his commanding officer — Lieutenant Mark Centurion — would converse with Havok about political theories, including a hypothetical socioeconomic structure that would establish a classless society based on common ownership of production and property. However, Centurion's intellectual philosophizing was wasted on Havok's pragmatic mind. Instead, Havok spent most of his time playing Sabacc with his fellow Kuat Brigade servicemen which included Helseth Hlaalu, Anton Stand and Rhylis Drylan. Among Havok's contemporaries in the Imperial Army were Lieutenants Tanya Rofles and Deana Branson of the Thyferra Brigade. He became acquainted with Anain Aksun, Yoshi Hikaru and Alan Steel, all future commanders of the Imperial Army. During resupply drops, Havok also befriended crewmen in the Imperial Navy such as Luke Sabershaft, Davsk Carvalm, Myles Farlander, Phelan Ward, and Bucjo Wraug.

Although he was a lowly stormtrooper, Havok quickly realized the Empire led by Emperor Vodo Bonias was in a state of decay. Vast numbers of Imperial ships were unmanned and unused. Imperial recruits waited months to be mustered into active duty. A simple transport request required the authorization of the Command Staff. Worse still, the smallest bureaucratic action required the personal authorization of Grand Moff Daelin Zerk, the punctilious Chief of Staff.[4] These factors, and many others, were causing unrest among the Imperial enlisted ranks which would soon boil over. An example of this unrest manifested when Major Jacen Boshuu murdered Imperial Moff Kirov Qel-Droma and was summarily executed. Hours later, a crewman in the Imperial Navy killed his commanding officer by piloting their ship into a sun. Spurred to mutiny by these deeds, several of Havok's army mates defected to the rebels and chaos ensued.

As the Empire plunged into disarray, Havok received an encrypted communiqué from Brigadier General Joshua Chamberlain urging Havok and other Army personnel to remain loyal to the Emperor Bonias. The next day, Chamberlain was arrested for high treason and decried by Bonias as a traitor to the Empire. Within the week ugly rumors abounded that Bonias would classify all veterans of the Imperial Army as traitors and execute them. Believing the army garrison on Daver Kuat would be purged, Havok abandoned his post and fled into the frozen wasteland on Year 6 Day 49. During his exile in the wilderness, many of Havok's Imperial cohorts, such as the very popular Tanya Rofles, were executed by Bonias. Others fled to the New Anzat Order. One such refugee was Deana Branson who would eventually become a respected noblewoman in the Von Ismay family.

Imperial Reformation

Havok as a fugitive in the Core Worlds.

Ten months later, on Year 6 Day 302, a disguised Havok reemerged from the icy wilderness of Daver Kuat to buy supplies. While bartering at the Valilkiar Spaceport, he viewed the Imperial Holonet and, in a state of disbelief, read a broadcast by idealists calling themselves "Imperial reformists."[1] The reformers had seized control of an Imperial Holonet transceiver and announced their intention to depose Grand Moff Zerk, the Chief of Staff of the Empire.[1][4] Across the galaxy, many Imperials rallied to their cause. A revolution was born. Havok was initially pessimistic about whether or not such a revolt would succeed. However, he was soon contacted by Flight Sergeant (FSGT1) Katar Trilac of the Imperial Navy and Trilac's inspiring words convinced Havok to join the movement. As a member of the Reformation, Havok authorized Trilac to append his name to a reformist document written by FSGT1 Ririagh N`Ruri. Shortly thereafter, the Imperial Reformists arranged for a transport ship to arrive on Daver Kuat and evacuate Havok. As promised, Staff Flight Sergeant Dilnyrae Auvryndar arrived at the Valilkiar Spaceport in a ship called B'luthyr dro olplyn. After picking up Havok and Kyle Hoogen, they entered hyperspace for the planet of Corellia. Sadly, several Army grunts chose to remain behind on Daver Kuat and were arrested by the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). Their mutilated corpses were later broadcast on the Imperial HoloNet as a dire warning to other would-be mutineers.

On Year 6 Day 303, Emperor Vodo Bonias of the Galactic Empire condemned Rupert Havok and many other Imperial reformists to death in a public speech. Arrest and execution warrants were issued shortly thereafter.[2] In each case, the charges were the same: "Defection, Mutiny, Treason."[2] Asynchronously, Emperor Bonias had dispatched several death squads to arrest the reformists. Many reformists were captured; Havok had only survived by sheer luck. Other Imperial servicemen fought their way off their ships, but were eventually thwarted and caught. The possibility of a peaceful resolution quickly disappeared. Ten days after the initial broadcast, the reformers formed a government of their own, the New Imperial Order, and selected Garen Karrade as its Steward.

