Valen Zoller

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Valen Zoller
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Born Year -20 Day 332 (31 yrs old)
Died Year 10 Day 202
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Coloring Brown hair
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Prior Affiliation None


Valen Zoller was born on Tatooine in the space port of Mos Eisley. His father was never mentioned to him by his slave mother Kathleen Zoller.

Born into slavery he was given up at birth to be raised out of slavery. Although he had surrogate parents who raised him he still stayed in very close contact with his birth mother while being raised in the city. Often Valen would runaway from his surrogate family to interact with his friends on the streets running small crimes and thefts. Valen was a trouble maker right off the bat. While at young ages he'd sneak through the market and steal food and sometimes goods such as blasters or ship parts in order to sell them for credits to give to his mother.

Valen was a bit of a well rounded thief after many years even learning how to jump start and steal speeders around the space port and the occasional ship, although he'd always bring them back. By the age of 17, Valen was known locally as a Robin Hood figure often stealing from wealthy criminals and giving the money to the poor and the enslaved.

Making New Friends

One day in the Year -2 he was wondering through the market and tried to steal a set of turbo blasters off a hooded man. The man had caught him but noticed Valen's skills, he gave him the choice to come with him or face punishment for his theft. Valen decided to travel with the man.

The man enlisted Zoller's help by using his skills in thievery to steal goods from the market and sell them to traders to make a profit.

After a while he started stealing speeders and ships and getting a hefty profit. However on one such occasion he was stopped by a storm trooper while attempting to steal a ship docked in the bay. He was apprehended and taken into custody to be sentenced by the Galactic Empire however with some help from his hooded friend he managed to escape his incarceration.

Flirting with Death

Upon his return to Tatooine he found himself to be in debt to the man whom saved him but asked how he could repay the man. The hooded figure finally revealed his name as Kash Morlev a criminal and major player in the Hutt Cartel. Morlev offered work stealing and thieving for the Cartel or face enslavement. Valen obliged at first but when he was ordered to begin stealing from the poor slaves he decided to take a stand. Morlev was not happy and ordered Valen to be enslaved himself and sent to work off his debt.

While working off his debt he managed to protect and save Cavrth Cly from a bounty hunter on Tatooine, Cavrth wanted to repay the man but being a slave he was not allowed to take any payment. Cly instead offered Morlev the balance of Zoller's debt and a hefty bonus purchasing Zoller from Morlev. Cly then offered freedom to Zoller but Valen couldn't accept what had been given to him and asked to instead work for Cavrth as a means to pay him back for freeing him.

Zoller began working as a crewman on Cly's ship Lady Luck. After a few months on the ship, Kali Cly returned to her brother with news of Morlev and his role in the death of their parents. Zoller offered his knowledge of Morlev's base of operations and took them there.

Kali and Valen broke into Morlev's known hideout and managed to wound him but had to flee. They went into hiding while Cavrth left on the run.

Love and Marriage

While on the run Kali and Valen began having deep feelings for each other and after months in hiding with only each others company consummated their feelings and got married. Though there were very few witness's Cavrth managed to return and see the marriage.

Final Months and Death

After months of marriage, Valen and Kali continued to track and plan against Morlev learning of a smuggling ring he had begun on Tatooine. Zoller and Cly made their way to Tatooine and infiltrate the Hutt Cartell base. To their surprise Morlev sent his master assassin Kara Hess and her apprentice Kalin Vos to take care of the situation. Zoller and Cly were able to destroy the base and free most of the slaves but during their escape Vos captured Cly.

While in holding Cly and Vos began to bond and Cly began to develop feelings for her capture. Hess at the time was given orders by Morlev to have Kali killed but due to their bond he broke his vows to Hess and decided to free Kali. Vos and Cly fled to Yavin where they met with Zoller, Cavrth Cly and Xzar Versia. Zoller was so happy to find his bride but deeply distrusted Vos, the distrust grew as he witnessed Kali's feelings for Vos continue to develop and increase.

Morlev continued his smuggling operations and developed a big backing Mos Eisley. Zoller started looking into the operation and uncovered a major plot and team up between the Hutt Cartel and the Galactic Empire. Zoller decided to travel back to Tatooine without his friends but soon found himself captured by Morlev. Morlev sent word accross the galaxy of his captive and got the attention of Kali and Vos.

Kali and Vos traveled to Tatooine, even though they knew it was a trap, Kali felt obligated to help her once beloved. They soon found Zoller tied up and tortured in the center of town, Kali watched in horror as Morlev and Hess in an attempt to lure Kali out, Hess used her lightsaber to behead ZOller publicly.