Vanderlord Frango

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Vanderlord Frango
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Died Year 13 Day 82
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Rank E-2
Positions Freelance
Prior Affiliation Unknown

Early life

Vanderlord Frango was a human that woke up in the middle of space flight one day in space flying towards a system near the Farlax Sector. He had no memory of his home planet and no memory of childhood or even his parents. Many believe that he was born on the planet of Tatooine, like many other humans but wasn't actually sure. He did not know his actual age but he has got to be in his mid teen years in the human life cycle.

Combat Training

Vanderlord Frango has been trained through the vigorous ranks of the Aurodium Legion a group of hardened warriors that know no mercy and are willing to fight for glory until the end. He has faced many hardships during this period of his life since he joined the Legion at such a young age and does not know what he did as a child. In his later life, he started to train his own squad of mercenaries for his own protection as he gained a small fortune from a mysterious figure that died in a suicidal crash into a star in an unknown part of the galaxy.

Adventures/Lost Love

From then on he has had many adventures alone and with many of his legionnaires, including an affair with a lovely human teen aged female that was killed after her husband found out one night when Vanderlord and her were alone on his ship and she returned to her house where she was shot, Vanderlord was chased by the local police of a small government, which did not tolerate adultery, especially with outsiders. From that point forward, Vanderlord has been heartsick when ever he remembered the memory of his star-crossed lover.

Lucky Fortune

One day Frango was over in a gambling hut in the shady part of the galaxy and stumbled upon an advertisement that was talking about a fortune for any young star-pilots. It was one credit for one million credits and Vanderlord had hit the jackpot in fact he got 5 million credits and 40 R-41 starchasers. He sold most of them and bought his own space station, a squad of bodyguards, and weapons to equip them correctly, and have them ready for a fight that their opponent will never forget.

The Force

Vanderlord was force sensitive and was tested near the end of his life, he trained under the teachings of a fellow legionnaire and became novicely skilled with the force before his death.


Vanderlord Frango died in a tragic event as his life had become hopeless for him and took his own life on Year 13 Day 82. No one exactly knows what his words were, though some say there was a recording found in his hand riddled with blood from the slit wrists. Others say that he contacted a very close friend of his he had met in the Legion before passing away. In the end Vanderlord's life was that of hardships, hard work, riches, and heart aches that will will disappear into the force.