When Havok arrived on Corellia on Year 6 Day 305, the Galactic Empire broadcast an offer of amnesty to reformists who would return to the Empire with others. Believing his pilot Auvryndar would accept, Havok abandoned the starship B'luthyr dro olplyn before Auvryndar read the broadcast. As Havok suspected, Auvryndar returned with his personnel to the Empire; thus, Havok avoided capture a second time. At this point, Havok believed the Imperial Reformation to be a futile. Two of the Reformation's so-called paragons, Admiral Slicer and Captain Michael Pangborn, were revealed to be double-agents of the Emperor. They betrayed their comrades and then fled to Coruscant. Even worse, Havok's former commanding officer, Joshua Chamberlain, was released and assigned to a special Army unit codenamed Task Force Delta. Created by the Emperor himself, the unit immediately began to hunt down the Imperial reformists. With the sentinels of the Emperor closing in, Havok was stranded on Corellia in hostile space. In order to escape, he was forced to pay a large sum of money to a greedy Wookiee smuggler to ferry him to the distant Corporate Sector and beyond the reaches of Imperial law.

Corporate Sector

Havok as an Espos officer in the Corporate Sector.

Havok had been attracted to the far-flung Corporate Sector due to a GNS broadcast by Orion Silverhelm, the dignified leader of the Corporate Sector Authority.[3] In the broadcast, Silverhelm promised amnesty and safe haven to all Imperial Reformists fleeing the Empire.[3] Havok and other reformists, including Luke Sabershaft, accepted Silverhelm's offer and joined the Corporate Sector Authority. Located in the Outer Rim Territories at the end of the Hydian Way, the Authority was a brutal and tyrannical oligarchy that oppressed thousands of indigenous inhabitants in remote systems. In this corrupt autocracy, Havok briefly served as a nondescript, low-level employee. His colleagues included Lorin Stormfury, Lee Adama, Max Solusar, Sareth Crestingstar and Midge Cellewan. On Year 6 Day 318, Havok submitted to the Direx Board — the ruling body of the Corporate Sector — a proposal for the creation of a Department of Diplomatic Affairs. The Direx Board was impressed by the proposal and appointed Havok as the leader of the new department. Havok recruited half-a-dozen personnel within the week. His diplomatic staff included Narna Shalace, Donnie Deffland, Ezio Nalli, Elric Shay, Xenothoium Raas, and Malarchi Vangel. By Year 7 Day 120, Havok had initialized diplomatic relations with many foreign governments on behalf of the Corporate Sector. As the chief ambassador, Havok liaisoned with an array of galactic polities, such as the Rebel Alliance, Trade Federation, Kathol Republic, Galactic Tabloid Publications, and the Galactic Empire in order to cement non-aggression pacts (NAPs) and trade agreements.

With the Department of Diplomatic Affairs in full operation, Havok was then tasked with establishing a public relations department for the Corporate Sector due to a recent broadcasting mishap. Bill Wildstar of Silverhelm Entertainment Media had transmitted one of the most controversial messages ever broadcast on the GNS. The Eidola Pirates had placed a sizable bounty of 10,000,000 million credits on Wildstar's head as a result. The incident had badly damaged the public image of the Corporate Sector. Following this mishap, Orion Silverhelm appointed Havok to censor, regulate, and approve all future GNS transmissions by the Corporate Sector. Impressing ExO Midge Cellewan and Vice Prex Kenda Bovak with his work ethic, Havok was elevated to the Direx Board, whose members were high-ranking business executives, and thus becoming part of the leadership. Within several months of this promotion, however, he realized the Corporate Sector suffered from lax security protocols and rampant inefficiency that would likely cause its downfall. His concerns fell on deaf ears and he increasingly turned to drinking in order to placate his bruised ego. Due to his increasing addiction to Gamorrean grog, he was forced to depart the Authority and resigned his government position.

Circa Year 9, Havok resurfaced as the director of Galaxywide NewsNets (GNN), which had recently been purchased from the Galactic Empire by a new owner. Upon assuming command of the latter news agency, Havok was disheartened to learn the new owner was a micromanager. Havok resigned as leader of GNN and, a month later, Galaxywide NewsNets was sold to a third party.