Xesh Randell

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Xesh Randell
Xesh Randell avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Terephon
Born -10:265 (BCGT)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Eye Color Purple
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Title Fel'da (Minister)
Rank Sub Lieutenant (discharged)
Positions Fel'da of the Interior (16:116 - Present)
Fel'ta of the Interior (15:271 - 16:116)
Ombudsman (14:246 - 15:064)
Awards Letter of Commendation, Letter of Technical Achievement, Star Home Academy Ribbon, Gold Medal of Service, Golden Wings, Royal Council Ribbon, Hapan Shield Project Ribbon, Letter of Industrial Achievement (x2), Silver Medal of Construction, Gold Medal of Construction (x2), Project Resurgence Ribbon, Government Service Cross


A young hapan male in mid twenties. His appearance is unremarkable in many aspects, however his long dark purple hair draws attention, as do his intense purple eyes that betray a lifetime of experience beyond his age.

Short Biography

Xesh was born on Terephon and has left the Hapes Cluster at seventeen to explore the Galaxy. During that time he has met many people, participated in semi-professional swoop and pod racing, was noticed by and recruited into a small time swoop gang "Speed Brothers". In that gang he learned quite a bit about electronics and has adopted some "social" skills. There he also became experienced at leading a small group of people, as well as at creating and using basic weaponry.

Ultimately though that was not how Xesh wanted to spend the rest of his life, so he left the gang and attempted to make a clean living through exploration of the wild space and unknown regions, but was unsuccessful in finding any new systems or routes.

Mostly broke he made his way back to the Cluster intent on putting the days of wild youth behind him, and enlisted in Royal Hapan Armed Forces. He served three tours in the 2nd Fleet of the Royal Hapan Navy, and during that time he rose to the rank of Sub Lieutenant and received a Letter of Commendation as well as a Letter of Technical Achievement.

He also served as an Ombudsman of the Hapes Consortium for six months. On request from His Majesty King Zayth Kadrim Randell mustered out of the Navy and joined the Ministry of the Interior, wherein he served in various capacity under Fel'ta Kal Djin. After the Deputy Minister Djin stepped down, Xesh was asked to step up and fill the opened position. During that time he helped develop the new curriculum for the new Hapan academy and was later rewarded with a Star Home Academy ribbon.

On Y16 D116 Randell was promoted to Minister and awarded the Gold Medal of Service and the Golden Wings.

Ombudsman of the Hapes Consortium
Preceded By:
Rhydra Tunant
Xesh Randell
Y14 D246 — Y15 D064
Succeeded By:
Deputy Minister of the Interior the Hapes Consortium
Preceded By:
Kal Djin
Xesh Randell
Y15 D271 — Y16 D116
Succeeded By:
Minister of the Interior the Hapes Consortium
Preceded By:
Xesh Randell
Y16 D116 — Present
Succeeded By: